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For readers that are new to this topic, a RuneScape Private Server is a server that is not owned by Jagex, but by somebody else; and that can be totally customized by the owner. To better clarify what a private server is, think of RuneScape “Worlds” because a private server is like a separate “World” except that you cannot enter with your normal RuneScape account. They are entirely different from the official game. The best way to decide which of the following top ten RSPS (RuneScape Private Servers) are best is to try them all! They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating but it will be up to your own gaming desires as to which works best for you.


runeScape server 1

1. Soulsplit:

Global Alexa Rating: 146,101

Soulsplit endeavors to appeal to a variety of player types so they have different game modes so players can choose how they would like to play. They are a market leader with as many as 3,000 players during peak times. They are hosted in the Netherlands and have 5 game worlds so you are assured they are always online. They are very popular because they have great events and a lot of content. Their support is also top notch.


runeScape server 2


2. Grinderscape:  

Global Alexa Rating: 206,230

This is one of the largest RSPS communities in existence. There are three different worlds. World 1 is the main world and has the most players online. It has very active trading and is well balanced. World 2 is Yanille and you begin with a 25M starter package. Drop rates are faster and the money making way is pretty fast. World 3 is a super active world made especially for PKing. This world is also called Grinder Spawn. This server also has 8 fully working minigames and offers daily events. All support tickets are answered within 3 to 6 hours – guaranteed.


runeScape server 3


3. CreativeScape: 

Global Alexa Rating: 530,292

CreativeScape takes its name seriously adding creativity at every turn. They offer a great economy in which you can earn money by doing very single skill and every skill is trainable with 21 to choose from. There are more than 20 custom Treasure Trail tasks. The community is friendly with amazing moderators. Desktop clients are also available for those that don’t want to play from browsers.


runeScape server 4


4. UltimateScape 2:

Global Alexa Rating: 788,752

New management and 200+ new updates make this one worth another look if the first UltimateScape was not to your liking. With high performance servers they boast 100% uptime and multiple worlds. The perfect place for training as they offer 20+ skills. The economy is flawless with no dupes. Check out the tons of mini games and content so unique you won’t have seen it anywhere else. Don’t forget bonus XP weekends! You’ll love this unique, internationally popular server.


runeScape server 5


5. Chaos-Realm:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,138,542

Chaos-Realm is hosted in the United States and guarantees an unforgettable experience filled with many journeys such as destroying gigantic bosses, triumphing over foes and establishing wealth like never before. They offer both premium and respected premium islands, wilderness targets with rewards, fully working spirit shield, unique bloodlust system, fight caves, a strong and stable economy and perfected duel arena. Frequent updates continue to make gameplay even better.

runeScape server 6


6. Exoria:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,299,012

A relative newcomer, Exoria began in July 2012 and is gaining momentum. A few initial hiccups have put their uptime at 90% but their unique and innovative approach and advanced combat system is sure to please. They also have a Facebook page for keeping up with what is going on and chatting with other players. This just might be one to keep an eye on as it gets better and better.


runeScape server 7


7. Vasora:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,569,428

Vasora’s motto is “Perfection Personified” and they pride themselves on just that – perfection. They have an amazing community. It is hosted in the United States and has 100% uptime. They have 4 levels of donator with each level unlocking more access to custom locations and features. This server is loaded with features including 100% working leeches, Yell system with custom tags, tons of different training areas, the ability to reset combat skills, enjoyable and beneficial quests and a forum chatbox for quick assistance. They are constantly updating, sometimes even twice a day!


runeScape server 8


8. Roat Pkz Master Spawn:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,807,318

Roat Pkz Master Spawn is a fun place – you can pretty much login and PK right away! This server is full of content and is perfect for both the experienced PKer or the newbie on the block. It is hosted in Iceland and has been up and running since August of 2011. Check out the Master Zone which is a special place with only players with 1,000 kills can enter. They are very dependable with outside sources rating them as 100% uptime.


runeScape server 9


9. Project Dream 748:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,891,275

Now run on a powerful dedicated server in the UK this server offers over 20 mini-games and an amazing skilling economy. It currently has just over 800 members on its forum but is actively advertising to build its player base. There are lots of bosses, a great economy and a stable server with no lag. The helpful community makes this a fun server that is growing quickly in popularity.


runeScape server 10







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