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A domain name is used to convert a host name on the Internet into an IP address. When a computer communicates with the server it needs an IP address and this is usually made up of parts or labels that are separated by dots.  The only characters allowed in an IP address are lower case letters, the numbers 0-9 and hyphens. The domain name must be unique and it is the heart of the web address with the extension being the second half and the combination makes up the web address for your website. Buying a domain name is not a hard task, but the name must take into account the type of business that you have and reflect the products or criteria in order for success to be achieved. Research is essential before buying since this is the identity of your business and the cost of the name as well as registration should be taken into account before purchasing. Simply and short names are easy to remember since they stand out and facilitate search activity and sometimes domain names are only purchased in order to be re-sold for profit. Below is a list of past domain name transaction sites. If you are considering purchasing a new domain name the list will be very useful as the sites below give the history of the domain name if it has been sold before.

domain 1


1. –

This site has an extensive database for searching domain name history which includes buy-it-now’, online auctions, live auctions and publicly reported direct sales dating back as far as 1997. There are sections for the marketplace, sales history and bulk check with a search facility and a domain typo finder as well as suggested domain names. A further section can be found for dropping names and a site-map and support are in place for guidance.




2. –

This site is a source for domain name sales history and comparable sales. It consists of a large database dating back to 2003 and the list is updated regularly. Comparable sales, or comps, is a technique where relative worth of a domain is determined and each name can be searched with responses including site content, current traffic, source of traffic, PPC rates and current revenue. All information is provided for free and if you have a source to provide, then the site would like to hear from you.




3. – has the latest news from the domain name industry and contains articles, headline news and graphs to assist you. You can view the sales charts for the year to date as well as a list of all sales. The site is featured in the Wall Street Journal and has many inside tips as well as advice to share. Links are provided to other domain name sites and there is a forum, a social community and a blog for sharing information and discussing.




4. –

This site has forums for posting and commenting on domain name news, but terms must be read first and registration is required before you can participate. There is a forum for trade shows and events and other forums include domain sales, appraisals, auctions, traffic names and developed sites. There is a special section for expiring domains and parking solutions as well as registrars and trademark issues. Recent news and the latest threads are highlighted and glossaries and registrar stats can be found.



5. – offers transfers of domain names and the facility to search for a domain name by keyword, domain or phrase. You can also renew domain names and other services include domain name registration, expired domains, deleted and premium domains. There are useful product tools as well as web hosting and web building and there are videos and tutorials to view. Full support is offered if necessary and company details are given on the site.




6. –

This site provides a look up for domain names giving you domain name search, availability and registration. Up to ten names can be searched at one time with chosen extensions and features include free tools, domain locking, three-page hosting site, free email and virus protector and customer support. There are useful links leading to information for registration and special sections for managing and transferring names.




7. –

This site claims to be able to find you the right name for your site with unique brand identity and the assistance of a blog for commenting on threads and posts. There is a buyer’s guide to cover the complete sale process and details can be found for transferring names with a list of brokers available to use. The site will negotiate the best possible price for you and there are articles to read on the latest news in the industry. Brokers will also appraise the names of any chosen names and ten different languages are spoken throughout the company.




8. –

This site allows you to search for a domain name and has many articles with good information for you to read. Descriptions about the industry can be found as well as full explanations on domain names and there are sections for domain availability, registering names and network intelligence. News and events from within the industry can be found and there are glossaries, white papers and webinars to view to assist you.




9. –

This site has page rank validation to ensure that the rank provided is valid and all domain names are scored for validity. Millions of pages can be analysed in bulk or individually with details provided on auctions, activity, expired and expiring, pre-release and available domain names. All lists are available in several formats and there are summaries of new registrations with statistics and the top five registrars highlighted. There are tools and checkers to assist you and help is available if necessary.




10. –

This site has a registrar with over 25, 405,000 domains names. Information can be found for expired domain names and deleted domain names with tools and page rank checkers in place to assist you. There are many articles to read with the most recent ones highlighted and there is a blog for commenting and posting, but registering is necessary first. There is a special area for members which gives access to more domain fields as well as further help and explanations.


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