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Philosophy is the study of problems connected with reality, knowledge, existence, values, mind, reason and language. It relies on rational argument and can refer to basic beliefs, concepts and attitudes. The word Philosophy is Greek in origin meaning love of wisdom and has been connected to Pythagoras. There are many sub-fields to Philosophy such as epistemology, logics, metaphysics, ethics and aesthetics. The history of Philosophy covers virtually every corner of the globe with Ancient Philosophy from Egypt and Babylon, Chinese Philosophy, Greco-Roman, Indian, Persian, Medieval European, Renaissance, Middle East and East Asia. Famous Philosophers include Plato, Aristotle and Confucius from Ancient Philosophy to Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, Karl Marx and Friedrich Nietzsche in more recent times not forgetting Jean-Paul Sartre and existentialism. For more details on the history and ideals of Philosophy please see the list below since these are some of the best sites on the Internet today for information on the subject.


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1. Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy –

The Stanford Encyclopaedia of Philosophy rates very high on and is connected to Stanford University in the U.S.A. The projected table of contents is a vast list in alphabetical order of articles, facts and data on the chosen subject with various links attached for obtaining further information. Facilities for advanced and random searches are provided with new topics highlighted. Full details about the site along with the contributors are given with details on how to donate to the SEP. Libraries can support the site by joining the Association in order to receive special benefits that are on offer.


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2. Internet Encyclopaedia of Philosophy –

This site also has the facility to search the database from an alphabetical list with options to browse by topic. Categories include History of Philosophy, Metaphysics and Epistemology, Philosophical Traditions, Science, Logics and Mathematics along with Value Theory. Links are found with each topic leading to further information and recent articles are highlighted. Philosophy professors are encouraged to submit content to the site and ways are suggested in how to cite articles in your own writing.


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3. History of Philosophy –

The publishers take thinkers through the history of Western Philosophy ‘without any gaps’ as stated on the site. Episodes in Philosophy are listed and can be viewed and commented upon with all the latest updates given regularly. Subjects and individual Philosophers can be chosen from the classical, later antiquity or Islamic world sections revealing many interesting facts and details. Links and podcasts are given to demonstrate data and participating in any of the threads in the blog is welcome.


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4. Philosophy Now –

Philosophy now is a US magazine of ideas with articles, letters, reviews, columns, news and editorial on Philosophy, which is published every two months. All copies of the magazine can be read along with back issues and categories can be searched with the most read and discussed topics being highlighted. Books, videos and podcasts are advertised and there is an online shop for subscribing to the magazine.


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5. –

The Edge is a very popular site amongst Philosophers and ranks high on Information can be found in the conversation section and can be browsed by topic, year or tag. The topics can be chosen from mind, life, culture, universe and technology and there are also videos to view and books in the library. Further information can be obtained from news and events and full details about the organisation can be found on the site.


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6. –

This is a small site, but the information given on Philosophy is vast. There is an index containing a list of topics alphabetically with information on each chosen subject along with links. Topics can also be chosen from ‘contents’ with titles such as Enlightenment, God, Existentialism, Mind, Science and Romanticism to name a few all leading to valuable information. The author of the site taught Philosophy for many years in London and his passion for the subject can clearly be gained from the site.


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7. Philpapers –

Philpapers gathers information throughout the Internet and provides tools for Philosophers to organise, access, research and discuss the subject of Philosophy. There are over 700 philosophical journals, papers, bibliographies, books, manuscripts and articles. Information can be selected from the categories listed in the table of contents with new issues highlighted. Signing into the site is necessary for making a contribution with material or for taking part in the discussions currently taking place in the forum.


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8. Philosophy Forums –

Philosophy Forums is exactly as the name suggests; a forum for philosophers to discuss ideas and connect with each other. Membership to the site is necessary to comment on any of the posts and topics open for discussion with the latest posts highlighted and updated regularly. The top five topics are advertised along with statistics and a Philosophical calendar can be found mentioning all notable birthdays. There are sections for articles and links plus a special gallery where all photographs can be uploaded.


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9. Critical Thinking –

The foundation for Critical Thinking is a non-profit organisation promoting the change in education and society in a swiftly changing world. They receive over 150,000 visitors to the site every month from 100 different countries all over the globe. A list of colleges, universities, teachers and educators are given on the site with information being offered from sections such as research, articles, professional development, assessment and testing and news. There are conferences and workshops to attend and suggested reading can be found in the bookstore. Full details about the community are given and there is a section for earning online.


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10. 101 Zen Stories –

The site contains 101 Zen stories which can be selected individually and read. Random stories can be chosen and a Philosophical message can be found in every story. Some of the stories are parables; others offer advice on leading a peaceful life and some are especially aimed at the mind for enlightenment purposes. A useful link can be found leading to Amazon where the book is available to buy in hardback or paperback making an ideal gift for any Philosopher.


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