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The Premier League is the top of the English football league with 20 clubs competing and being promoted or relegated accordingly every year. The season starts in August and runs until May and is currently sponsored by Barclays Bank PLC and so is officially known as the Barclays Premier League. Teams play 38 games each football season with most games being played at week-ends and although it is an English football league some Welsh teams can also qualify to play. The football league was founded in 1888 and in 1992 the First Division became known as the Premier League after a sponsorship deal was formed with Sky TV; a deal that is currently worth 3 billion pounds sterling. It is one of the most watched football leagues in the world with games being broadcast in 212 different countries to audiences of over 4.7 billion. Since the formation of the Premier League the title has been won by Manchester United 13 times, Arsenal 3 times, Chelsea 3 times with Blackburn Rover and Manchester City once each. Football is England’s national pastime and now much information can be found on the Internet with sites offering news, statistics and historical data along with match viewing. Below are ten of the best sites for Premier League Football where you can find all of the above along with much more – enjoy.


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1. The Premier League –

This is the official site of the Premier League. Articles can be found giving news, reviews and information on the top stories in the world of the Premier League and details of future matches are highlighted. Videos and photos are on display and there are categories to select information from such as match days, players, creating chances and clubs and even a special section for kids. Broadcasting schedules are given along with the opportunity to buy tickets and a further section is dedicated to the fantasy Premier League.


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2. –

MSN sport has a section for Premier League football giving tables, fixtures and results. Articles containing match reports can be read and videos can be watched with the top videos advertised. The latest transfer news, gossip and rumours are discussed are there are further reports to be found in Matt Holland’s column along with a football predictor.


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3. BBC –

Good old ‘Auntie Beeb’ has a section dedicated to the Premier League with a list of all the teams along with live scores and competitions. Results and fixtures can be found with articles and videos containing information and gossip on all the latest events in the world of the Premier League. Matches are analysed and comments can be read in the special section from Phil McNulty plus all commentaries are available to hear for live coverage.


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4. Top League –

Top League is another good source of Premier League football delivering round the clock news about the game. There are videos containing highlights of all the big games to watch and a list of teams and fixtures is given. A special section called compilations shows the best goals, passes, misses, fouls and shots and you can keep up-to-date with news about other leagues throughout Europe.


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5. Paul Edwards –

Paul Edwards has a site dedicated to all things Premier League. The table is clearly displayed and the leading scorers and results are given. There are sections for fixtures and last season and ‘foot’s in my mouth’ tab gives humorous mistakes by football commentators. Data from previous seasons can be found and there is a section with useful links for gaining more League information.


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6. Sky Sports –

Sky Sports has a page for the Premier League with news, videos, articles, photos and stats. Fixtures and results are shown along with the table and the latest news and gossip on transfers can be read in the transfer centre. Live matches can be viewed with dates and times of all matches and shows and individual teams can be selected. Opinions can be found by experts and columnists with help and support available at all times.


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7. Eurosport –

Eurosport is another great site for the Premier League with the table and the top scorers clearly visible. All the teams are listed with fixtures and results along with many videos and photographs to view. You can watch live matches and catch up with the latest news and gossip. Other teams and leagues are also available to view, so you can keep abreast with what’s happening in the world of football globally.


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8. – is dedicated to Premiership football and has many articles and posts to read giving information. The table is visible along with match scores and the top players are highlighted. There is a blogging network on the site so you can comment and discuss your favourite teams and categories are listed such as opinions, stats and live where you can gain further knowledge and information. The explore section offers competitions, games, videos, photos and a stadium guide and there’s a TV guide too so you don’t miss any football action.


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9. Watchlivefootball –

Watch Live Football has a page dedicated to the Premier League with informative articles to read. You can watch the Premier League matches live with the useful link that’s provided and select your team from amongst the list to see the playing schedule. The site states you can watch all the games and all the teams with live-streaming and you can do just that since every European football league is listed.


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10. Football365 –

Football365 has all the latest transfer news and gossip for the Premier League. There are articles to read and clips to view including a humorous section called football lookalikes. You can compete in the polls and catch up on the gossip for all the top teams. There are videos, photos and statistics to view and there’s also a fun section for quizzes and competitions. A forum is available for football discussions and you can log-in to receive all the latest information.


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