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This is something a little bit different. We have put together a list of unusual web-sites, some you may not have heard of and some you might have come across before. The race is on for developers and programmers to come up with the latest and most useful applications, so they can be one step ahead and be the first to release the latest designs on the market. The sites below are different, to say the least since they are all relatively still unknown, but they offer information tips and useful advice on a whole host of different subjects. All of them will without doubt become more and more popular with time and some will catapult to the top positions in a very short while, so this is truly the time to add them as favourites to your browser and keep them safe as you will be among the first to know their value before anyone else.

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1. – is more than just a shop with apparel for men, women as well as shoes. They offer advice on nutrition and weight loss with a list of injuries and how to prevent them also given. In fact, the site has everything you need for keeping fit and healthy and for those amongst us that like to jog there is a database of running routes all over the world, so no matter where you are you can continue your running routine. Articles can be viewed with tips and hints on jogging and a section is given for inspiration in order to muster up some strength and courage to keep fit.


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2. Makeuseof –

MakeUseOf puts technical terms in simple language that everyone can understand. You can search through the list of latest technical products with articles and reviews to read with no details being left out. All the best applications are highlighted and there is a guide for cheats as well as tips, how-to’s and help. A section for ‘Geeks’ offers a few laughs with ideas being given for funny Facebook statuses.


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3. CrazyBlindDate –

This is very different from the average dating site since it offers blind dates in public places in your neighbourhood. There are only a few cities available in the U.S.A. at the moment, but the site is growing and more places are being added.  Dates can be arranged at short notice without the need for viewing a profile. You pick the time and the place and CrazyBlindDate arranges it for you. The site connects over 250,000 people every day and all accounts are connected to a phone so there are no fake users.


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4. Damn Interesting –

Damn Interesting is exactly as the name suggests. It consists of a blog with historical and scientific facts with summaries on all the topics and subjects mentioned.  You can read the articles, listen to them, watch them in podcasts or download them in eBooks. The stories are fascinating, obscure, but true and browsing the site is a perfect way to relax and waste time.


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5. TryPhone –

TryPhone is a little bit different from other sites that test and review new mobile phones since it is an interactive phone-testing site. You decide the phone you want to buy and TryPhone will explain the features by interactivity. It’s simple, easy to understand and saves time trawling through the Internet in search of information. Reviews, specifications and links for purchasing are also given along with product photographs.


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6. Weird Encyclopaedia –

The Weird Encyclopaedia is exactly what its name suggests. There is a list in alphabetical order of a multitude of categories containing weird, wonderful and fascinating facts along with a further section for true stories. Reading all the information could take hours since it is captivating and now the site has published an eBook with 30 Ghostly Tales of the Unexplained, all of which are scary and true.


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7. Newsmap –

Newsmap is a graphical representation of the news headlines on Google News. At first glance the site seems to be a mass of colour, but further study reveals important stories appearing in the larger blocks and less important stories in the small ones. Categories are represented by different colours with world, national, business, technology, sports, entertainment and health to choose from. The headlines change constantly as the site is updated and news can be read from different countries around the globe by selecting the available tabs at the top.


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8. Cocktail Party Physics –

This is a blog written by Jennifer Ouelette about Physics, science and technology with a difference. After reading the technical information that is available, there are several recipes for cocktails given so you can relax and rest after expanding your mind. All the recent posts are listed and there is a section called ‘I have no shame’! Jennifer’s motto is, “We need fewer barriers and more bridges in this world”.  An interesting concept and take on Science.


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9. DailyLit –

If you enjoy reading then this is definitely the site for you. It offers both classic and contemporary titles which are provided in quick-reading instalments by email or RSS. Most of the classic titles are free, but you do need to pay for the newer ones. You can browse all the titles on the site with suggestions given in hot topics, featured books and recent titles. Logging-in and registering is recommended in order to join-in the discussions with the rest of the members in the forum.


10. IWantSandy –

This app was specifically designed for those amongst us who are forgetful. You can simply send the app a message and you will be reminded by text or as an event on the calendar. Time tasks can be easily tracked, work schedules adjusted and in fact it’s just like having your own personal assistant. Sandy will remind you about shopping lists, birthdays and there is even a groupware function where others contacts can be alerted about messages. This is the perfect application for the traveller who needs an assistant.


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