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Social media management means managing multiple social media channels for marketing purposes. Social media is designed for communication directly with individuals and customers for promoting brands, advertising and increasing sales. Social media management was first introduced onto the Internet in 2003 and has grown drastically in proportions as it is seen as an inexpensive form of advertising as well as a way of reaching the masses through the likes of FaceBook and Twitter. There are now many e-commerce platforms on FaceBook allowing users to manage and sell everything using one account. Real time collaboration tools can be used to co-ordinate functions from multiple locations and managing the private networks have become an objective of project managers and social media managers. A social manager is typically responsible for co-ordinating social media campaigns, managing customer relationships, promoting sales and brands, monitoring online marketing, initiating recruitment campaigns and reporting feedback to name just a few responsibilities. Below is a list of ten of the best social media management sites on the Internet today. All the sites contain valuable information, tools and programmes in order to facilitate and ease the management of social media for your website and company.

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1. – is brought to you by the makers of Twitter and is a flexible app since it allows you to arrange your feeds, schedule tweets, keep up-to-date with notification alerts and monitor and manage unlimited accounts. has over 2 million users and can be downloaded easily since it is suitable for both Mac and Window users. Hints and tips can be found in the blog postings and there is a help section available if necessary.


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2. Exact Target –

Exact target has a wide range of products for you to choose to help with social media management. Some of the features offered are unified in-box, conversation history, scheduled publishing and fast response. You can read detailed descriptions of the products on the site and there are videos, webinars, demonstrations, newsletters, events, a blog and other resources available to help you. A section can be found for the services provided as well as full company details.


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3. – is a very popular site for social media management and ranks at number 232 in the world on You can sign up for free and the features include social profiles, analytics reports, app integrations and message scheduling, but the pro suite and the enterprise suite are available for a fee and offer more features. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, WordPress and Mixi to name a few can all be linked and there is a blog and resources for assistance.


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4. – provides tools, alerts and insight in how to get the most from your social media. You can read, comment and respond to all your social media activity in one place and an android version for your mobile is also available. The programme sends suggestions to you so you can target and attract new customers and you can join for only $1 for the first 30 days and then pay just $10 per month. A tour is offered to show you how it works and there are further tips in the posting and comments in the blog.

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5. –

This platform can help you learn strategies to target your audience as well as teach you branding, campaigns and content management. You can co-ordinate your social activities in a secure environment with organisation, planning, permissions, work flows and instrumentation all from one place. You can view a demonstration on the site and there are guides and presentations to assist you as well as further in-sight in the comments and threads in the blog.


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6. –

This site provides marketing and communication professionals with social media software solutions. You can request a demonstration video on the site and see the social media stats and take the survey. The platform features complete social media integration and easy-to-use templates to increase the flow of traffic to your site and manage your workflow with ease. There are case studies to view and a blog with posts and threads for assistance.


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7. –

This site offers many features such as scheduled tweets, keyword tracking, drafts, extended profiles, twitter purge, secure access, personal status feed and unlimited accounts to name a few. There are also features for FaceBook, LinkedIn, Plurk and with social updates submitted by email. A 7-day trial is available for free and the membership costs $17.97 bi-weekly with a blog and a section for issues in place for assistance.


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8. –

This site allows you to feed your blog to Twitter, FaceBook, LinkedIn and many more social media sites. Feeds are tracked in real-time and there is a blog with threads and posts in order to assist you. The help section explains how to get started and log in with a tab for troubleshooting if needed. There are articles to read and a full FAQ and customer feedback can be viewed.


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9. Giraffe Social Media –

Giraffe offers social media management, SEO, content marketing, web design and PPC among the services they provide. Social media management costs £49.99 per month and includes free set-up, integration, interaction, reputation management and monthly statistic reports. There is a book explaining how to increase your brand visibility, drive traffic to your site and increase your sales, which is free after registration and there are step-by-step guides for beginners.


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10. – offers a 30-day free trial with start-up packages from $29.99 per month and you can take a tour of the site to get you started. The dashboard makes it easier to track your results and each message in your campaigns is analysed. You can monitor, respond and manage your content and there are videos and user manuals to assist you. You can view the product functioning in the demonstration with all your networks published in one place and there are threads and comments in the forum to view.



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