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Is Poker your game?

There are many different poker sites out there and many of them pay out pretty good amounts. Many of them are free to join and also offer great affiliate programs. Finding these sites is pretty simple as gambling sites are everywhere these days but finding the right one to suit your needs may be a bit more of a challenge. As long as you’re careful and a skilled player the dividends can be rewarding.  This article will list the top 10 poker sites and what the overall opinions are about them. Just sit back and check out the list.




1. Bovada-

This first one is Bovada and it’s a new site on the block. It’s located on Native American territory in Las Vegas…the home of gambling. They are rated one for many reasons. They hardly have anything negative written about them. They accept U/S/ Players, They have welcome bonuses and free rolls, Anonymous tables to help protect weak or inexperienced players, Unique deposit options for U.S. players, and the software interface is friendly. The average user rating on some of the top poker forums comes out at 8.25/10 and it has a lot of good feedback around the web. One cool feature is the rabbit cam feature where it shows you the very next card that would have appeared had you not folded. This is a feature very few other sites have. It has good telephone and email support and the support is based in the U/S. They accept new players all they time so why not sign up today and see where your luck and skill takes you.





2. LockPoker-

Lockpoker is rated #2 because it’s one of the fastest growing poker sites that works on both Windows and Mac. Download is smooth, registration is easy, and there are a variety of deposit methods. It has live chat support and email support, but no phone support. There are not many high stake games going on but when there are payout can be rewarding. They have ladies only tournaments for the ladies who like to mingle and gamble. Average payout time is 3 days which is reasonable. They offer a huge variety of games so if you’re a good gamer  you will never be bored.




3. Sportsbook-

This site is rated pretty high – average rating by users at 9.5/10. It has an 11 year track record, a 3 day payout, and has over 1 million active members. It only accepts U.S. and Canadian players, accepts most credit cards, soft competition, and great graphics. This site is interesting because it’s located from Antigua to avoid taxes and any extradition from online gambling. That’s my best guess anyways.




4. Bet Online-

Bet Online is the next one in our top poker list. It is rated #4 for a few different reasons. It’s gained a ton of popularity by users worldwide, it’s only 3 years old, and it operates from Panama city, Panama. The customer service is friendly according to reviews, players can win freerolls randomly, but they don’t have a very big selection of games. The only issue one other person describes is the graphics and the speed of graphics. If you check out the site you be the judge. They have a decent rating on gaming websites. One popular website gave them a rating of 8.7/10.




5. 888 Poker-

The next one in our list is the well known 888 poker. Frankly, it was hard choosing a site to round out the middle. I have had to look high and low between a few different top 10 sites and read reviews. 888 poker actually allows users around the world if your region allows gambling based on the IP address. During peak times and weekends the occupancy of the rooms and the amount of money won can double. This site doesn’t have very high payouts at all times but it’s very active and has live pokercams to watch other games and help increase your skill level.




6. Juicy Stakes-

Juicy Stakes is the next one. an another American friendly site. They have a decent payout, their payout time is 3 days and they have no bonus codes. At the moment I don’t see any bonuses for joining which is odd as most poker sites have these nowadays.




7. America Cardroom-

The next one is America’s Cardroom. This site has a decent rating but the payout and popularity are pretty low. It’s one of the top 4 out of all of the U.S. poker websites however. Back in 2011 other countries dominated the gaming industry and have isolated it since. America’s Cardroom and many other sites have helped bring back American gaming because it’s not called London Hold Em’. What I don’t understand is why the site is a .eu as it caters to mainly US players?




8. William Hill Poker-

William Hill Poker is ranked lower in our list for a few reasons. For a while it didn’t have a steady site and the company kept jumping from name to name. They finally went into the poker and gambling business, putting all their chips into one domain (pardon the pun). Here’s a good thing though -they give a $500 bonus when you sign up. That’s pretty darn friendly. Whether it’s legit is another thing as they are well known for restricting withdrawals in their terms and conditions. It doesn’t allow U.S. customers or customers outside of UK and Europe. Oh well their loss I guess!




9. Everest Poker-

This next site is called Everest Poker. This site also doesn’t allow U.S. players. The site has  200% or $2000 bonus, special deals you can buy or win all the time, and there are people playing and joining all the time. What’s not to lose except for a little money?




10. Sports Betting-

Sports Betting is rated this low because of the low payout and the low audience turnout. It has limited payment options, the graphics are lacking, and the interface is disappointing. The upside is the variety of betting one can do on this site – hence why it is included in our list. They even have 150k poker tournaments on the site and anyone who wins here can expect substantial payouts. They have 24/7 support and the main language they speak is English. All in all this site is decent and if it had more traffic and more betting it may be rated higher in the future.


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