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There are tons of different challenges when it comes to running a business and regardless of whether your business is small, medium-sized or a large enterprise, the one thing that it simply cannot do without is good, solid leads for new business. The problem with many businesses is that they may be great at the product or service they are in business to do but have little to no idea how to bring the customers to the door. The following ten sites are places to turn to for some help in sales lead generation. Getting the right number and right kind of lead can do wonders for revenue generation and whether you need to do so just to get your initial client base built up or to keep the line forming at the door continuously, one or more of these companies should be able to help. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


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1. Webimax:

Global Alexa Rating: 53,052

Webimax focuses on providing strategies for lead generation because they recognize that no two businesses are alike and thus requires a marketing system that targets the ideal customer for that company. A quality lead is one that is a ready-to-purchase sales opportunity and that has been provided with a strengthened desire to make the purchase. They also go just generating the lead as it is the actual capturing of the lead that is so vital. Follow-through is the critical part of turning leads into sales, so they are ready to work with your sales force to assure quick turnarounds and speedy responses. They have exceptional talent particularly in lead generation on the web, but they do not stop there. They also use television and radio advertising, as well as direct mailing and whitepaper creation. They match the services to your company to use the methods most likely to succeed at producing quality leads. You will find some helpful ways to get started with them including a free website analysis and free custom digital strategy.


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2. Callbox:

Global Alexa Rating: 156,985

Callbox rates high on every reviewer’s list because of their approach to B2B lead generation – multi-touch, multi-channel marketing.  They locate your target contacts via telephone, email, social networks and online venues. On top of that, they deliver your leads and appointments through the smart use of marketing technology, proven prospecting techniques and personal attention and dedication given by their team of sales and marketing experts. They have a solid campaign that they use for their client, which although customized in content, always follows a set rule of organization. It begins with a kick-off meeting with your team, followed by a LinkedIn profile creation and database preparation along with the setup of the Callbox Pipeline. They then move on to call scripts and email copy development, as well as designing any marketing materials that will be used. Once these are all approved, they jump into compiling those leads and reporting them to you regularly. Each month end there is a full reporting prepared. There are also Daily and Weekly Performance Reports. The great thing about Callbox is their Callbox Pipeline which is a cloud-based lead management tool. There are some screen shots on the website. This is a very professional and highly organized lead generation company.


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3. Strategic Sales & Marketing, Inc.:

Global Alexa Rating: 242,360

Just as a hint of what to expect with this company, consider they were founded in 1989 and have generated over 7 million sales leads to date. They specialize in B2B sales for companies with complex products of typically “non commodity” items. The website includes a demo dashboard, section on how leads are qualified, section on what makes them different, appointment setting programs and FAQs. They also have some helpful downloads including ‘How We Compare to Other Vendors,’ ‘The Truth about Pay Per Lead,’ ‘5 Signs Your Sales Lead Pipeline Needs a Makeover,’ ‘Choosing a Lead Generation Company’ and ‘ 5 Reasons Why Lead Generation Programs Fail.’ There is some very valuable information given in each of these.  Strategic Sales & Marketing (SSM) is more than just a lead generation company as they also provide marketing consulting services. They have 23 years of B2B lead generation and marketing management experience.
Their calling center is USA-based so your customers will hear from native English speakers who will have been made completely familiar with the terminology of your industry. Still feel unsure? They offer a test drive program for an easy no hassle way to sample their effectiveness.


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4. Overdrive Interactive:

Global Alexa Rating: 244,786

Overdrive Interactive offers a number of marketing services including social media marketing, SEO, paid search management, online media planning & buying, email marketing, creative services, web development, brand embrace, blog development and, of course, lead generation. Their lead generation service is the core element of their online marketing campaigns. It doesn’t appear that they get into other forms of lead generation beyond online avenues, but this can be a very rewarding and worthwhile source for many businesses. The Knowledge Center on their site has some useful tools including an infographic called Social Media Map and an executive summary on tracking social ROI with SocialEye. The case studies are a useful part of the website also. You can see the lead generation campaign designed for GE Healthcare’s Centricity Advance product line and the brand awareness campaign for Cold-Eeze, along with 7 other cases. They have a list of their clients on the website and it is pretty impressive.


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5. Neutron Interactive:

Global Alexa Rating: 542,713

If Neutron Interactive’s talents as a lead generation service are even half as good as their expertise at promoting themselves with their website, you are in for a treat. It is unique and innovative and fully explains who they are, what they do and what they’re up to. They were founded in 2005 by close friends Shaun Ritchie and Dan Caffee and has grown to be a successful and award winning Inc. 500 company. They are best known for providing technology solutions that are far beyond the competition. They provide in-house marketing, design, call center management and everything in between. They have a staff of 70 talented and experienced individuals. They are a great company to work for besides, having been recognized as such in Utah in 2010 and 2012 thus ensuring they will always attract the very best the industry has to offer. That equates to a job well done for your business.


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6. Virtel Marketing:

Global Alexa Rating: 734,266

Virtel Marketing is tops in getting you noticed on social media thus producing real, qualified leads. Most companies do not post pricing on their sites, but this one is different in that regard. They list the various packages that you can choose from, fully explain what is included in them, and list the monthly cost for each one. For example, Content Creation which includes a set number of posts per month on the 5 different social media sites is$700 per month.  If you want just Facebook and Twitter, it is just $300 per month. They offer other services such as blog writing, social media content optimization, social media ad optimization, social media keyword engagement, public relations and infographic campaigns. Obviously this company is taking a different approach when it comes to lead generation because they are not putting a set number of names and phone numbers into your sales staff’s hands, but they do create revenue by increasing traffic to your website and your door. This might be a great addition to some of the other non-social media lead generation services working alongside them.


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7. The Media Crew:

Global Alexa Rating: 865,866

The Media Crew casts a wide net when working as your marketing consultant. They use tools such as email marketing, lead generation, co-registration, affiliate marketing, SEO, logo design and other design, direct mail, telemarketing lists, B2C data and call center solutions in order to reach the largest portion of your target audience. This enables your company to benefit by reaching a customer regardless of the best method to get their attention which is more effective than doing just one type. The website has a number of demos so you can check out their various platforms including their lead generation platform, email marketing platform and more. Their innovative proprietary software solutions are a big part of why they are a good choice. They were founded in 1999 and have evolved into a leading full service online advertising agency with several results driven marketing services. They also give back through their non-profit arm, a 501© Florida based nonprofit focused on raising money for schools and other nonprofits for purchasing new IT equipment and training as well as raise awareness on cyber bullying. Talented and responsible – a good package you can feel good about.


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8. Teleark:

Global Alexa Rating: 889,513

Teleark uses a Client Portal so you have 24×7 access to real-time information about your campaigns, leads and call recordings. This manor of full transparency is what sets them apart from some other companies. They are also integrated with CRM systems, including which many companies use in their sales processes. Their lead generation services include prospect qualification, appointment setting, meeting confirmation, event invitations, tradeshow follow-up, customer & market surveys and contact database cleanup. When they set up a campaign for your business they assign B2B sales experienced US-based agents exclusively to your account. This assures you that those people helping you are going to be the most knowledgeable with your business at all times. Besides lead generation services, they also do sales outsourcing. Their website includes their processes, technology, team and blog so you can fully acquaint yourself with the company even before requesting a quote.


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9. Idea2Result:

Global Alexa Rating: 919,110

Idea2Result is a Chicago-based, B2B appointment setting staffing company with a B2B database of 18 million US and 1.4 million Canadian businesses. They have two simple pricing plans to choose from. You can either pay a set fee of $21 per hour which includes a 1 hour SEO consultation, or go with an hourly plus bonus in which you pay $15 per hour plus $20 for each qualified appointment. Prepayment is set up at a weekly 40 hour figure. The renewals are priced differently depending on the time period purchased. You begin by choosing your appointment setter using their appointment setter selector. They are all listed on the website and you can review them there. Each has an audio recording outlining their experience. This is a nice option for small to medium-sized business as it is fairly inexpensive with no long-term commitment. Not a fancy process but could work well in conjunction with other lead generation methods.


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10. LeadJen:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,235,028

LeadJen uses a scientific approach to help you understand your market and drive revenue. They have a wide variety of services so they can put together a package that works best for your company. They offer custom lead generation campaigns, prospect list management, prospect training, digital lead nurturing/scoring, scientific campaign analysis and trade show & event recruitment. If any of those sound foreign to you, they are all described very well on their website. They explain not only what they do but how they can best help your company. One part of their website that is beneficial is the Case Studies section in which they discuss how they helped some past businesses improve their revenues. Each study discusses the challenge they faced, the solution they came up with and the results. For example, in just 16 months they generated projects and a sales pipeline valued at $2 million for MidStream Analytics. That should give you a pretty good idea just how effective LeadJen is. The blog and some other features of the website are worth checking out.

Prospering in this economy is not an easy thing to do but with a leg up on the competition thanks to the efforts of professional lead generation companies should get you over the hurdles and increase your revenues despite the economy. And if you can prosper now, you can prosper anytime. Don’t settle for an underperforming sales staff – give them some amazing leads to work!



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