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Photography Forums – Top Ten

Photography Forums - Top Ten

Looking for a photography forum? The word photography comes from Greek meaning light and drawing and it is the art or science of creating durable images either by chemical means or electronically by means of an image sensor. Typically a lens is used to focus the light reflected or emitted by objects into a real image from inside a camera during a timed exposure. The electronic image is processed and stored in a digital image file for subsequent displaying or … Continue reading

Outsourced Servers Sites – Top Ten

Outsourced Servers Sites - Top Ten

Need servers for your company? Server management is the maintenance of web servers. Some of the responsibilities for a server include the setup, installation and configuration of the control panel, installation and configuration of a firewall for protection, software installation and configuration, anti-spam and anti-virus installation, mail server setup, MySQL setup and DNS setup and configuration. Monitoring of the server can be achieved from different locations with up-time reports, downtime notifications and monitoring of notable changes to bandwidth use. Regular … Continue reading

Professional Dating Sites – Top Ten

Professional Dating Sites - Top Ten

Interested in professional dating? Trying to find the perfect date has never been an easy task especially when taking common interests and background as well as physical attraction into account. The Internet has now made dating much easier with online dating sites which have grown in numbers as more and more single people are looking to find dates, friendship, love matches and even long-term relationships leading to marriage through the online sites. Personality testing can sometimes be involved to ensure … Continue reading

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Muslim Dating Sites – Top Ten

Muslim Dating Sites - Top Ten

Looking for the perfect muslim partner? Trying to find your perfect partner for marriage and a life partner is never an easy task. Many things have to be considered such as common interests and background including religious views as well as the all-important physical attraction and chemistry. Matchmaking for the purpose of finding a friend or partner possibly leading to marriage has now been made easier with the invention of the Internet, since many dating sites are in place for … Continue reading

Paediatrics And Child Health Sites – Top Ten

Paediatrics And Child Health Sites - Top Ten

Want to know more about paediatrics? Paediatrics is a branch of medicine that specialises in the medical care of infants, children, adolescents and babies with age ranging from birth to 18-years. The doctors are known as paediatricians and the word is derived from Greek meaning healer of children. The smaller body size of an infant is significantly different from that of adult and congenital defects, genetic variance and development issues are often a greater concern to paediatricians than to adult … Continue reading

Innovation And Management Science Sites – Top Ten

Innovation And Management Science Sites - Top Ten

Interested in innovation and management science? The term innovation can be defined as something new and original that enters the market. Something novel is usually described as an innovation, in economics, management science and other fields of practise it is generally considered a process that brings together novel ideas in a way that has an impact on society. Innovation differs from invention in that it refers to a better method whilst invention refers solely to the creation of the method … Continue reading

Planning Sites – Top Ten

Planning Sites - Top Ten

Planning a development? Site planning in landscape architecture and architecture refers to the organisational stage of landscape design. It involves the organisation of land using zoning, access, privacy, security, circulation, land drainage and shelter, which is achieved by arranging the compositional elements of land-form, planting, water, buildings and paving in site plans. A potential area for development is begun by assessing the land and mapping it taking into account slopes, soils, hydrology, ownership, vegetation and orientation. The findings are then … Continue reading

Mathematics Sites – Top Ten

Mathematics Sites - Top Ten

Learning about mathematics? Mathematics or Maths as it is more commonly known studies numbers, shapes and patterns. It is used significantly in businesses, sciences, engineering and construction around the world with the use of logic often being applied to solve deductions. Mathematicians study the subject and create new ways and theories to find solutions to problems with numbers often referred to as natural, integers, rational, real, complex, ordinal, cardinal or arithmetical. Theories and shapes include algebra, graphs, topology, geometry, trigonometry, … Continue reading

Programming And Coding Forums – Top Ten

Programming And Coding Forums - Top Ten

Programming and coding your thing? Programming and coding is important to learn for producing a website on the Internet today.  Programming is considered an art form, a craft and an engineering discipline. The most popular programming/coding languages used today are PHP, Javascript, XML, Perl, C+, Ruby and Python, but there are many more in existence. Most basic websites require one of the above-mentioned languages which are an essential part of being a good and successful developer. The source code is … Continue reading

Pets sites – Top Ten

Pets sites - Top Ten

Want the best for your pets? Pets or animal companions are very important. They quickly become a member of the family giving love and pleasure to everybody especially children. They are loyal and friendly, but require looking after as well as care and respect. Many pets, especially dogs are trained to assist with visually impaired people, some are used for therapeutic reasons and some are used as guardians of the home warning the occupants of impending danger. The most popular … Continue reading

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