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Into search engine submission services?

There are two schools of thought when it comes to using search engines submission services – one is that they are a great marketing tool and the other is to run in the other direction. The truths lies somewhere in between because a great deal will depend on where you obtain the services. It will also depend by and large on your expectations. If you are expecting a submission service to provide you with instant web popularity, you will likely be disappointed because search engines and directories do not always include your website in their index quickly. You will still need to optimize your website and build links to it. The success of search engine submission services also depends on how they submit websites to the search engines. The following 10 websites are popular search engine submission services to review. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating.


search engine submission 1


1. Submit Express:

Global Alexa Rating: 5,997

Submit Express offers a number of marketing services and Webmaster tools as well as a plethora of search engine marketing articles. They are search engines submission services started $29.95. The website explains your service and how it includes submission to hundreds of search engines and directories as well as optional submission to over 100,000 FFA links pages. They offer manual submission to the major search engines which do not allow automated submissions. The website gives a sample of the search engines they submit to. They recommend that you submit once a month since some search engines top sites after a few weeks and they offer multiple submission options at a discount. Their services also include a free site review and SEO ranking advice prior to submission. This site is a great place to keep up-to-date on the latest news as well as read valuable information in their articles and blogs.


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2. WebCeo:

Global Alexa Rating: 7,393

WebCeo offers a search engine and directory submission service to obtain useful back links and traffic. They help you submit to higher authority sites while avoiding bad ones. They offer an online cloud-based SEO option as well as a desktop software. Both come with a full suite of tools. The online product has plans beginning at $69 per month as well as the very basic free option. The benefit of this product is that you are getting much more than just content submission. You also receive general tools, site audit, rank checker, keyword tool, checklists, web analytics, backlink quality checker, competitor backlink spy, enterprise tools and more. The desktop version has a license price of $499 per copy and is available with a 30 day free trial.


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3. INeedHits:   

Global Alexa Rating: 8,692

INeedHits allows you to not only have your website submitted to Google and 300+ search engines but also offers other submission services such as getting a fast Google listing and improved ranking, fast and boosted yahoo listing and other options. With their easy submit affordable service, premium professional website submission service and Boost submission and link building services, the user is in control to select just what they need. The easy submit service costs just $4.99 per month or $14.22 per three months or $49.90 for a year. The premium submission service gives your website the greatest chance of being found with coverage in over 97% of the most popular search engines. You get best practice manual submission to a range of search engines, websites and directories, plus effective automated submission to 100 additional search engines. The price for this service is $34.99 per month, $94.47 for three months or $209.94 for a year. The three boost programs can be purchased individually for $19.99 per month or get all 3 plus premium submit for $49.99 per month per URL. They have been providing affordable search engine marketing services to small and medium-sized businesses since 1996.


search engine submission 4


4. AddMe:  

Global Alexa Rating: 14,505

AddMe offers a free search engines submission program service which submits your site URL to 20 search engines and only takes a minute to set up. It submits your site URL to the following search engines: Google, Scrub the Web, Bigfinder, Fyber Search, ExactSeek, InfoTiger, FocusLook, WalHello, Jayde, EntireEeb, Mixcat, SearchSight, WhatuSeek, e-SiteSecrets, Tower Search, Burf, Feedplex, WebSquash, Anoox, GhetoSearch. The website also mentions that they offer professional search engine submission services which submits your site once a month to hundreds of search engines for an entire year, but does not include any pricing about that service.


search engine submission 5


5. SubmissionMonster:

Global Alexa Rating: 80,848

SubmissionMonster offers search engine submission and marketing services. One service that they offer is the ability to automate your website submission with their monthly submission tool in which you can submit up to five URLs once a month to be submitted to 20 top search engines. This service costs $9.95 per quarter. The website lists where they will be submitted. They also offer a featured listings service for $14.95 per quarter, a package of mine SEO tools for $9.95 per quarter, website monitoring for $24.95 per quarter, local search visibility for $49.95 per quarter and a complete package which includes monthly submissions, SEO tools, featured listing and website monitoring for $49.95 per quarter. They also have an option for a one time free search engine submission to 20 top search engines.

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6. BoogieJack:

Global Alexa Rating: 101,757

BoogieJack began as a hobby site in 1997 by Dennis Gaskill, the owner and creator. By 1999, it grew into a full-time business in part because he developed a reputation for honesty and fairness. Dennis found that most people that purchase search engine submission services are also interested in website analysis so he offers them as a bundled service. You can purchase site submission only for $97 or site analysis only for $297 or get them both for just $298. It makes sense to have your website analyzed prior to submission in order to target the right keywords and thus the right audience. He is very thorough in this regard providing a specialized, detailed report that is a thorough examination of your website with specific suggestions on what you can do to better optimize it for search engine placement. He then submits your site to the major search engines manually because he believes automated submissions to the major search engines is a very bad idea. This submission service does not include search engines and directories that charge for submission or inclusion. He also does not recommend it for websites hosted with free website hosts the chance of being listed in most search engines is limited at best.


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7. EnterURL:

Global Alexa Rating: 103,509

EnterURL offers blast submissions to more than 750,000 search engines, directories and specialty sites globally. You can sign up for a one time blast submission for $29.95, a three-month blast for $44.95, a six-month blast for $79.95 or a year of monthly blasts and in inclusion to Yahoo for $129.95. All plans include monthly reports and anti-spam protection from unwanted email. Users can also receive a free consultation from their experts. They also offer optimization services, website design services, web traffic analysis services and web hosting plans. EnterURL was founded in April 2001 and is directed by seasoned banishment with an average of more than 20 years of marketing expertise and experience in Internet and related technologies in 1996. They are located in Pennsylvania.


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8. BuildTraffic:

Global Alexa Rating: 691,414

BuildTraffic is a complete set of search engine tools that enables you to understand and manage the entire search engine marketing process so you can achieve top rankings. They have various campaigns to choose from including a free trial five-day access. Their other plans start at $14.99 per month. The starter plan is $14.99 and is suitable for creating and submitting one campaign which is perfect for the beginner or someone with just one single domain needs to drive traffic to their site. The starter plus plan is $19.99/month for up to 5 campaigns. The intermediate plan is $24.99 for up to 10 campaigns. The silver plan is $34.99 for up to 20 campaigns. The gold plan is $49.99 for up to 40 campaigns. The platinum plan is $79.99 for up to 100 campaigns. They also offer an unlimited plan which you need to contact them for details. A campaign is a domain regardless of the number of pages. Some of the tools included art automatic search engine submitter, SEO analyzer, link popularity checker, link relevancy checker, search engine rankings, search engine coverage, keyword generator and top keyword finder.

search engine submission 9



Global Alexa Rating: 1,103,531 is a little different than other search engines submission services and that rather than a monthly fee they offer one-time costs for an annual plan that depends on the number of URLs. A one URL annual plan is $60, a three URL annual plan is $90 and a 10 URL annual plan is $200. They also offer a HITPRO Gold package in which their professional team will review your website code to increase your search engine position and then submit your adjusted website to 8000+ major search engines including manual submissions. Their search engine submission list is available on the website. Once the registration is complete, you will receive a submission report the email that will tell you where your website was successfully submitted.


search engine submission 10


10. Submission-Pro:

Global Alexa Rating: 2,932,444

Submission-Pro offers custom search engine and Internet marketing plans. The offer SEO, PPC search engine marketing and a social media network service. Their SEO service includes directory and search engine submission after addressing all criteria that search engines consider when thinking websites for specific keywords. Some of the services they offer our competitive landscape analysis, website review & SWOT analysis, in-depth keyword search and more. They manually submit your website and business to a variety of established targeted directories. There submissions are performed and complete accordance with the best practice submission guidelines and may only submit or resubmit your site if it is clearly in the best interest of your website’s rankings. They are more than happy to discuss a custom package crafted especially you and your business. Their prices start at $199 per month.

Always be careful when using search engines submission services that seem too good to be true. Do not get romanced into doing questionable practices such as participating in a link farm which will more than likely get your site penalized or banned. Popularity will come in time and your business will grow. Shortcuts won’t get you there, dedication and persistence will.


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