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The word photography comes from Greek meaning light and drawing and it is the art or science of creating durable images either by chemical means or electronically by means of an image sensor. Typically a lens is used to focus the light reflected or emitted by objects into a real image from inside a camera during a timed exposure. The electronic image is processed and stored in a digital image file for subsequent displaying or processing. A negative image is traditionally used to create a positive image on paper known as a print. Photography is used in business, science, manufacturing, recreational purposes, art and mass communication and first made its debut in the 1820s which produced brown tones known as sepia with the first colour photograph produced in 1861 and it has grown in strength ever since with the development of large companies such as Kodak, Agfa and Polaroid. Controls on a camera include the shutter, focus, aperture, white balance, metering, ISO speed and auto-focus and filters are often used either in front or behind the lens. It is a fascinating subject with much information to be gained and learned and now with the invention of the Internet it has become more accessible and easier to find. Many sites have been introduced with forums for discussing photography and below are listed ten of the best that are available today for like-minded appreciators and enthusiasts of photography to meet and discuss their favourite subject.


1. The Photo Forum –

The Photo Forum has been specifically designed for photographers to get to together and discuss and debate photos. There are articles of interest to read and news and announcements with the world of photography are given. There are photo galleries to view with photo challenges and assignments as well as conversations and threads within the friendly community. Lighting, camera-ware, camera phones, equipment, products and famous brand camera companies are mentioned in the forum and there is a special section on the darkroom, but registration is needed before you can participate and seek advice.


photo 2


2. –

This site invites you to share your experiences and learn from others in the forum. There are many photography tips to be found and you can upload your work for critiques to view. You can test your skills and develop your techniques as well as view portraits, candids and family and friends in action. There are monthly contests for regular users and you can view insider deals on equipment. The pictures in the gallery are a delight to view and site navigation is available to help you.


photo 3


3. Canon Digital Forums –

This forum is especially for camera digital enthusiasts using Canon cameras. General photography and techniques are also discussed, but registration is needed before viewing all the photos and some parts of the site are restricted to guests. You can share your knowledge of equipment and also ask questions as well as browse the photo sharing section. There is a further section for the marketplace advertising services offered and wanted and assistance can be found for winning photography competitions.


photo 4


4. DP Review –

DP Review or digital photography has a forum for photography enthusiasts, where you can discuss, debate or ask questions on anything related to digital photography, digital cameras or digital technology. There is a section for news and beginners with portfolios and photos in the gallery to view. A large section discusses cameras and equipment and re-touching, printing and studio techniques are also mentioned. There is a buying guide and reviews to assist you and photographs can be submitted for challenges.


photo 5


5. – has a large community of photographers who share their photographs for viewing in the gallery and take part in discussions in the forums. There is a large section for photographic equipment with all brand names mentioned along with reviews to read and there is a learning centre containing tips, guides and tutorials. There are cameras, filters and lenses to purchase in the online store as well as many forums with different topics discussed in each.


photo 6


6. Talk Photography –

Talk Photography has galleries of photographs to review and see. There is a forum for commenting and recent discussions include landscapes, scenery, nature, close-ups, portraits and daily shots. The most recent comments are posted first and all the threads and comments are rated. There is a calendar for events, maps and photographic locations to assist you and images can be viewed individually or at random.


photo 7


7. Photography Forum –

This site requires you to read the FAQ before joining the forum as there are strict rules to obey. Photography news, tips and tricks are posted and there is a section for basic camera work. There are specific forums for films and Photoshop containing advice and tutorials on how to operate it and further exploration reveals a section for lighting techniques. Photos can be uploaded and there are regular competitions to enter as well as reviews on software, cameras, lenses and other photography equipment.


photo 8


8. Amateur Photographer –

Amateur Photographer gives you news, round ups and reviews on equipment to read as well a forum for discussions. There is a gallery of beautiful photos to view and competitions are offered with prizes for the best photo. Cameras and accessories are discussed in detail with popular brand names mentioned and digital work and a beginner’s corner can also be found. Links are provided to further photographic websites of interest and there is a section for photographic locations given.


photo 9


9. –

This is a friendly community of photographers where you can upload your photos, win prizes and chat with other members. There are photographic locations to give you inspiration and you can read reviews on products and equipment. There is an online shop with special offers for members and advice can be found for choosing and using cameras. There is a section for beginners and a further section for professionals to talk about events and getting photos published.


photo 10


10. – has a forum for photographers with over one million subscribers and 2,500 articles and reviews to read. You can view and rate the photos in the gallery and there is an online shop for photographic equipment and accessories. You can upload your photos for critiques to view and relax in the forum and the lounge while you catch up with the latest photography news in the community.


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