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Getting the diagnosis of schizophrenia for yourself or a loved one is frightening. There are simply so many unknowns about this disease and plenty of misconceptions about it. The first thing to do is learn about the myths and misconceptions. An article found on the website will help with that: Once you’ve put that information to work, you can proceed to find out more and gain support from the following ten websites. The sites are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


Schizophrenia 1


1. Mayo Clinic:

Global Alexa Rating: 1,140

The Mayo Clinic is a good source for learning more about any health condition and its section on schizophrenia is no exception. This site provides a definition, symptoms, causes, risk factors, complications, tests and diagnosis, treatments and drugs, coping and support, and prevention information. The site covers the basics as well as in-depth information and expert answers. There is also a resources section. One of the favored things about the Mayo Clinic site is that it always uses language that anyone can understand.


Schizophrenia 2


2. PsychCentral:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,915

This website also has an informative section on the bewildering disease known as schizophrenia. The site offers a well-written series including the following sections: an introduction, a discussion of various symptoms and types of schizophrenia, the suspected causes, an introduction to the treatments available, a discussion about living with this disease and a section full of helpful hints for family members and others. If you enter your zip code, they will connect you with a therapist. There is also a test to help determine if you have schizophrenia.


Schizophrenia 3


3. Johns Hopkins Medicine:

Global Alexa Rating: 24,201

Johns Hopkins has a Schizophrenia Center that strives to provide the finest possible clinical care for those with schizophrenia and provide support to their family. They offer short-term inpatient care, partial hospitalization, outpatient consultations and second opinions. They also conduct extensive research. The website provides a clinical care overview including frequently asked questions and their five-step approach.


Schizophrenia 4



Global Alexa Rating: 147,762

This organization began in 1995. It is an internet community dedicated to providing high quality information, support and education to those that have schizophrenia and to the family members, friends and caregivers impacted by the disease. The site currently has nearly 50,000 members that benefit from their support and discussion forums. You can also sign up for their free newsletter. The information section has a variety of topics including schizophrenia brain pictures, managing depression, history of schizophrenia, and how smoking and marijuana are related to schizophrenia.


Schizophrenia 5



Global Alexa Rating: 2,273,166

This site is an informative location for news regarding schizophrenia including new research and treatments that have been emerging. There are articles as well as videos on this site. The site includes information about what schizophrenia is, what the symptoms are and different types of treatment including medication and therapy. It also discusses the various types  including residual, hebephrenic, disorganized, paranoid, undifferentiated and catatonic; as well as related conditions.


Schizophrenia 6


6. SARDAA – Schizophrenia and Related Disorders Alliance of America:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,536,958

This organization is devoted to helping those suffering from schizophrenia and related disorders by eliminating the stigma attached to this disease. They support and train Schizophrenics Anonymous® (SA) groups, provide an online resource library and newsletters and work to eliminate discrimination thereby increasing access to treatment. The site includes information about schizophrenia in the resources section.


Schizophrenia 7


7. World Fellowship for Schizophrenia and Allied Disorders:

Global Alexa Rating: 3,755,971

This site notes that they have merged with the WFMH – World Federation for Mental Health, but will keep this site active for the foreseeable future. This is a good thing because it is a very helpful site with information about mental illness, stigma and discrimination and how to get support. Be sure to check out the Stories section that includes stories from around the world as told by families and those they love. It can be helpful to read about another’s journey.


Schizophrenia 8


8. British Columbia Schizophrenia Society:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,618,651

This organization offers support, education, research and advocacy regarding schizophrenia. One of the features on this site is their Dealing with Psychosis Toolkit which is a self-management tool to go along with treatment. The site also includes a number of useful tools and articles including guides for family members and help interacting with professionals. For those in British Columbia, you can also find services near you and locate BCSS programs and services and family support groups.


Schizophrenia 9


9. Schizophrenia Research Forum (SRF):

Global Alexa Rating: 6,392,466

The mission of the SRF is to help in the search for causes, treatments, and understanding of the devastating disease of schizophrenia. The site includes research news, conference news and more. They offer a community and forums for connecting with others. The resources section includes what is known as well as where research is headed including drugs in trials and animal models. Their research forum is designed to help researchers in their quest for causes and improved treatments.


Schizophrenia 10


10. Schizophrenia24x7:

Global Alexa Rating: 17,917,234

This is an interesting site in that you can get right to the relevant information you need based on your situation. They offer 4 different choices: My family member/friend has schizophrenia, my job involves meeting people with schizophrenia, I have been living with schizophrenia for a while and I was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia. Alternatively, you can select any of the categories shown on the main page including about schizophrenia, Getting better, Different treatments and more.

As with any illness or disease, understanding it is a big part of the battle. The thing to remember is to always keep up with news about your condition because this is a rapidly changing world with new research improving lives every single day. Use these sites to not only learn about the condition but also to keep up with it.


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