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Millionaires dream..

Many of us dream of being rich. Money can make great improvements to people’s lives by assisting with their living conditions as well as their health by taking away the stress and the financial worries that lack of funds causes. For those with families, money enables the children to have a better education and paves the way for them in life to find career prospects as well as a possess a sense of well-being. For the favoured few, money is no object and has opened doors to society and a lifestyle that the most us of will never have the opportunity of experiencing. Wealth allows for luxury world travel, fast and extraordinary possessions such as cars, yachts and aeroplanes, the latest gadgets from the world of technology, villas and mansions scattered in various countries and regions allowing for variety with changing climates and seasons and the latest designer fashion and self-indulgences. Money can mean having your own successful business and working for yourself giving personal freedom and the feeling of not being dependent on any person financially. It can also mean obtaining a feeling of wonder by treating friends and loved ones and also assisting charities and the under-privileged and therefore benefitting many since sharing when one has sufficient should always be considered. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet for millionaires to spend their money. With an abundance of luck and perhaps a lottery win, maybe the sites will become more than just browsing out of curiosity because none of us know what fate and destiny has in store.


millionaires 1


1. –

Millionaires shouldn’t be without this useful site as you never know when you may need to use it. offer a concierge service for luxury lifestyle management with last minute theatre tickets, table reservations at first class restaurants and hotels, assistant with buying gifts and travel reservations as well as publishing, art and events. The group has over thirty businesses ready to assist you and have a presence in over sixty cities around the globe. Full contact details can be found on the site and you can even request a call back from the team for enquiries.


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2. –

The world famous auctioneers Sotheby’s has various departments to purchase fine arts, sculptures, jewellery, prints, old master paintings, watches and wine. Exhibits can be bought and sold privately as well as in the auction and there is a gallery for viewing as well as a catalogue to peruse with news and videos on upcoming auctions as well as collections and fairs. The company has many offices around with the world and the site can be read in many languages.


millionaires 3


3. –

Christies has been famous in the art world since 1766 and has many offices throughout the globe dealing with many fine art objects, jewellery, photographs, collectibles, wine and more with prices ranging from $200 to $80 million. There are over 60 departments to see and selling and buying can be achieved both privately and at auction. There is a section for viewing what is available at the upcoming auctions and you can browse the specialist directory for a quick view of contacts.


millionaires 4


4. Harrods –

The world famous store of Harrods in London has long been associated with decadent lifestyle and the motto of the store used to be ‘we can find anything for you.’ Their online store has departments for men’s and women’s designer clothing, designer children’s clothes, accessories, hand-crafted brand name shoes, exclusive perfumes and toiletries and many wonderful and different gifts for people who possess everything. The fine wines and food hamper selection are mouth-watering and a catalogue of all their goods is available to view online.

millionaires 5


5. – has beautiful boats to browse up to a price range of about $195 million. You can browse the list for motor yachts, sailing yachts and catamarans with a buying guide and a checklist in place for assistance. There is a destination guide to help you decide where to sail your yacht and there is a list of brokers available to help you with your purchase. If you cannot find a yacht for sale that appeals to your needs then you can decide to have a new build and there is also a section for chartering yachts as well.


millionaires 6


6. –

This site has some wonderful holidays for you to escape the cold winter and soak up the sun while relaxing in far away exotic places. There are five star resorts and luxury hotels and spas as well as cruises for pampering and spoiling yourself. If you enjoy golf, then you can play and learn from the professionals in a special golfing holiday or even take a world tour. Destinations can be selected from each continent and there is also a section for special requests.


millionaires 7


7. Private Islands –

If you need to get away from the world for a time, then perhaps owning your own island is the perfect answer. There is a magazine and a buyer’s guide to help you decide which part of the world you would like your island with an option to search all continents. Prices go up to $50 million so there is an abundance of choice and you can even rent an island before deciding to buy. Services on the site include a blog, upcoming events and brokers and if you have an island to sell, then submissions are welcome.


millionaires 8


8. –

De Beers has been cutting and setting diamonds for centuries and are amongst the world leaders for designer fashion in jewellery. There are several collections to browse as well as diamond culture and diamond art and pieces can be selected from rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, men’s diamonds and coloured diamonds with special departments for brides and for gift ideas. Some of the items can only be seen and not purchased online, but you can make an appointment for a private viewing.


millionaires 9


9. –

This site caters for those seeking luxury homes in any part of the world with prices ranging from $500,000 to $12,000,000. There are beautiful designer houses, luxury villas, penthouses with breathtaking views and even European castles to select. The site also caters for vacation rentals and long-term letting and there is professional assistance available if required. There is a section for news and press releases can also be read.


millionaires 10


10. –

No millionaires list would be complete without the DuPont Registry. The site has three sections: Autos, homes and boats. The car’s section features listings for Ferraris, Aston Martins, Lamborghinis, Bugattis and Rolls Royces to name a few with the boat section offering luxury yachts, cruisers, sport-fish and cigarette boats. The home’s section has islands, ranches, mansions, water-front and mountain properties and any enquiries can be made directly on the site.




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