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The Pharmaceutical Industry is subject to strict laws and regulations on patenting, testing and ensuring safety of drugs since the industry develops, produces and markets licensed medicines. The origin of the word Pharmaceutical comes from the Greek language and the first known Pharmacists were of Arabic origin with reports dating back to 754 BC. Nowadays most of the world’s largest Pharmaceutical companies are based in Europe largely because Insulin and Penicillin were mass manufactured in the latter part of the last century in Germany, Switzerland and Italy. The market was booming during the 1960s with the introduction of the contraceptive pill, Cortisone, blood pressure pills, heart disease medication and Valium. However, not all of the drugs produced during that time had positive effects and the drug Thalidomide is a sharp reminder of this. The Pharmaceutical market is volatile since prices of production and testing new medications vary from one company to another and from country to country. The list below consists of some of the most prestigious and renowned Pharmaceutical companies in the world along with other Internet sites which are valuable for gaining information on the subject. Whatever queries or questions that need answering on Pharmacy, the answers are certain to be found in the sites mentioned below.


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1. Johnson and Johnson –

Johnson and Johnson are the leaders in the Pharmaceutical world with a long history dating back to 1886. A full section is dedicated to its history with articles on the caring, giving, responsibilities and the initiatives of the company. A list of consumer and prescription products is given, the most recent of which is highlighted. The company is famous throughout the world for their baby products and full details of all items are given on the site.


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2. Boehringer-Ingelheim –

This is one of the top leading Pharmaceutical companies in the world, mainly concentrating on research and development of medicines with the key areas being respiratory and cardiovascular diseases, HIV and Parkinson’s along with thromboembolic and cerebrovascular diseases. Future projects and current research is given in the news centre with the history of the company and sections for prescription medicines, animal health and consumer healthcare can be found. There is a search option for gaining information on conditions and details of safety with a special section dedicated to the various charities and organisations that are supported by the company.


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3. Proctor and Gamble –

Proctor and Gamble are a very well known company selling products to more than 180 countries with renown brands such as Gillette, Ariel, Pampers and Vicks to name a few. The company was formed in 1837 and their iconic brand was ‘Tampax’ which changed the lives of many women. The company pride themselves on powering their plants with 100% renewable energy and using 100% of recycled materials for all product packaging. Full details of the history, developments, products, heritage, views and performance of the company can be found on the site along with a section for coupons and promotions.


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4. Express Scripts –

The aim of the company is to help make prescription drugs safer and more affordable. They provide pharmacy management and home delivery of prescription medicines throughout America with over 30,000 employees. Subscription to the site is needed for clients, pharmacists and physicians since special sections with private information can be gained.  Full details about the history, aims, service and research of the company are given and becoming a client of the site is encouraged.


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5. Merck and Co –

Merck has over 39,000 employees in over 66 countries making it amongst the world leaders in the Pharmaceutical industry.  Full details of the group can be found on the site with articles and videos on performance and consumer health.  The group’s headquarters can be found in Germany and probably the most famous brand is Seven Seas who are known for producing vitamins.


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6. Roche –

Roche are a Swiss company and are the worlds’ third largest Pharmaceutical corporation providing personalised healthcare around the globe. A complete list of all drugs introduced by the company is given with particular emphasis on cancer drugs, viral infections and inflammatory diseases. The corporation is the worlds’ leader in in-vitro diagnostics and supplies a vast range of instruments for screening and testing in laboratories along with test kits for research purposes. Full details on the company, the products and developments can be found on the site, which is also available in German.


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7. Bayer –

Bayer is a German company that was established in 1863 and in amongst the worlds’ leading Pharmaceutical companies. The corporation is known for its healthcare, but it is also a pioneer in crop protection and non-agricultural pest control. The most famous consumer care products from the company are One-A-Day vitamins, Aspirin, Alka-Seltzer and Canesten, but a complete list can be found on the site along with animal health, medical care and pharmaceuticals. Full details of the company can be found along with the achievements, aims and innovations and articles, links and video demonstrations are available to view for information on general healthcare and drug use to name a few.


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8. Abbott Laboratories –

Abbott employs over 70,000 people in 150 different companies throughout the world. They offer a wide range of products specialising in nutrition, diabetes, animal health, vision, vascular and diagnostics. There is a section on the site revealing the latest news from within the company with special attention given to safeguarding the environment and the financial status of the corporation can be seen with the latest stock market prices on offer.


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9. Pfizer –

Pfizer is the second largest pharmaceutical company in the world with a leading portfolio of medicines and products with the emphasis on cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The products can be viewed alphabetically on the site and a section on health and wellness discusses medical safety education, patient resources, senior health and financial assistance programs. Current research and future developments planned for the corporation are stated and all details on the company can be gained in the responsibility section.


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10. –

GlaxoSmithKline is the fourth largest Pharmaceutical company in the world and concentrates on three main areas; pharmaceuticals, vaccines and consumer healthcare. The corporation was formed in 2000 and has corporate offices in the U.S.A. and the U.K. The prescription medicines are concerned with heart disease, circulatory problems, cancer, skin conditions and depression whilst the vaccines concentrate on Hepatitis A and B, diphtheria and tetanus. The company provides dental health products and nutritional drinks worldwide and full details of current research projects can be found on the site.


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