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Planning a development?

Site planning in landscape architecture and architecture refers to the organisational stage of landscape design. It involves the organisation of land using zoning, access, privacy, security, circulation, land drainage and shelter, which is achieved by arranging the compositional elements of land-form, planting, water, buildings and paving in site plans. A potential area for development is begun by assessing the land and mapping it taking into account slopes, soils, hydrology, ownership, vegetation and orientation. The findings are then given to an engineer who will provide plans of the area normally showing pathways, roads, parking, drainage facilities, sewage pipes, water pipes, lighting and garden elements. The builder or contractor will then use the drawings to make improvements with points of historical interest being taken into account for large plans and usually being prepared by an architect, licensed engineer, landscape architect or land surveyor. Urban planning involves analysis, research and synthesis and often site plans for buildings take into account elevations as well as floor plans. Below is a list of planning sites for buildings and land alike. For anyone with an interest, these sites will be very useful since they all contain good information and legal explanations to assist in building, development and planning.


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1. UK Planning –

UK planning is a leading portal that provides connection for services throughout Scotland, England and Wales. The service is provided by local authorities who are committed to improving the planning process for the public and agents alike. You can browse for a planning site by specific region and search the database for applications as well as complete planning and building control application forms online. A form wizard and calculator are provided for assistance as well as glossaries and a full FAQ with a facility to search for all councils is given and you can also subscribe to receive updates.


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2. –

The Planning Centre provides company brochures, links, blogs and publications in the resource area for assistance in planning. Announcements can be found in the news section and topics such as site assessment, risk assessment, noise and vibration and school planning can be found in the environment section. You can read about urban design, landscape architecture and site planning as well as comprehensive planning, community participation, transportation planning, housing and economics.


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3. Planning Portal –!ut/p/c5/04_SB8K8xLLM9MSSzP

Planning Portal is the UK government’s online planning and building regulations resource for England and Wales. You can find out whether you need permission and what the building regulations are in your area with news, a blog and other useful tools to assist you. There is an interactive house to help with plans and guidance is given for applying online. There is a section for appeals and a full FAQ and you can follow the  process step-by-step.


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4. Site Planning –

This site discusses site planning and design. It is a small site, but it contains good information and goes into detail about the process, the possible difficulties, research, analysis, construction, location and conditions with useful diagrams for assistance. A section is dedicated to topography, soils, hydrology, drainage, vegetation and micro-climate with special attention given to legalities and programme development. Goals and objectives are stated and there are useful links for further information.

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5. Planning Applications –

This is a popular site since it is the official supplier for planning application maps in Great Britain. The maps contain the most up-to-date ordnance-survey-mapping information available and the company has been providing customised mapping services for over 10 years now on the Internet. Firstly, you enter your location and then select the size and scale of the map you require. After payment, maps are delivered in PDF format by email and help is available if needed.


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6. Planetizen –

This is a popular site from the U.S. containing planning information in articles and videos. Topics can be chosen from categories such as architecture, community, education, environment, preservation, housing, infrastructure, technology, transportation and urban development to name a few with popular stories and trending articles highlighted. You can search for news by region, view the directory of planning tools and joining the site is encouraged.


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7. Prime Location –

Prime location has good information regarding buying land for building with a search facility for finding locations and agents. You can seek land investment advice from the experts and there are sections for choosing a surveyor and a solicitor as well. Related links are provided leading to the land registry and the registered institute of chartered surveyors and tips and hints for planning permission, planning officials and environmental impact assessments can be found.


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8. Defra –

Defra is the Department for environment, food and rural affairs. Information can be obtained from sections such as environment, food and farming, rural and countryside as well as wildlife and pets. Hints and tips are given for planning applications and changes to land and buildings with essential guides being found for land management and environmental issues, land use and planning, environmental impact assessments, reclamation of mineral and waste sites and handling soils as well as mineral sites restored to agriculture.


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9. Guidelines for Land Planning –

This is a useful site with contains guidelines for land-use planning. The site is from the Natural Resources Management and Environment Department and is also available in Persian and French. Chapters can be read such as nature and scope, overview of the planning process, methods and sources as well as steps in land-use planning and there are glossaries and bibliographies to view.


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10. Land Trust Alliance –

This site is dedicated to land trusts and assists, educates, and represents more than 1,600 land trusts in the U.S.A. Resources can be found for conserving land and there is a section regarding policy. News and guidelines are given for assistance along with a section for conservation with quick links inserted leading to further information and other sites. Updates and events can are announced in the newsroom and you can sign up to receive the newsletter.


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