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With the current world crisis in full swing each and every one of us is trying to save money the best way that we can, but it is a task that is easier said than done. The question is always the same “how much money can be saved and how can it be achieved?”  Calculations need to be made on expenditure every month and it is important to free yourself up from debt first since the quicker debt is paid off the less money will be spent on interest. Savings plans need to be set and ways of investing money need to be considered in order to achieve desired goals. Savings can be achieved in mortgages, interest paid in loans and personal banking as well as personal expenses, household bills, travel and food. Nowadays there are many sites on the Internet offering savings in various forms to combat rising prices and inflation. Below is a list of sites to help you with saving money. The sites give expert information for saving money on taxes, mortgages, banking, household expenditures, utilities and shopping as well as food and some even offer freebies and coupons to be used to assist you in cutting expenses. If you are looking to find advice on saving money then look no further since ten of the best sites are right here.

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1. Moneywise –

Moneywise is a popular U.K. site for saving money with a section dedicated to savings, loans, cash ISAs, mortgages, pensions, banking and credit cards. There are articles on insurance, investments and wages and a special section considers ways to avoid scams and rip-offs. You can subscribe to the newsletter and read facts and tips in the magazine as well as view the editor’s picks and vote in the polls. A further section assists you to compare prices and cut your costs and there are videos and guides for further assistance in the TV section.


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2. –

This is a very popular and high ranking site no doubt on account of the volume of information that it provides. There are many clubs to join and suggested ways to save money in sections such as insurance, cards and loans, utilities and phones, banking and savings, mortgages, travelling and motoring as well as income and families. The latest news and blog posts are highlighted and you can sign up for a free money saving email. There is a section for students and a forum for commenting and a special section is dedicated to reclaiming £1,000’s in council tax, PPI, flight delays, parking tickets and energy to name a few.


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3. – is a very popular money saving site from the U.S. and states the latest deals in coupons, money back, sales and deals. Product deals and stores with sales are listed and the top categories for coupons can be found. There is a section for cash back shops as well as extra cash back on holidays and travel and more hot deals are advertised in the forum. You can subscribe to the site to receive a daily email for the best coupons and help is available if needed.


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4. Slickdeals –

Slickdeals is a very popular site ranked at 895 in the world on There are many popular deals for coupons and featured stores with special offers and trending deals highlighted. There are articles and news items with tips for saving along with tools and a help section for assistance. Deals can be chosen from categories such as computers, HDTV, Apple, games, photos, kids, apparel, shoes, home, auto, travel, money and groceries as well as a section for freebies and once you sign up to the site you will receive notifications of any new deals available.


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5. –

This is another popular site from the U.S. with over 500 thousand coupons and fifty thousand stores with special offers. The top coupons are highlighted and coupons can be browsed by categories with special sections for groceries and ‘back to school.’ There is a section for printable coupons and a further section for companies offering free shipping with a community for discussing the latest offers in the blog. Upon joining the site you will receive deal alerts and many codes are given for downloading and using coupons.


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6. – promises to bring all kinds of different deals with a special offer called ‘a deal a day’ along with many more reductions. The company is community sourced and there is full support and a blog for commenting and discussing. Special offers and deals can be found in categories such as technology, home, sports, kids, garden and tools and wine. The latest posts in the blog are highlighted and once registered you can vote in the community polls.


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7. – gives information on personal finance and frugal living. There are illustrated articles and tips to read as well as blog posts with further hints and advice. There is a section for job hunting and earning extra income and useful information can be found for families and consumer affairs. A special section is dedicated to low interest credit cards and cash back and there are coupons to download and print with daily deals and giveaways.


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8. – concentrates on re-cycling and re-using secondhand goods and shows you how to restore them as good as new. There is a wide range of categories to select for making things yourself including planting your own food and using homegrown fertiliser. The theme of the site is ‘green’ and many ways are explained and given for saving on energy and devices within the home. There is an online store for buying goods which can be shipped worldwide with a blog and guides for assistance.


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9. Miss-Thrifty –

Miss-thrifty has many tips for living frugally. There are posts which tackle personal finance, food, beauty, weddings, fashion, holidays and cash problems with many other categories to select for advice on expenditure. Topics can be followed in the blog with many articles to read and subscription to the site for further advice is free.


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10. Youcouldsave –

This site has easy money saving tips for business, leisure and daily life. There are illustrated articles to read on such topics as environment, family, food, finance, health, shopping, technology and travel with the most popular posts highlighted. Further tips and advice can be found in the blog and a site map is given for guidance.


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