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Painting is one of the five main arts with the others being sculpting, architecture, music and poetry with dance and theatre included in minor arts. Drawing or painting is a form of visual expression using instruments such as pencils, crayons, chalks, charcoals, pastels, pens, oils, inks and markers with subcategories including cartooning, silver-point, doodling and dot-to-dot. Painting is the practice of applying paint, pigments or colours to a surface, which is normally applied by a brush, but can also include knives, sponges and airbrushes. Surfaces can include walls, paper, canvas, wood, glass, lacquer, clay, leaf, copper or concrete and some even incorporate sand. Over the centuries there have been many wonderful contributions and artists; the list is almost endless, but some of them include Monet, Renoir, Rembrandt, Van Gogh, Gauguin and Constable and in more modern times with James Whistler, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali and Andy Warhol. Paintings are on display in museums and galleries the world over with many private collections also available to view thanks to the invention of the Internet. Painting has always been a topic for conversation and now many sites offer forums for discussing and debating paintings. Below are listed ten sites that contain forums for these purposes and if you have an interest in painting, then the sites will be very useful.

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1. - has a forum for painters and joining the community allows you access to discussions, articles and other features completely free of charge. You can post topics, communicate privately with other members, respond to polls and even upload your own paintings for critiques to view. Recent posts in the forum are highlighted and the site also contains links to fine art sites, eBooks, artist TV, artist Network University and an online shop for purchasing painting materials.


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2. Forum -

This site has been specifically designed for the purpose of discussing painting with a forum, tutorials and competitions. There is a gallery where you can upload photos of your paintings and tutorials can be found for beginners, distortions and modifications, touch ups, text effects and textures. The site can be translated into several languages and new content is highlighted with a calendar for viewing older postings.


painting 3


3. - has a forum and chat-rooms for discussing and debating paintings. There are articles to read and a gallery of painted miniatures for you to enjoy as well as links to painting auctions and commissions. You can subscribe to receive RSS feeds and emails with the latest news and there is also a blog for assistance. Theories, inspirational ideas and showcases are currently being discussed in the forum and registration is necessary before posting.


painting 4


4. Artists Forum -

This site is offering you a chance to send in your email and receive a five-part artist’s guide to art and money. There is a special section to buy and sell art and a blog for commenting can be found. Many painting topics are being discussed in the forum such as materials and suppliers, murals and recommendations for art exhibitions and advice can be exchanged for selling work as well as posting your own paintings for critiques to view and comment.


painting 5


5. Painters Online -

Painters Online is especially for artists to discuss their art online with other artists in the forum. There are news sections, a gallery for viewing paintings and a section for events as well as watching art TV. There are painting competitions to enter and art books to buy in the online store and you display your art in the marketplace to entice buyers. Painting techniques, materials and tuition are currently being discussed in the forum and a blog is also in place for commenting.


painting 6


6. SAA Forum -

This popular site allows artists to share views, voice opinions and ask questions that are related to art and painting. It is simple to connect with the community, select a topic and follow the threads and post replies. There are paintings in the gallery and art magazines to read and there is the facility to search for members local to your area. Exhibitions are stated and there are competitions to enter as well as a list of painting clubs with tuition. Art courses are offered in the forum and there is the facility for painters to sell their work.


painting 7


7. - has a forum for artists and painters to comment and post as well as a gallery containing beautiful sketches and paintings to view. You can upload and download images to start selling your artwork online and there is a blog for assistance as well as tips and hints on painting techniques. There are gift vouchers for purchasing artworks in the online store and links to other painting sites are given. Art news and biographies are currently being discussed in the forum and all recent posts are highlighted.


painting 8


8. -

This site is a forum for artists and painters to meet and communicate. You are required to register before you can post in the forum, but you can view the gallery of paintings that are on display. Current discussions in the forum range from topics such as earning a living as an artist, posting sketches and paintings and painting techniques and materials to sculpting. Questions and advice can be found from members of the community and you are invited to share your knowledge of painting as well as your artwork.


painting 9


9. -

This site has a forum for spray painting with a message board and a private section for members. You can share your stories about painting and ask questions on topics related to spray painting from the worldwide community. There are tips for beginners, advice on techniques, a section to buy paintings and further sections for watching video clips and uploading your own artwork. Instructional DVDs can be purchased along with other painting supplies in the shop and all new paintings are highlighted.


painting 10


10. - is a forum for painters to comment, join conversations or start new threads on the subject of painting. You can share your drawings with the community and also discuss digital art as well as find out about events in the painting world. You can browse the artwork that has already been uploaded as well as buy art in the online shop and you are invited to take part in the polls.


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