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A printer is a piece of hardware for a computer that must be connected in order to function and can print documents, texts, letters and even photographs. Printers are programmed using a programming language with the printer interpreting the programme and producing the results. There are two main classes of languages which are page description languages and printer control languages. The first one describes what the page should look like and the latter interprets the information. Types of printer languages include ESC/P, postscript, PDF, PCL and GDI to name a few with printers being found to produce both black and white and colour printing. Today there are many types of printers available on the market and some of the most popular ones include ink-jet or bubble jet printers and laser printers and now there are multifunction printers that are proving popular in the business world and in offices since they are designed to deal with many functions and are known for their durability and high turnout of prints. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today to buy printers. Some of the sites have a wide selection of printers and others are manufacturers of a specific brand, but all the sites provide good information as well as the facility to purchase printers.



1. PC World –

The popular company PC World has an array of printers on offer with the top-rated brands highlighted. Printers can be browsed by price, technology or brand with printer charts and printer reviews given for most printers. You can read the latest printer news and also learn how to fix printing issues and a buyer’s guide is in place to help you. There is a section for Mac users and there are over 900 printers with photo printers, laser printers, 3D printers and multifunction printers included.



2. Computer Shopper –

Computer Shopper has printing reviews, prices and ratings to help you decide which printer is best for your needs whether you are looking for a multifunction all-in-one or a top laser printer. There are ink-jet printers available and buying guides for assisting you and you can read about printers that have been tested. The top models and brands are featured and there is a special section for business which suggests printers especially designed with offices in mind.



3. Printerland –

Printerland is one the UK’s leading online printer shops with the best models from the best brands on offer. There are laser printers and multifunction printers to browse and you can look for a printer by brand with prices that are guaranteed to be the lowest. The staff are fully

trained printer experts and are waiting to assist you and you can view the company’s many awards on the site. Ink and toner cartridges are also featured and orders can also be sent internationally.



4. – is one of the world’s leading companies in the printer industry and is ranked at number 400 on They currently are offering 35% off certain printers and all printers come with a 3-year guarantee. Printers can be chosen from black and white as well as colour and multifunction printers are featured. There is a section to help you find the right printer to suit your needs and a handy link is provided to drivers. You can browse by price, brand or product and toners and inks can also be found.



5. Lexmark –

Lexmark has a series of printers to suit all office needs with the most popular being the multifunction printer. You can browse and filter your search efforts by the amount of monthly print volume, the number of users and the device type as well as selecting colour or mono. Descriptions can be found for all printers and you can select an industry to find which printer is recommended. Inks and toners can also be purchased and there is a large section for support to assist you.




6. Hewlett Packard –

Hewlett Packard makes some of the worlds’ finest printers and the company are ranked highly on at number 307. You can browse colour printers, ink-jets, single function and multifunction printers and search by product type, range or price. There are sections with information about functions, features, speed, connectivity and volume and expert advice can be sought if required. You can view the most popular models and read reviews to help you make up your mind and inks, toners and paper can also be purchased.



7. Brother –

Brother has a wide range of printers to select including all-in-one printers, laser printers, portables and labels. You can enter a specific model number as well as register your product online and support is always in place to assist you. Glossaries and promotions are available to help you make up your mind and the site operates a free recycling service for your old printers to help the environment.



8. Canon –

Canon specialises in photo printers with an extensive range to enhance your colour photographs. There are photo printers for home use as well as professional photo printers and ink-jets and office printers are also available. Each printer contains a description of the qualities and the functions and inks and paper can also be found. You can compare the prices with other products as well as see new ones and details are given regarding warranties.



9. Argos –|category_root|Technology|33006169/c_2/2|33006169|

Argos has many printers in stock and the lowest all-in-one printer is just £29.99. You can browse the printers by brand name, type or price as well as see how they are rated from other customers. There are recommendations and buying guides and other printers include ink-jets, lasers and photo printers. Refined searches can be made and printers and prices can be compared and there is a section highlighting the best sellers.



10. Epson –

Epson specialise in printers that are fast, economical and ecological. There is a special section for ink-jets and inks, toners and ribbons are also available and there are additional sections for label printers, lasers and all-in-ones. You can view the entire range or search by keyword or product code and a support section is available for assistance. The company has offices and employees throughout Europe and can ensure that the best quality printers can be found whether for home use or for business purposes.


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