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A song can be a very powerful instrument. Certain tunes and lyrics can take us back in time to a part of our past where memories can come flooding back to us of what we were doing, who we were with and where we were. Lyrics, tunes and melodies can uplift our moods and inspire us and listening to relaxing music can even allow us the pleasure of having a peaceful night’s sleep. Relaxation music can be described as sounds such as waves breaking on the beach, birds chirping, rippling water over stones, rain falling, wind chimes and dolphin’s communicating. Sounds can be formed gently and rhythmically with instruments tinkling inspiring meditation and allowing your mind to gently switch off and your body to relax and rest with sleep eventually forming in time to the gentle rhythms as your breathing starts to slow.  Listen to relaxing music is a form of meditation and a very powerful and positive way of switching off from the everyday stress of the modern world, which is vital for our well-being. Below is a list of the best sites on the Internet today for listening to relaxing music. Some of the sites have advice and tips for falling asleep whilst listening and others give free music demonstrations for you to enjoy. So allow yourself to become comfortable and prepare to be transported to a world of peace and tranquillity.

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1. –

This site is dedicated to well-being and health and has articles to read, photographs to view and groups, blogs and forums for you to participate and join in. A special section is dedicated to training and there are the top ten chill-out albums and the top ten uplifting albums to help you relax and feel well. A list of the top ten tracks to help you sleep at night can be found with tips such as drinking hot milk and counting sheep to assist you. Sections are given for exercise and fitness as well as healthy food and diet and recipe ideas are also shown.


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2. –

YouTube has many music videos and tracks for helping to sleep and insomnia. There is calming music to chill out, deep waves for relaxing and soothing music to help you fall asleep fast. Music can be downloaded or you can plug in your headphones and listen on the site and some of the tranquil tracks are over an hour long which gives you the opportunity of falling asleep before the end of the music.


sleep 3


3. –

Make Use Of has sounds to help you sleep and relax with sound effects and background music. A list of links leading to sites can be found for relaxation music and noises from nature such as ocean waves, crackling fires and falling rain and some of the sites have continual soothing instrumental melodies. Some of the sounds fade in and out to help you find your sleep rhythm and pattern and all of the sites have podcasts and download facilities.


sleep 4


4. –

This site is dedicated to helping you get to sleep with relaxing music and sleeping aids. You can view, save and share the music mixes with a timer that can be set for automatic switch-off.  The sounds provide a relaxing atmosphere for yoga or meditation and assist in eliminating stress.  Hints, tips and advice can be found in the sleeping aids for helping get a good night’s sleep and after logging-in all the music is available to download.

sleep 5


5. Musical Relaxation –

This site was created in 1996 and has been providing relaxing music for a stress free environment ever since. Some of the mp3s are available for free and selections can be chosen from health relaxation, pure relaxation, sounds of nature and brain waves relaxation. Information can be found for producing therapeutic music in order to relieve stress and many music titles are currently in the sale, but hurry while stocks last.


sleep 6


6. –

This site has a good selection of relaxation music for your listening pleasure with free meditation music to download as well as yoga, meditation, healing, chakras and music to help you sleep. You can read the reviews for the music before deciding to purchase and there is a book about music therapy as well as links provided for further information. You can read about the latest news in meditation music and there are videos and photographs to view.


sleep 7


7. –

Free meditation has meditation play-lists and videos for you to enjoy with lessons on how to meditate and articles to read for improving your health with meditation and music. There is a blog for commenting and sharing music and links leading to related music pages. Information can be chosen from categories such as the basics of meditation and the benefits of meditation with a special section dedicated to Sahaja yoga and there are free demonstration classes that you can attend online.


sleep 8


8. Origen Music –

Origen music has a section for relaxation music with the top relaxation albums highlighted along with free soothing music to download for free. There are sections for massage therapy and deep relaxation for meditation and information can be found about how to use music for relieving stress and tension. Choral music, elevator music and instrumental music can also be selected and there is a section for downloaded sheet-music for free.


sleep 9


9. –

Nap Sounds has classic, electronic and nature music to assist you with a ‘power nap.’ Information regarding the benefits of ‘power naps’ can be found and there is a section dedicated to managing stress with music. Video training can be viewed for yoga, relaxation and massage with suggested headphones for blocking out sounds and assisting with a good restful sleep.


sleep 10


10. –

This site has downloads for peace, inner calm and personal growth with singing birds, hypnosis relaxation and morning meditation music to bring stress relief. A section is dedicated to the beautiful calm eBook, which you can download for free as well as a guide to relaxation and meditation. You can subscribe to the site to receive the latest articles and updates so you can keep abreast of the best soothing music on the market.



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