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Paranormal activites? Strange but true?

The term paranormal defines anything that cannot be explained or defined by a ‘normal’ experience or through a scientific explanation. Thousands of stories about paranormal phenomena can be found in folklore and cultures the world over dating back throughout time. Subjects that are covered under the ‘hat’ of the paranormal include ghosts and ghouls, extraterrestrials and UFOs and cryptids. A cryptid is an animal whose existence has not been confirmed by science and this can include a Yeti, Bigfoot, Loch Ness monster, dragon, unicorn or werewolf. Experimental investigation has been conducted by parapsychologists since the 1930s, as they search for quantitative evidence of the paranormal in laboratories. The subject has led to many debates by sceptics and several committees have been formed to try and bring an end to any paranormal claims and sightings, with the media coming under criticism for publishing stories related to the subject. Such topics include haunted houses, satanic possession, telepathy, psychic and spiritual healing, reincarnation, channelling, ESP, witches and any form of communication with the dead. Many films have been made over the years thrilling audiences with tales and plots and in 1938 a radio station aired a special Halloween rendition of ‘The War of the Worlds’ narrated by Orson Welles which created widespread panic in several American states as people believed it to be true. Below are listed ten of the best sites on the Internet today for finding information and giving in-sight into the fascinating subject of the paranormal, enjoy.


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1. Educating Humanity –

This is a popular site for finding information on the paranormal with illustrated articles, videos and graphics displaying fascinating topics that have mystified the world for years. Information can be chosen from categories such as area 51, UFOs, mass sightings, pilot sightings, most incredible cases and recent activity with documentaries and lists provided. There are landmark UFO cases and breaking news sections and the site is available in many languages.


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2. Unexplained Mysteries –

This is another popular site which provides fascinating information on a wide range of topics. There are articles, news items and videos to see in such topics as space and astronomy, the bizarre, ancient mysteries, science and technology and modern mysteries. Column articles and featured videos are highlighted with an image gallery and an encyclopaedia leading to further in-sight. The site has a blog and chat available so you can discuss, debate and find like-minded connections.


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3. Paranormal News –

This site features reviews, forums, link exchanges, public events and radio where information can be gained on topics such as community news, ancient mysteries, ALT spirituality, conspiracies, crop circles, ghosts, mars and the moon, prophecies, re-incarnation, UFO’s, religion and crypto zoology. Some interesting ideas and theories are discussed and the site welcomes you to submit a news-link or start a new thread.


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4. The Ghost Finder Paranormal Society –

This site has been started by a group of experienced ghosts hunters and paranormal experts who investigate reports of hauntings, poltergeists and residual energy from all parts of the United Kingdom. The team are waiting to hear from you and information on their work and the details can be found on the site. Events, links, stories and reports can be found from famous buildings and landmarks to streets, caves and houses. Investigations and information is free and making a donation to the site to enable its upkeep is encouraged.

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5. California Ghost Chasers –

This is a small site, but it is gaining in popularity. The site is run by a group of businesses, technical professionals and volunteers and is a non-profit organisation. Information can be chosen from categories offering activity reports and evidence with tips and advice given for noting sightings and experiences. Evidence explains electronic voice phenomena giving classifications and history. You can contact them with activity reports and evidence and they will review your case.


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6. Above Top Secret –

This site is one of the Internet’s largest and most popular discussion boards dedicated to exchanging ideas and debating topics such as conspiracies, UFOs, paranormal, secret societies, political scandals, new world order and terrorism. Recent posts and top topics are highlighted and the site’s intentions are to send some very big and important messages throughout the world.


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7. Ghosts and Ghouls –

Ghosts and Ghouls draws you as soon as you open the site with the top ten ghost pictures to send a shiver down your spine. There is a section for real ghost stories with links leading to other paranormal sites and as the site is American you can search for a ‘spook’ by State or search the archives. The section for spooky stuff contains haunted spots, books, photos, movies, videos, radio, objects and much more. You are invited to write your story and submit to the site and previous submissions can be viewed.


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8. Coast to Coast am –

This is a very popular site with a high ranking on The show airs on more than 560 radio stations across America and this is the website for the show. The schedule for the show can be found along with articles, photos and hosts and all the trending topics are highlighted; the current top topic being the cover up of the discovery of medicine that is known to be a cure for heart disease. Further reading is advised.


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9. Prophecy Central –

Prophecy Central is a world of information about Biblical Prophecy. Channels, searches, news links, prophecy links and ‘special sections’ can be searched. Hot topics are persecution, revival and the Middle East with further information and more topics to be found in the blog. You can read Revelation verse-by-verse or search for further enlightenment in ‘apologetics central’, solid ground church and ‘are you ready?’ with over 100 sub-topics to browse.


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10. Necaps –

This site is the National Registry of Paranormal Investigators. It is free from commercial advertisements and articles can be read on EMF meters, cold spots, electromagnetic energy, hypersensitivity, health risks, movement and lying. You can search the website database, the EMF database or the investigator database and useful links can be found leading to further information.


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