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Programming and coding your thing?

Programming and coding is important to learn for producing a website on the Internet today.  Programming is considered an art form, a craft and an engineering discipline. The most popular programming/coding languages used today are PHP, Javascript, XML, Perl, C+, Ruby and Python, but there are many more in existence. Most basic websites require one of the above-mentioned languages which are an essential part of being a good and successful developer. The source code is written in one or more programming languages whose purpose is to give a sequence of instructions that automatically performs specific tasks or solves given problems. The process of programming requires expertise in different subjects such as knowledge of the application domain, specialised algorithms and formal logic. With new websites opening daily there has been a rise in people seeking advice for programming and coding and several forums has now been developed allowing members the option to discuss, debate and answer any questions in connection with these subjects. Below is a list of the best programming and coding forums on the Internet today. This list will be of great value for anyone wishing to know more about the subjects and wanting to join a forum for discussion since the most popular are all listed together.

programming 1

1. –

This site is a forum dedicated entirely to coding and computer programming. You must be a member to use the site and it is recommended reading the rules and guidelines before posting. There are forum tools for assistance and the latest posts, views and replies are highlighted. There is a facility for searching and a FAQ section is available for viewing.


programming 2


2. Allcoolforum –

Allcoolforum is dedicated to programming and coding and the latest posts include topics such as Javascript, C++, visual, XML, databases and Ajax to name a few. There is a board-index and a search facility and the latest posts and threads are advertised. The forum is an online free discussion board, but membership is required in order to participate.


programming 3


3. Hack Forums –

Hack Forums has details on programming, coding and languages. There are over one million posts and threads containing information and members can follow topics as well as ask for assistance. Some of the recent topics are .Net framework, C++, Javascript, Python, PHP development, Perl, Delphi, Lua coding and batch line interpreters. The forum has won awards for its contribution to programming and coding and you can view announcements, news and feedback as well as the rules and regulations.


programming 4


4. Hardwarepal –

Hardwarepal has a forum especially for programming and coding with many articles to read on hardware such as motherboards, monitors, memory and storage. Other sections on the site include mobile devices, games and software as well as many guides and the latest news. The site has a rewards system of points that are given to loyal members for posting and commenting and registering for an account is easy and free.


programming 5


5. Webcosmo –

This site has many discussions regarding programming, databases, HTML coding and CSS in the forum. The latest threads and posts are advertised and other languages in the current topics include Javascript, Ajax, PHP, ASP and ColdFusion. The community is stated as being laid-back, but help and resources for SEO, marketing, businesses, web design, hosting and a wide range of other topics is offered.


programming 6


6. Coding Core –

Coding core is dedicated to programming and coding with a webmaster forum, a coding forum and a programming forum. There are many topics currently being discussed in the forums and comments and threads can be viewed after logging-into the site. The latest threads, hottest threads and most viewed threads are advertised and you can search for other members, but reading the FAQ is advised beforehand.


programming 7


7. Programmersheaven –

Programmersheaven is a great site for finding information on programming. It contains free-source programming downloads, source code, utilities and other tools for developing solutions. There are many discussions to follow with blog posts, articles and threads in the forum as well as a section for resources which contains long lists of platforms, languages and applications. There is a section for advertising jobs and there are over 32,000 resources on the site in an easy-to-find format with messages and community tools for assistance. A special section is dedicated to PH and registering is required before posting.


programming 8


8. Webmastersun –

This site has a forum for web development, programming and coding where developers can share articles, questions, answers, tricks, source code and other topics relating to C++, ColdFusion, ASP, PHP, Perl and much more. There are also sub-forums with threads and comments on topics such as languages, design, cookies, HTML, Jacascript and Joomla. Information can also be found for beginners, intermediate designers and marketers and it is advised to check out the FAQ before joining this friendly community.


programming 9


9. –

This is a popular forum for programming and coding and is ranked at 730 in the world on Some of the current topics open for discussion are C++, Javascript, Python, basic theories and tutorials, game programming, resources and beginner’s programming and coding textbook. Recent posts are advertised and replies can be posted after registration. There is also a section for discussing games such as steam games and console games and the rules and a full FAQ can be found on the site.


programming 10


10. Codecall –

Codecall is a forum for discussing programming with the latest posts, threads and discussions advertised. The general forums include general programming, the lounge for relaxing, homework help, mobile development, games development and general computing. The language forums include C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, databases, PHP, Python, visual basic, ASP and ColdFusion amongst the topics of discussion. There are also forums for tutorials where you can learn the basics of different languages as well as other computing skills and recent updates to all the forums are highlighted. There is also a blog and a photographic gallery and registering with the site is advised in order to participate and comment.


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