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Are you a novice pilot looking for a private plane?

Just as it is with buying an automobile there are two options when purchasing a private plane – new or used. Most of the websites below are for locating a used private plane but some of them are private plane manufacturers. These ten websites are a great starting point for someone considering purchasing a private plane because they provide information about what is out there and where to find it. The more you know about private planes overall the better your experience will be when buying one so take some time and do some research starting with these websites. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn.



Private Plane

1. Controller:  

Global Alexa Rating: 27,985


Controller is a useful site for those looking to purchase just about any type of private plane there is from jets to helicopters along with other aircraft related items. Users can browse listings by type of private plane, by manufacturer or click on detailed search and put in specific search perimeters including a number of advanced search fields. They can also search for aircraft for lease or for fractional ownership. It is also useful for locating salvage aircraft and parts. If someone doesn’t find exactly what they are looking for they can post a free want-to-buy request. Besides going through the listings on the website a user can also find aircraft dealers through a detailed search, a geographic search or pull them all up at once. Finding FBO’s is easy as well by searching by identifier, geographic location or thru a detailed search. The website is incredibly easy to navigate and you can even sign up for a weekly update to be sent to your email address.




2. Global Plane Search:

Global Alexa Rating: 89,835


This site was established in 2002 and has a very large inventory of listings of private planes for sale – over 27,000 listings and over 300,000 users each month searching and posting. The posts are direct posts to the website as well as links to other sale sites making it a very comprehensive place to look for a private plane. Users can do a simple search, search by manufacturer or put in a keyword search. An advantage of this site is the ability to look for some more unique aircraft such as hot air balloons, airships/blimps and ultralights. Searching is intuitive in that you select an aircraft type and then you immediately have options in that type category. Once you select one of these you get continent choices so you can select which area of the world you want listings in.  Once that is selected you’ll find the manufacturers and all the results shown. Photos, Year, Make/Model, Price/Offer, Location, Main Website and Days Listed are the fields shown.  Very easy to navigate this website.



3. ASO (Aircraft Shopper Online):

Global Alexa Rating: 110,388


The ASO website goes a bit further when it comes to buying and selling private planes in that they also have an area in which to learn more. The learn drop down has a research portal for both buyers and sellers as well as areas for financing, insurance, maintenance tracking and other industry links and services. For those looking to buy their first private plane it might prove helpful to check into the detailed operating cost reports, sale price trends, accident data, FAA register data, state tax guide and loan calculator. Registering on the site is free and easy and allows users to save search parameters so they can be run again in the future. Having an account unlocks a number of other valuable account features as well, watch the video which walks you through all the great features and shows how to put together a useful search. This website is like having an entire computer program at your fingertips to aid in aircraft shopping.



4. AvBuyer:

Global Alexa Rating: 115,466


This is another website that goes further than just having a listing of planes for sale. There are a number of tools available on the site including a comparative analysis tool and aircraft performance data. There is also a dealer search for finding brokers all over the world. Users can sign up for a weekly summary of business aircraft that is new to the market. The site also includes a section of aviation articles including industry news, reports, insider comments and aircraft reviews. They also have three blog writers providing additional content of interest. It is an easy to navigate website even though it is so full of information.




5. Gulfstreamõ:

Global Alexa Rating: 125,339


Often the first thing to come to mind when someone says private plane is the famous Gulfstream line of products. They currently produce the G150, G280, G450, G550 and G650. The website gives a nice overview of the choices including range at long-range cruise, long-range cruise speed, maximum speed and typical passenger count.  With so many price point options it is a popular business jet choice for many corporations. Gulfstream’s G650 is a popular choice for those wanting to get around as fast as possible because with a maximum speed of Mach .925 it is the fastest civil aircraft in the world. Their goal is to someday offer business jets with supersonic capabilities. The company does not just sell new Gulfstreams as they often have an inventory of preowned ones as well which are all listed on their website.




6. Omni Jet Trading:

Global Alexa Rating: 180,969


Omni Jet Trading is an aircraft broker with this website being their main page. There are links from here to 32 North American websites including a couple that are also on this top ten list as well as 18 international jet sale websites. While spending some time on various websites is great for getting an idea about what is on the market, often using a broker such as Omni Jet Trading will get you through the actual process of identifying the best deal and feeling confident that you have purchased a reliable plane. Using a broker can be helpful at finding aircraft that is about to hit the market but nobody has it listed just yet. As an Omni client a buyer has private access to their Intranet 24 hours a day which includes a summary of all available aircraft, sold prices on record, full specifications on available aircraft, pictures, maintenance summaries and cost information. The company began back in 1963 so they have 50 years of experience at bringing sellers and buyers together.





7. GlobalAir.Com:

Global Alexa Rating: 193,819


The GlobalAir website is set up a little bit differently from other aircraft listing websites.  Right on the homepage is an immediate list of aircraft for sale that has most recently been posted as well as a section of the most viewed aircraft listings which shows how many times it has been viewed. Searching for a plane is easy with various options such as classification, manufacturer and model – or do a quick list search by broker/dealer or location. Right at the top right of the homepage is a nice area to click on a particular classification whether it be amphibian, commercial, experimental, vintage, Warbirds or more. Besides searching for available aircraft the website also offers a blog section and an airport resource section. The airport section is useful for finding airports, locating the lowest current fuel prices, checking the weather conditions and trip planning with MaxTrax.




8. Pilatus:

Global Alexa Rating: 523,753


Pilatus is another well known aircraft builder. They have been crafted in Switzerland since 1939 but now has three independent subsidiaries – Altenrhein, Switzerland, Broomfield, Colorado US (1996), and Adelaide, Australia (2003). Their PC-24 is a super versatile jet unlike others on the market. It has the versatility of a turboprop with the cabin size of a medium-light jet and the performance of a light jet. Another of their products is the PC-12 NG which is one of the most popular turbine-powered business aircraft on the market. Those looking for a plane capable of a short take-off and landing (STOL) should take a look at their PC-6. All of their products are well described on their website.




9. AirplaneMart:

Global Alexa Rating: 554,877


A simply laid out classified-type website for buying and selling aircraft which is very easy to navigate. On the homepage are 5 sections. You can browse aircraft listings by category, browse aviation listings by category (parts, supplies, airport property and more), view a section of featured aircraft for sale, see a list of the most recently added aircraft listings and a list of the most recent aviation ads. The aviation ads can prove valuable to those who already have a plane and need parts or other services. The area that has the listings by category also lists the number of listings in that category in parenthesis after the category name.  The website also has a few other features including a resource tab that takes you to lots of aviation links, aircraft history links and more. Visitors can also sign up for their newsletter. There is also a section that educates both buyers and sellers on how to spot and avoid being a victim of a scam.



10. Jetcraft:

Global Alexa Rating: 904,813


Jetcraft brokers new and pre-owned aircraft sales and has been doing so for nearly 50 years. Their inventory is right on the homepage making it quick to see what is available. The listings can be sorted alphabetical A-Z, alphabetical Z-A or new to market.  Clicking on one of the listings takes you to an information page on that aircraft that is done very professionally with interior and exterior pictures and all the pertinent information about the aircraft written out in detail including warranty information.  Users can download an e-brochure which goes into even more detail. The only thing that might annoy some visitors is that prices are not given in the listings.

Whether someone is looking for a private use aircraft or one for business these ten websites can help one do their homework about what is available and the average prices for the various types. There are more aircraft manufacturers than one might think and thus it can get confusing until time is spent gaining a better understanding. There are a number of brokers out there that can be of great assistance as well. There has never been a better time to purchase a private plane so take advantage of the lower prices now.






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