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SEO or search engine optimisation is the foundation to success in any Internet business today.  The higher the rank of a website on the search results page and the more frequently the page appears the more visitors the site will receive from the search engine’s users. SEO considers the workings of search engines, determining what people are searching for by the actual keywords that are typed into the browser. Optimising a website could involve editing the content and the associated coding in order to increase the specific meaning and relevance of the keywords. Website design and strategy must also be taken into consideration and this can be a daunting task when first opening a company or a website business on the Internet. A company offering SEO service should include social media marketing, email marketing, referral marketing, content marketing and native advertising. Search engine marketing might include pay per click and cost per impression as well as search analytics and web analytics. Other services offered may include display advertising, contextual advertising and behavioural targeting with affiliate marketing being cost per action and revenue sharing. Below is a list of the best companies on the Internet offering a SEO service. Many of the listed companies have assisted large, renowned and successful corporations with their marketing and SEO and this list will be of value for anyone who would like to know more about how to achieve a successful ranking in Google.


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1. Distilled –

Distilled began in 2005 focusing on web clients. Today they specialise solely in SEO and PPC and like to get to know every client individually in order to provide a better service. They provide online training guides and modules and attend conferences all over the world. A store is provided on the site to buy tickets for the conferences as well as training videos and further hints and tips can be found in the blog.


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2. Higher Visibility –

Higher Visibility offers a full range of professional interactive marketing services in order to provide their clients with valuable solutions and visible results. Amongst the services offered are SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, web design, pay per click marketing and affiliate marketing with videos in the blog for further assistance. A section can be found for current satisfied clients and full contact details can be found on the site.


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3. SEO New York –

SEO New York claims to provide fast results for your company from their team of experienced marketers. They specialise in growing businesses through all available marketing channels and services offered include SEO, SEM, design and software to name a few. Testimonials can be read from satisfied clients and full contact details are given on the site along with a chat facility to discuss any queries or questions.


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4. iCrossing –

iCrossing is a successful company dedicated in bringing results to build connected brands. The company has over 900 staff and 18 offices worldwide and offer SEO service, strategy and planning, technical SEO, media planning and buying, social media and web design and build as well as data, analytics and research. They have an impressive list of large corporations and clients which are stated on the site along with awards and accolades. News, events, blog and conversations can be found for assistance and full contact details are given along with the option of a call back.


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5. Brick Marketing –

Brick Marketing is ranked high on and offers a full SEO service including link building, B2B social media management and custom SEO training to name a few. A website marketing glossary, blog and newsletter can be found for assistance along with full detailed descriptions of all the available services. The company was formed in 2005, but has over 13 years of industry experience with testimonials and awards available to view on the site. They serve over 10 different B2B SEO industries and are available to answer any questions or queries.


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6. Bruce Clay –

Bruce Clay was established in 1996 and has been listed as one of the all-time top ten SEO firms on the Internet. The company offers a full SEO assessment and consulting programme with tools, training and tutorials for assistance. Other services include PPC, Analytics, CRO, design and SMM with a blog being given for further tips and advice. You can subscribe to the blog, the newsletter and also contact them for a quote and an impressive list of current clients is available to view on the site.


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7. iProspect –

iProspect has an impressive list of services to offer including SEO, PPC, local marketing, performance display, affiliate marketing, social services, global services and health sciences to name a few. A long list of case studies and satisfied clients can be found on the site and the company has many offices scattered throughout the globe. A blog is given for useful advice and upcoming events are advertised.


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8. Internet Marketing Inc –

This company’s services include web design and development, SEO, reputation management, PPC and social, affiliate, email and display marketing. There is a blog to read along with case studies and testimonials by current clients and presentations can also be scheduled. Useful comments and posts contain further advice and guides and a long list of resources is available. Consultations can be requested and full contact details can be found on the site.


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9. Razorfish –

Razorfish offers design, brand marketing, digital performance and strategy, commerce and marketing platforms amongst their services. The company is based in Germany, but have offices worldwide and offer a summit available for their clients this year as well as outlook reports. You can contact them for any questions or queries and full contact details can be found on the site.


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10. Blueglass –

Blueglass offers a host of service to their clients including SEO, design, marketing, PPC, link building, e-commerce and training to name a few since the list is vast. There is a wide range of software tools for assistance and research can be carried out from articles, case studies, books, press releases, videos and blogs. Evaluation criteria and rankings can be viewed on the site and contact is welcome for submissions.



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    This list is indeed exhaustive & useful.

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