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Project management involves planning, motivating, organising and controlling resources to achieve a specific goal. The main challenge of project management is to achieve all the goals and objectives within the set scope, time, quality and budget. The 1950s saw the beginning of the modern day project management era with core engineering fields coming together to work as one. The traditional approach can be defined as a sequence of steps to be completed starting with initiation, then planning and design, execution and construction, followed by monitoring and controlling systems to finally reach completion. Sometimes this can be referred to as the bricks and mortar design, whilst in some industries such as software development this is known as the waterfall model. Other types of project management are known as Prince2, Prism, critical chain, event chain methodology, processed-based, agile, lean, extreme and benefits realisation management. Today, there are Internet sites available offering software and services to help you with your project management. These sites give you a chance to store all your projects online safely in one place whether you have one project or several. These programmes allow you to manage your teams, track your project progression and share your project plans. If you feel that you need help with your project management or you are just curious to know further information then look no further because ten of the best sites on the Internet today are listed below.


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1. – is ranked at 966 in the world on and they have nearly 6,000 people signing to their site every week. You can be up and running in under a minute keeping track of all files, discussions and events in one place. The company offers a two-month free trial and pricing after that starts from just $20 per month. All projects can be stored safely together or separately and you can attach documents and even reply to emails without signing in. There is a simple to use drag and drop calendar to keep track of all appointments and many new features have just been added. There’s a long list of FAQ to assist you on the site as well as the option to go behind the scenes and explore real projects.


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2. – allows you to organise your work, share your project plans, manage your teams and track your daily progress online. The company offers a 30-day free trial with sign-up from as low as $25 per month afterwards. Features include a project dashboard, project planner, time tracking, expense tracking and project reporting to name a few.  Assistance can be found in the many tools that are available and much information and in-sight can be found by taking the tour. Full support is offered on the site and contact is welcome for any questions or queries.


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3. Project-Management –

If you are considering Project Management then maybe take a look at this site first. The site is dedicated to Project Management and you can read articles, reviews and facts about all the latest apps and software to help you decide which one is right for you. The top 15 apps are listed mentioning their features and you can search for an app or software individually. You can find further help and guides in the comments and you can also contribute by submitting an article.


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4. New-Project-Manager –

This site has some good advice for project management. Although the company is focusing on project management in Australia, the tips and hints provided are very applicable. There are articles with information on training and tips for newbies to project management as well as video demonstrations with information for building teams and common project mistakes. There are useful links provided leading to further information and the most popular articles are highlighted.


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5. AAPM –

The AAPM is the American Academy of Project Management and the first company of its kind to provide graduate certification. Resumes can be submitted with over 3 years experience within the industry and courses are available for those without relevant experience. Information can be found on training and requirements and there is a special section to test your skills by answering questions. Full details regarding the company are given on the site and signing up is required in order to gain membership benefits.


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6. PM-Alliance –

This company is celebrating 10 years in project management and have experienced and certified professionals to assist you and meet the individual need of your organisation. You can read about their methods and view the blog as well as podcasts and a list of online software and tools are offered for guidance. Amongst the service provided are consulting, training and development with full details about the company and the advantages being found on the site.


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7. Project Management Watch –

Project Management Watch contains articles, instructions and advice on phases, planning and the strategies to project management. Software, marketing tips, templates and eBooks are offered and further advice can be found in comments and postings on the blog. The idea is to develop an informative resource not only for beginners, but also for professionals. The blog is increasing in popularity daily and the opportunity to submit articles and write for the company is offered.


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8. –

4pm have been teaching and instructing in project management for over 20 years. You can learn to manage projects and build your management skills with step-by-step easy to understand training. You will have your own personal tutor with personal contact whilst you practise every step with the freedom to study at will. Categories with articles to read can be chosen from learning, performance, career advice, project based and many more with the most popular articles highlighted.


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9. –

Smartsheet is an application specifically designed for project management. You can plan and manage every detail of your event, conference and show. It is easy to share, update team events and inform colleagues at the same time. A template gallery is available to view on the site and Smartsheet can help you with marketing, sales, human resources, finances and legal, IT and company management. Prices start from $15.95 per month for the basic version, but there are many pricing plans available to suit all business needs.


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10. –

Deskaway is another great project management application which enables you to track, organise and manage your workload. It is available to try for 30 days free and afterwards prices start at $25 per month. There are so many features that it is a difficult task to list even a few, but all details are available on the site. The company is dedicated to security and all pricing plans include video tutorials, email support and personalised help.


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