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Plagiarism means to copy someone else’s work including their ideas as well as their words. Plagiarists tend to call the work their own after copying it and lack the ability to create original content and use their own ideas to be unique and different, either through laziness or in order to make a profit on another’s efforts.  This is considered dishonest and is a breach of journalistic ethics being subject to sanctions such as expulsion. Although it is not considered a crime, it is a serious ethical offense and can constitute copyright infringement. It is considered to be theft and with the increased availability of intellectual property, the debate has increased in as to whether copyright offences are criminal. If work is published without permission of the original owner or without stating the original source, then this is classed as plagiarism and even when copyright has expired, false claims of authorship may still be considered as plagiarism. Plagiarism checkers have been especially designed for checking the Internet for previous publication and when work is submitted into the checker, the results, if work is not original will be given, often stating the source from where the work was originally published. Below is a list of ten of the best plagiarism checkers on the Internet today. Many of them are free to use and are very valuable for anyone with a website, for students, for teachers or for writers.


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1. –

Academic Plagiarism is designed to help both students and teachers detect and eliminate unintentional and deliberate plagiarism, but can be used by anyone who wants to check for plagiarism in documents and text. There is a trial account that allows users to scan one document every three days, but there are a number of Premium account options that give the option to check up to five documents in 24 hours or 50,000 words since the maximum file size for each document is 10,000 words, it will only cost you $1 per document.


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2. –

The Plagiarism Checker is a quick, easy and inexpensive method to detect plagiarism in any document in any language. It is available for free with limited functions, but a Premium version is available for $8 per month and gives users the ability to upload Word documents. There is also a campus edition of The Plagiarism Checker that provides fast and accurate plagiarism detection to universities, colleges and high schools. Possible Plagiarism links to see the original source can’t be downloaded, but can be pasted into browser to check and a demonstration video can be viewed on the site.


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3. –

Duplichecker is a free online software for plagiarism detection and is easy to use as well as provides excellent results whether you are a writer or a student. A full detailed explanation about the tool can be found on the site along with a useful link for downloading and there is a section to read about plagiarism and exactly what it means and why not to copy work around the Internet and write your own original text. There is a blog in place to assist you and testimonials from satisfied customers are given.


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4. –

Plagtracker is an accurate plagiarism checker, has a unique checking algorithm and is free to use. It contains a huge database of academic papers and is recommended for schools since teachers can find problems with student’s papers and students can detect plagiarism, fix grammar mistakes and even proof-read work before handing it in. Publishers can verify that their articles are original before posting them and website owners can ensure that their content is unique. Each document checked produces a report and if plagiarism is detected, then sections of the scan that need to be cited and a list of sources will be shown.


plagiarism 5


5. – is an automated proof-reader and a personal grammar coach as it can correct up to ten times the amount of mistakes than other word processors. Plagiarism can be avoided by typing in text, which is then checked against over eight billion web pages. It not only brings borrowed text to light, but also suggests citations and you can test the programme for free, but continual use does require purchasing. It improves editorial text and polishes emails, memos and blog posts making it an ideal choice for writers and authors.


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6. – has a free article checker that is suitable for students, educators, scientists, writers and scholars. URLs can be entered to check for plagiarism and you can select to search the text exactly word-for-word on Google, Yahoo! or Babylon. The system also corrects grammar and spelling and there is also a search facility on the site for books. Most valid file formats are accepted and the information is also available in German.


plagiarism 7


7. –

This site offers a number of account options to cater to the diverse needs of people who require the use of a plagiarism detector for work or school. You can sign up for a free account and the system guarantees accurate and clear reports as well as supporting most common file formats. Fraudsters can be detected with the automatic online detecting service that is available in real-time and documents are handled in strictest confidence as you have complete control over your document and can decide to retain it in the database or delete it.


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8. –

Copyscape is one of the most popular plagiarism checkers and is used worldwide. There is an introduction video on the site so you can see how it works and there is a simple guide to read to help you protect against plagiarism on your site. There is a free service to check for plagiarism, but the company also offer other services at a small price. URLs can be typed into the browser for searching and a free banner can be downloaded onto your site warning offenders that you are aware of plagiarism.


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9. –

This is an app that can be downloaded onto mobile phones and assists with plagiarism and produces originality reports. You can read a detailed review on the site as well as watch a demonstration video to see how it works. There are also webcasts to view that tag ten types of unoriginal work and white papers are also available to read. The app has been designed for educators and students, but anyone wishing to use a plagiarism detector will find it useful.


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10. –

Dustball is ideal for cutting and pasting your text, articles, homework or reports into the box as instructed.  After clicking the check button, the plagiarism detector will find plagiarised text and produce a report that can be downloaded as a word document. The checker is free to use and further details can be read about the system on the site.


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