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Many people researching for the latest science breakthroughs or even the best science information for experiments and projects can get pulled in too many directions.  There are top resources that can always keep you focused and on target for the information you need with little distraction from other websites that don’t offer as much valuable information.  Here’s the list of the top ten science sites that science junkies need bookmarked to anchor science information.


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1. Instructables –

This DIY website is loaded with tutorials for do it yourself projects. has a wide range of science demonstrations.  Almost all of the projects are user generated content, which means regular people are uploading their tutorials and  “how to’s” through their profile.  This is a great resource to find out what can be accomplished with regular household items.




2. HowStuffWorks –

Every science enthusiast has landed on webpages.  This site has science authority for all science realms.  Mechanical Engineering is a cornerstone of and has solid descriptions of the science is deeply nested into its reports.




3. RedOrbit –

This domain has a vast selection of science topics from space to oddities and offers credible reports from tests and experiments.  It hosts debunked science projects and provides evidence to support the science challenged. is simple and clean website but is packed with a lot of juicy information.




4. Space –

When working with science, we must not forget to give us insight on how small we are compared to the universe. has high quality imagery of foreign galaxies and stars.  It also applies mega math to demonstrate time and matter.




5. Nature –

This science site is a magazine styled webpage that breaks down into different areas.  It’s a nature library and a one stop shop for some nature nourishment. has a large archive of podcasts to listen in on topics regarding nature.




6. Extreme Science – was designed to show off some of the most extreme elements of science, and why it’s extreme to begin with.  It is crammed with science and technology data from earth science and extreme weather records to the animal kingdom.




7. Web Elements –

For many that are struggling with chemistry has an interactive periodic table that acts as a control panel for chemistry.  Each element displayed on the control panel can be selected to deep dive into what functions that element offers and the role that it plays in science.




8. – is a science project in its own right.  This website is about research and development.  It’s a government agency with a physics lab that tests the limits of science for making new discoveries and improving the quality of life. is a trend setter for eco-friendly energy and is innovating the way we harvest energy.




9. InnerBody –

This site is very valuable for everyone to include people entering the medical profession.  This website has an interactive function that helps people to explore the different systems and anatomy of the human body.  It’s very descriptive and is a great visual aid for learning.




10. Berkeley Lab – is a broken down version and overview of nuclear science.  If you are investigating the basics of nuclear science then be sure to bookmark this domain.  It will help you piece together all elements to give you a better understanding about how this science operates.


  • Mar 24th 2015

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  • Jan 20th 2017

    Space com is really nice. I go on it all the time. They have the latest space news and some other very interesting thing. It's a regular visit site for any space enthusiast

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