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Where would we be if we didn’t keep our brains active? Not very far, that’s where! Sometimes when you’ve done all your work, done the chores, read a book and fed the cat, you run out of things to do – or things that you want to do! – and need something to keep you active. That’s where the top ten riddle sites list comes in! Hidden within these sites you will find hundreds, if not thousands, of challenging yet entertaining riddles to keep you amused and busy for hours! These sites aren’t only a way to cure boredom, they’re a fantastic way of keeping your brain active and healthy, expanding your knowledge and your logic, as well as problem solving skills – all skills that can be easily applied in life! Whether you’ve never been near a riddle before or consider yourself a logical genius, there’s bound to be something here that will boggle your mind and have you really put your skills to the test!


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1. Am I Rite? – http://www.amirite.com

AmIRite has quickly become one of best known websites when it comes to riddles, opinions, and generally getting the brain working, making you think about different topics or scenarios that will have you questioning your own beliefs and ideas in a way that will stimulate your mind for hours. Share your answers, thoughts and opinions with other people and let them agree or disagree with you. It’s so easy to spend hours on AmIRite, yet it’s so productive!




2. Pzzls – http://www.pzzls.com

From logic to numbers and everything in between, Pzzls has all the riddles you could ever wish to do, and then some! Choose from easy to mind-boggling puzzles and riddles guaranteed to have you contemplating the answer. This site also has the infamous Einstein’s Riddle – Do you think you could be in the top 2% of people in the world who can solve it? Give it a shot at Pzzls!




3. Riddle Now – http://riddlenow.com

Riddlenow is a one stop shop when it comes to keeping your brain active and working. With everything from riddles to murder mysteries, you’ll never be short of things to solve. The site has a huge following, and is regarded as one of the top riddle sites in the world!




4. Mindcipher – http://www.mindcipher.com

With a thriving community and enough riddles to drive you potty, mindcipher lets the users choose riddles based on a difficulty rating between 1 and 10, going from ‘Easy’ to ‘Do-able’ and right up to ‘Hard’. Users can also comment on riddles, and ‘Like’ them in a Facebook-style fashion. You can search based on tags, so this site is especially good if you’re looking for a certain riddle but can’t remember exactly how it goes.




5. Brainbashers – http://www.brainbashers.com

Brainbashers is set into different categories, allowing you to find puzzles and riddles to help your mental agility, deal with stress, better your memory, increase your speed, and many other useful abilities. They have daily puzzles, as well as lists of the top ten ever riddles and puzzles. With over 1500, you’ll never be bored again!




6. Wu:Riddles – http://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~wwu/riddles/intro.shtml

Wu:Riddles is where riddles start getting serious. If you’re a serious riddler looking for an expert challenge, this is the site for you. What it lacks in visual appeal, it makes up for in terms of the amount of entertainment you will get from it. The site was launching in 2002 as a personal project of a serious riddler, and has since become a go-to website for people looking for riddles all over the world. The answers are on the site as well, but you have to look very hard for them!




7. Pedagonet – http://www.pedagonet.com/brain/brainers.html

Pedagonet has a number of pages dedicated to riddles, specifically designed for the brainiac amongst us. Riddles are labelled by their names, so it’s easy to save riddles if you want to challenge family or friends with them. There are also maths and logic riddles and puzzles to keep the brain ticking over for a while!




8. Braingle – http://www.braingle.com

With over 20,000 different riddles and puzzles, the amount of amusement and fun you can get from Braingle is endless. You’ll never be bored again! Complete with a huge community you can socialize with, you’ll be figuring out riddles amongst some of the pros on the internet. You can create an account and make friends with the community, as well as keep track of what you’ve done on the site. The community are able to contribute riddles to the site as well, meaning it’s constantly growing.




9. Brain Den – http://brainden.com

Brainden is a mixture of a site full of riddles, and a forum full as well. Posters are able to post their own on the forum and allow people to solve them, working it out together within the community, so not only do you get to solve riddles, you work it out as a team, building friendships with other like-minded riddlers across the net.




10. Riddles And Jokes – http://riddlesandjokes.com

A very simplistic site full to the brim with riddles. Upon going to the site, you can choose whether to go to the riddles of jokes section. When you go to this section, you’re faced with a list the length of your arm of all the riddles you can do, including visual riddles, which are becoming increasingly popular amongst the logical thinkers. You can also search by keyword or difficulty, so if you’re looking for a big challenge, you can search by the hard difficulty to save wading through all the easy or medium riddles.


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