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Social buy sites are online marketplaces offering tasks and services, otherwise known as micro jobs or gigs for a specific price. Many services, categories and sub-categories are offered and customers can search or find commission services for the skill that is required. Recently there has been much demand for micro-jobs and micro-jobbers, where tasks can take anywhere from 1 minute to fifteen minutes and longer to complete. Micro-jobs give freelancers the chance to add skills to their skill-sets as well as use the jobs as fill-ins when the market is slow. The basic concept is to receive a small fee for a small task such as online jobs, advertising, promotion and crowd-sourcing. Websites and apps can be tested or screening and voice recordings made and sometimes completing forms and surveys might be required. Micro-jobbers need to be able to work quickly to complete as many tasks as possible in order to make a living since most tasks are offered at below the minimum wage rate. To date there are many social buy sites and listed below are ten of the best. If you are looking to make some extra cash or if you need a small task completing then the sites below will be invaluable since the very best are all together listed in one place.


social buy 1


1. – is a very popular social buy site and ranks at 246 in the world on Gigs are advertised for $5 with an individual rating and searches can be made from various categories if you are looking to complete a task. There is a blog and a forum for discussing gigs and the Fiverr directory and customer support are available for assistance. There is a section for express gigs which are delivered within 24 hours and a user protection policy is in place for security.


social buy 2


2. –

This site operates in much the same way as, but costs start at only $4 per gig. Each job is rated by popularity and price with instant gigs, express gigs and editor’s picks highlighted. Accounts are verified before advertising and wanted jobs can be displayed in the blog with suggestions and recent jobs listed. After completion jobbers will receive $4 into their PayPal accounts and sellers provide feedback on the gig and the quality of work.


social buy 3


3. –

This site advertises itself as the marketplace for affordable SEO services and has various gigs on offer ranging from $2 upwards depending on the task. All the jobs are rated and priced and searches can be made from various categories for those wishing to offer work. The main categories consist of WTB, marketplace, WTT, tweets, articles, reviews, eBooks, software and themes with many sub-categories. Various links are available for assistance and joining the site is quick and simple.


social buy 4


4. – is a micro-job website for buying and selling Internet marketing services at any price. Jobs are advertised and filtered by price, date, popularity and rating with express jobs also being available. There are many categories to choose from and suggested jobs can be advertised. Joining the site is quick and simple and live help is available at all times.


social buy 5


5. Fivesquids  –

This site has jobs for £5, £10, £20 or £50 which can be sorted by date, rating, views or automatically. You can submit an offer for a suggested job and search from the categories available which are advertising, business, education, entertainment, graphics, social marketing, technology, video, writing and programming to name a few.


social buy 6


6. – has jobs ranging from $5 to $50 with unlimited gig postings. Payments are made through PayPal and there is a help section available if necessary. There is the facility to request a micro-gig and some of the categories advertised are advertising, business, graphics, programming, social marketing, technology, translation, video and writing. Gigs can also be selected by date, price and popularity and all the accounts are verified.


social buy 7


7. –

The prices of gigs on this site range from $1 to $100 and gigs can be selected by date, popularity, rating or price. Suggested gigs are advertised and payments are made through PayPal and feedback is given by both jobber and buyer. There is a blog available for commenting and discussing and some of the categories for gigs include advertising, social marketing, business, graphics, music, programming, technology and writing.


social buy 8


8. – has jobs for $40 and $50 and gigs can be searched by date, popularity, featured, recent, amount or highest rated. Some of the categories include advertising, business, books, fitness, graphic design, gift ideas, music, programming, social marketing, software, technology, travel, video, web hosting and writing to name a few. Sign up is free and there is a link to another site for jobs of $20 or less.


social buy 9


9. – has gigs from $5 upwards which can be selected by date, price, rating or popularity with a special section for express jobs. Jobs can be requested and joining is free with a blog for commenting and posting. Some of the categories available for gigs are administration, advertising, business, graphics, music, programming, SEO, writing, social marketing, technology, video and web design to name a few and guides are given for buying and selling. There is a full FAQ on the site as well as a section for support and ideas and tips for displaying gigs can also be found.


social buy 10


10. –

This site contains reviews about micro-job websites with many tips and tricks stated. Gigging websites are given write-ups and rated with the latest posts and reviews in the spotlight. There is a search facility with the latest feeds given and important pages are highlighted. You can sign up for the newsletter, but registering and logging into the site is required for commenting and posting on any of the topics and threads and if you have a micro-job website you are welcome to submit it.



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