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A press release is a piece of news, a press statement, a video release or a news release that is written or recorded and directed at members of the news media in order to report something news worthy. Typically, they are mailed, faxed or emailed to editors at newspapers, magazines, radio stations or television stations and networks. The invention of the Internet and websites for announcements has changed the submission of press releases since they make news distribution more affordable and available to smaller businesses. Press release websites hold the press releases in a database and can enhance a company’s news by making it more visible on the Internet. The aim is to attract media attention and provide publicity for the press release. Stories can announce a wide range of items such as events, personal promotions, awards, new product launches, sales, accomplishments and financial and personal data. They are often used for generating a feature story or are sent for the purpose of announcing news conferences, events or changes in corporations. Below is a list of the top ten sites for press releases. If you have a news item or a piece of information that you need publishing, then the sites will be very useful and make interesting reading.


press release 1


1. –

This site is an authoritative source of news and information for leading global media organisations. They distribute to over 200,000 media points and 8,000 websites offering ways to reach audiences on and offline. The company has won awards for their services to large corporations and releases can be amplified to achieve better responses. There is the facility to manage your campaigns and track the performance of your press releases and sections can be found to browse all new material and newswire services as well as view the knowledge centre.


press release 2


2. – can connect you with key audiences as well as raise your visibility in order to achieve better results. Research, targets, creations, optimisation, collaboration, measures and also distribution is given in order to get your news noticed and you can view immediate feedback from the marketplace which facilitates re-shaping your material. A full section for resources can be viewed on the site along with the newsroom and the solutions section.


press release 3


3. –

This company provides an affordable service for distributing your press releases and offers various categories to select and distribute your news such as arts, business, environment, fashion, government, technology, legal, medical, sports, religion and lifestyle to name a few. You can view all the latest releases in the press-wire and information can be found on how to gain mass-media exposure and develop a network of contacts. There are videos for you to watch and help is available if necessary.


press release 4


4. –

You can create a free account with to see your press releases on the web which will earn you interest over and over again. There are digital marketing guides to help you grow your business and you can write new announcements, launch a new product, promote or sponsor your company and your news will be distributed to every major news site and search engine on the web. You can track the progress of your press releases in the detailed analytics that are available and basic news releases start at just $99 per press release.

press release 5


5. – allows you to distribute your news everywhere and reach millions of people online, generating business forever. Press releases can reach journalists, attract new customers and gain visibility online via top search engines. You can create your company profile and your presence online will be enhanced through the unique business directory which covers all industries.  You have complete control over your online profile and you can edit your information at any time.


press release 6


6. –

PRlog is a free press release distribution service and press release submission service. Press releases are distributed to numerous news sites, search engines and Javascript and HTML RSS feeds and real-time alerts are received. Social media integration is incorporated and there is spam protection on your email when receiving information. Video press releases can also be submitted and the latest releases can be read on the site in order to get you started.


press release 7


7. – has a publishing platform that facilitates packaging your story and along with SEO leverage and social media networks can distribute your message around the globe. The platform features rollover releases and analytics reports with an option to pay as you go or with monthly premium plans. Your press releases are guaranteed to be sent to 50 online news and financial sites as well as the top search engines containing links and anchor text to increase the traffic to your website.


press release 8


8. –

This site is free to join and has a platform to get your news published with ease. Your announcements will be sent to the forefront of today’s news, whether it is a product launch, an event or an appointment. Pushing a button will activate your account and your press release will be published to over 40 news outlets online. A premium press release is $35, but monthly plans are available to suit all needs and a helpdesk is in place for assistance.


press release 9


9. –

This site was launched back in 2005 and has a range of media relations tools and services to suit most organisations’ budgets. Each press release is reviewed by a human editor before being released and every journalist that receives your news is chosen according to your company history, location, industry and other factors. The company offers press release distribution, multimedia distribution, media contact management and online news room hosting amongst their services making it easy for journalists and bloggers to connect with business leaders.


press release 10


10. –

Webwire distributes press releases for businesses, organisations and for personal use over the Internet to targeted media, wire services and readers. Press releases can be submitted for a cost of $24.95 and $99 if top search engines as well as Internet readers are also involved and costs for distribution to the media is slightly higher at $165.75. RSS feeds are distributed by industry with sections being transportation and travel, banking and finance, entertainment and retail to name a few and all the categories can be expanded.



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