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Search Engine Optimisation is vital for the success of any business on the Internet today.  As the website climbs higher in the rankings of the search engine it appears more and gains in popularity therefore it receives more visitors. SEO is determined by what people are searching for and the words that are typed into the browser are known as the keywords.  Optimising a website means editing the content to increase the specific meaning and relevance of the keywords. A company offering SEO services should include social media marketing, email marketing, referral marketing, content marketing and native advertising. Search engine marketing might include pay per click and cost per impression as well as search analytics and web analytics. Other services offered may include display advertising, contextual advertising and behavioural targeting with affiliate marketing being cost per action and revenue sharing. With new websites opening daily there has been a rise in people seeking advice for SEO and several forums has now been developed allowing members the option to discuss, debate and answer any questions in connection with SEO. Below is a list of the best SEO forums on the Internet today. This list will be of great value for anyone wishing to know more about SEO and wanting to join a forum for discussion since the most popular are all listed together.


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1. Digital Point –

Digital Point is a very popular SEO forum and ranks very high on The forums advertised are search engines, business and marketing, design, development and buy, sell and trade. The latest posts are highlighted and you can see which members are currently online as well as search for a specific topic. In the marketplace there are plug-ins, scripts, templates, designs and eBooks to view and a wide range of free webmaster tools are on offer.


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2. Search Engine Watch –

Search Engine Watch is another very high ranking SEO forum with search engines and directories, marketing strategies and search issues currently available for discussion in the forums as well as the member’s lounge for relaxing. You can view the member’s list as well as the forum leaders and there are sections for SEP, PPC, analytics, social, local, video, technology and mobile which contain valuable information.


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3. SEO Guy –

SEO Guy has several forums for SEO discussing such topics as coding and programming, site reviews, directories, databases, web design and Internet marketing to name a few. There are quick links and forum links as well as SEO tools, SEO tutorials and search engine consulting. The latest posts and threads are advertised, but registering is compulsory in order to comment and join in.


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4. – is a very popular SEO forum and ranks highly on There are many sub-forums discussing topics such as Internet marketing, e-commerce, business and legal issues, software, scripts, web design and online services. This forum is definitely the place to be for managing your site with advice on planning and also tools for assistance. There are over 108,000 threads and over 700,000 posts and the rules and regulations for membership are clearly stated.


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5. –

The V7 network is a developing community with links, pictures and albums as well as posts and threads. Forums include business topics, tech talk, the marketplace, legal issues, Google, coding, blogging and web design as well as many comments and posts for SEO. New posts and threads are advertised and it is advisable to read the rules of the forum before joining the community.


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6. –

Before registering with this site, you need to read the FAQ.  After registering, you will find the latest posts and threads in the forum on topics such as marketing, hosting, business, design, scripting and languages as well as SEO. There is a forum lounge for relaxing and meeting other members and many links are provided leading to further information. The forum leaders are highlighted and an advance search facility is given in order to find associates online.


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7. ––.html

This site has a dedicated SEO forum and search engines with many topics, posts and threads to view. The site is focused on working from home and there are articles, directories and topics to assist as well as a ‘work from home’ forum for commenting. There is a ‘links directory’ leading to ‘work from home’ sites and user-groups and the members list can be viewed. After registering and making a profile, you are welcome to submit an article and there is the facility to view private messages.


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8. – has an SEO forum with tips and techniques, design and usability, social marketing media, resources and advice, PPC, web analytics, coding and technology and Internet marketing among the many posts and threads available to view. The best posts and articles of the week are highlighted and there is a section for news and events. You can read the latest content and find links leading to more SEO information and there is also a blog with further comments and discussions.


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9. – is a community dedicated in helping beginners and professionals alike in improving their knowledge of SEO. Joining the site is free and there are over 1,065,000 posts and 454,570 threads to read with 266,456 members to date. The latest threads and the top weekly threads are highlighted and quick links are provided leading to further information. You can view the site leaders and use the free SEO tools for assistance and support are provided at all times.


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10. AKA Marketing

This site is a blog and a forum relating to the IT sector, but with the emphasis on SEO and search engine marketing. Information is given in postings, comments, code samples, product reviews, service reviews and website reviews with the latest blog posts advertised. There are articles to read and tutorials on PHP and CSS.  SEO tools such as site-map generators, search engine rankings, keyword suggestions, back-link finders and text checkers can be found and subscribing to the site is recommended.


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