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Many people treasure their photographs as they are personal favourite memories of exciting experiences, amusing events, family occasions and happy times with old photographs becoming more important as time passes. Photographs can be mounted, printed and framed to use as ornaments or hung as pictures with many people keeping scrapbooks and photo albums to ensure all precious memories are stored in one place. Today, with the invention of the Internet, there are many sites available for editing your photographs and uploading or downloading them accordingly. These sites provide tools for enhancing, cropping, enlarging and adding personal touches which improves the photo as well as increasing creativity levels. Over time photos can fade and discolour and the sites allow for re-touching to keep the images in their original format. Photographs can be decorated and by allowing for various layers, there are some software which permits the option of adding objects on pictures, making it a fun and personal gift to give friends or family. Professional and amateur photographers are using the sites to enhance and re-touch photographs giving them a glossy and more professional appearance.  Below is a list of ten of the best sites and for editing your photos, so bring out the old albums and prepare to have some fun.



1. – has many ways of editing your photos with different designs and glorious effects. It is a fun free photo editor that allows you to touch up profile pictures, try new effects or even make a collage. Help and a blog are in place on the site to help you and with Halloween just around the corner, you can transform yourself into a zombie, vampire or demon and add overlays of bats, spiders, skulls and pumpkins to haunt your friends. You can even write a scary text and add a spooky frame and present them as gifts.





2. –

This is another great site to store, share and edit all your photos for free. The online editor can bring your photos to life with special effects, filters and easy-to-use editing tools with a demonstration video to show you how to edit. Tips and tricks will show you how to distort images, turn them black and white, add a splash of colour and tag your photos as well as make a collage. There is a blog for contacting other members and commenting on the threads and help is available if you need assistance.




3. Gimp –

Gimp was first introduced in 1996 and is a powerful photo editor that is updated regularly. There are tools to correct colours, enhance contrast and brightness, sharpen or blur an image, fix perspective problems, remove red-eye, add special lighting effects and turn a photo into an oil painting as well as create an animation. There is a wide range of painting tools to use along with full support which assists you in using all the functions.  The programme is free to download and is a popular alternative to Photoshop since it consumes less space in the hard-drive.




4. – has many options for photo editing available including basic editing, re-sizing and rotating.  A wide selection of painting tools allows you to create special effects to your photos and the programme supports layers for editing part of an image and can also be extended with plug-ins. It is simple and easy to use and therefore makes a good starting point for novices to learn. Tutorials are available to view on the site and there is a full FAQ.





5. –

There are plenty of selection options with this software as it offers a wide range of paint tools and colour corrections. It supports layers and masks along with other special effects and there is a scripting tool which assists with automatic editing tasks. There is a special section for magical effects such as fireworks, bubbles, stardust or similar decorations to an image. Collages, greetings cards, business cards and website designs can be created with ease and you can enhance and print your digital photos with computer graphics.





6. –

If you are looking to have some fun with your photographs then this is the site for you. There are hundreds of clip-art images ready to paste into your pictures and you can add custom speech bubbles to an image, apply some great special effects and even create animated GIFs. The options are surprisingly easy to use with eleven different artistic styles including pastels, pencils and cartoons to name a few. Images can also be sliced and converted and the software can be downloaded for free with the option to make a small donation given.





7. –

As its name suggests, is mostly about viewing images, but the programme also has editing power. You can rotate and re-size an image, tweak colours, brightness and contrast, add text captions or watermarks, sharpen your photo, remove red-eye and apply a range of special effects. The software can also be extended via its support for Photoshop, AltaLux, Filter Factory and Filters Unlimited plug-ins and is a compact free tool which requires less than 2MB of disk space.





8. –

This tool is free for personal use and has plenty of editing features to offer such as contour and transparency effects, paint tools, colour corrections and filters, brushes, layers and erasers. Clear instructions with diagrams on how to use the programme are given and there are also tutorials and a forum on the site. You can view a video presentation and the programme can also be used for non-profit organisations. Links are provided for other freeware such as add-ons and plug-ins and further details can be found on the site.





9. – has a useful photo editor with the focus on solid, practical features such as crop, re-size and rotate, colour correction tools, sharpness and blur filters as well as print tools. You can also create and build slideshows for videos with the simple interface, but there are also tools for more advanced users. There is a forum in place for assisting along with a support section and the information can be found in different languages.




10. – has been around for nearly 10 years and is a very useful editor with something for everyone. Children can play with the clip-art, customising images with cartoons and adults can enjoy options such as the ability to add a custom watermark to an entire folder of images. There are drawing and paint tools, image transformations and special effects to name a few and tutorials are given to help you.


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