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Psychology is a discipline that studies the way the mind works and how it functions. It has the capacity to understand both individuals and groups by establishing principles and researching cases with the aim to benefit society. The psychologist is classed as a social, behavioural or cognitive scientist and attempts to understand the mind and role of the mental functions of an individual as well as the social behaviour whilst exploring the neurobiological and psychological processes. The field takes into account perception, cognition, emotion, phenomenology, attention, motivation, functions of the brain, personality, behaviour and interpersonal relationships. Whilst psychological knowledge is often applied to the assessment and treatment of mental health, it is also concerned with treating and solving different problems in human activities. Many psychologists are involved in therapeutic roles and practice in clinical, counselling or school settings. Many of them do research on a wide range of topics to assist them with their assessments and some are employed in such areas as development and ageing, sports, health, media, forensic investigation and the law. The human mind has long since been a subject of fascination for many people and below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet to find further information.


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1. Changing Minds –

This site is dedicated to changing the way people think and feel as well as what they believe and contains more than 600 pages of ideas and information. Disciplines, techniques, principles and theories are explored with a search facility for each category as well as a section for explanations. There are articles, quotes, books, analysis and links for guidance and further details can be found in the threads in the blog. Conditioning of the brain is the current hot topic and help and advice is also available for addiction.


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2. –

This site is here to assist with personal problems offering a personality test and a chance to ask the therapist a question. There are more than 200 support groups to join with a blog and a community for contacting like-minded people and discussing issues such alcoholism, anxiety, bipolar, depression, eating disorders, sleep problems, sexual problems and schizophrenia to name a few with the hot topics and featured topics advertised. The news headlines are featured and you can subscribe to receive updates in the newsletter as well as read information for relationships and psychotherapy.


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3. – has a blog containing posts and threads regarding mental health and psychology. Topics can be selected from categories such as learning, remembering, theory, hearing and ‘inside the brain’ with all recent posts and comments highlighted. There are interesting articles to read as well as excerpts from books with suggested reading and useful links are provided leading to further information.


pyschology 4


4. Spring –

This is a popular site with over 71,000 readers and provides a quick intro and a guide for use in order to help you. The site is about scientific research and how the mind works and subscription provides you with a free email every time a new topic is posted in the blog. The articles are arranged by themes and popular ones include psychological themes, social psychological studies and irrational decisions to name a few. There is a section dedicated to habits which reveals how you can ‘make or break’ them and tips can be found for thinking fast and improving your memory.


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5. APA –

This is the site for the American Psychological Association and there are many categories to select for information such as addictions, anger, anxiety, bipolar, bullying, depression, emotional issues, racism and sexual abuse as well as stress and violence. There is a section for news and events with quick links, psychological databases and publications. The psychological help centre can assist you to find a psychologist in your area and is concerned with work, school, family, mental well-being, health and relationships and terrorism and disasters.


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6. – has articles, research and resources in psychology. Links are provided to psychology licensing laws and there are many topics to select such as Alzheimer’s, cancer, well-being, compassion, heart disease, nursing home, forgiveness, meditation, abuse, sexual issues, stalking, threats, suicide and therapy to name a few. A section is dedicated to counselling and there is a site map for assistance with navigation. Further information for ethics, malpractice, critical thinking and forensics is given and links to other psychology sites can also be found.


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7. Psychology Degree –

This site is dedicated to the study of psychology and there are many study tips and different perspectives to view. You can take a personality quiz to see if you are suited to psychology and details can be found for educational requirements. Information is provided for various types of psychologists such as counselling, forensic, clinical, development, cognitive, health, school and sports as well as a section for job opportunities and salary expectations. Further details can be found in resources and any form of contact is welcome.


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8. Psychology –

This site contains an encyclopaedia for psychology with over 1,700 links leading to information. Categories include career, environment, behaviour and relationships, organisations, paradigms and theories, people and history and underlying behaviour with further sections for resources, publications and documents. The site translates into several languages and popular and new entries are highlighted.


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9. –

This site offers an easy way to contact a therapist who can give you personal and online advice and assistance. There are articles by therapists to read and an online directory is in place to browse and look for a therapist to suit your needs. Advice can be sought for abuse, anger, anxiety, depression, addiction, divorce, phobias, grief and sexuality and you can also take a free assessment test. Further information can be found in the self-help library and opening an account is necessary before you can consult a therapist.


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10. All Schools Psychology –

This site can help you find the right psychology programme if you are thinking about studying the subject. A list of programmes can be browsed including counselling and social services and you can select the school of your choice. There are articles to read to assist you and careers include clinical psychology, forensic psychology, marriage therapy, mental health and school psychology to name a few.



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