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Plagiarism Checkers – Top Ten

Plagiarism Checkers - Top Ten

Want to know more about plagiarism? Plagiarism means to copy someone else’s work including their ideas as well as their words. Plagiarists tend to call the work their own after copying it and lack the ability to create original content and use their own ideas to be unique and different, either through laziness or in order to make a profit on another’s efforts.  This is considered dishonest and is a breach of journalistic ethics being subject to sanctions such as … Continue reading

Medicine And Health Sites- Top Ten

Medicine And Health Sites- Top Ten

Interested in medicine? Medicine is the study of diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases and is an applied Science. The sub-categories of medicine as a Science are health science, biomedical research, medical technology, biologics and psychotherapy. The word medicine derives from the Latin ‘medicina’ which means art of healing. Doctors today have a very challenging task of studying a patient’s records, testing and analysing, diagnosing and finally treating many people at any one time with the list growing regularly as … Continue reading

Philosophy Sites – Top Ten

Philosophy Sites - Top Ten

Interested in philosophy? Philosophy is the study of problems connected with reality, knowledge, existence, values, mind, reason and language. It relies on rational argument and can refer to basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes. The word Philosophy is Greek in origin meaning love of wisdom and has been connected to Pythagoras. There are many sub-fields to Philosophy such as epistemology, logics, metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics. The history of Philosophy covers virtually every corner of the globe with Ancient Philosophy from Egypt … Continue reading

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Microeconomic Sites – Top Ten

Microeconomic Sites - Top Ten

Interested in microeconomic? Microeconomics examines how behaviours and decisions affect the supply and demand for goods and services determining prices. It also analyses failure where particular goods have failed to achieve the targets and standards expected on the market, in other words the elasticity of a product within the market system, hence providing assumptions and definitions for economists and profits and losses within a company can be determined as a result. Microeconomics is complex in that it relies on study … Continue reading

Molecular Bioscience Sites – Top Ten

Molecular Bioscience Sites – Top Ten

Interested in molecular bioscience? Molecular Bioscience is a combination of the study of molecules and biology taking into account antibodies, cells, tissues, proteins and peptides. It deals with the biological aspects of living organisms, which is any organism that lives, sleeps and eats. It overlaps with chemistry, biology, biochemistry and genetics and it concerns itself with the interaction between the various systems of a cell, different types of DNA and protein biosynthesis. Researchers use specific techniques combined with ideas from … Continue reading

Macroeconomic Sites – Top Ten

Macroeconomic Sites - Top Ten

Macroeconomics of interest? Macroeconomics comes from the Greek word ‘Makro’ meaning large and is the study of economics as a whole dealing with behaviour, structure and performance within an economic environment. Macroeconomics is used to explain output, income, consumption, savings, investments, unemployment and international trade, to name a few, within a certain sector or company and functions in a similar fashion to Microeconomics. It is a broad field of study and the principle focus is on understanding fluctuations in national … Continue reading

Painting Forums – Top Ten

Painting Forums - Top Ten

Perfect your painting.. Painting is one of the five main arts with the others being sculpting, architecture, music and poetry with dance and theatre included in minor arts. Drawing or painting is a form of visual expression using instruments such as pencils, crayons, chalks, charcoals, pastels, pens, oils, inks and markers with subcategories including cartooning, silver-point, doodling and dot-to-dot. Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigments or colours to a surface, which is normally applied by a brush, but … Continue reading

Learn French Sites – Top Ten

Learn French Sites - Top Ten

Looking to learn French? French is a Romance language spoken in France, Belgium, Monaco, Switzerland and parts of Canada as well as in communities in the southern U.S.A. and some African countries. The language descends from Latin and is the official language in 29 countries throughout the world and has many dialects. Over 300,000 people are French speaking in the UK since it is the official language of the Channel Islands with French being taught as a second language throughout … Continue reading

Link Exchange Sites – Top Ten

Link Exchange Sites – Top Ten

Interested in link exchange? A link exchange is a confederation of websites that register their sites with a central organisation that receives HTML code, which is then inserted into web pages. The code causes banner advertisements to be displayed on the sites of the exchange members. The banners are downloaded from the exchange and a monitor determines how many times a site has displayed banner advertisements of other members, awarding credits for that banner on the site where it has been … Continue reading

Literature Forums – Top Ten

Literature Forums - Top Ten

Want to join a literature forum? The word Literature comes from Latin meaning work of art. It has two major forms which are fiction and non-fiction and two major techniques which are prose and poetry. Literature can consist of text based factual information as well as biographical and reflective essays with some text stemming from the imagination such as fiction or drama. Poetry is usually written in rhythmic language provoking thought and meaning, while prose has a more grammatical structure … Continue reading

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