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Since it is an easy enough task to go to the Socialcam’s Brand Leaderboard using the link to see the top brands based on the number of followers redigesting them here would serve little additional value. The process used to select these top ten brands on Socialcam involved choosing those with plenty of videos, lots of activity with Likes and Comments on the videos and video content that is unique or useful in some way. In each case the number of followers and videos is shown but keep in mind that is what they were on the day this list was created only. Socialcam is a free video app for iPhone and Android as well as being accessible from your computer. Users can login using their Facebook account or they can create a Socialcam account without using Facebook. Users can watch the videos without logging in but are not able to follow brands, select like or comment on videos.



1. Brooklyn Nets:

Followers: 1,082,043

Videos: 39


With over a million followers the Brooklyn Nets brand obviously has the Number One position at this time on the Brand Leaderboard. There are obviously a lot of basketball fans out there for one thing. Considering that there hasn’t been any new video posted for months (it was the off season at the time this list was generated after all) this stays out in front clearly because of the content of the ones that are already there. Nearly all of the videos have over 100 likes with a few of them even topping 300. The new season begins in October so we’ll likely see some new video content posted then and another spike in the number of followers at that time. In the meantime enjoy the behind-the-scenes team videos and messages from some of the players and the general manager. There are other brands on the Leaderboard for other sports teams so if basketball is not your thing then check out the New York Jets or the Milwaukee Bucks.





2. Discovery Shark Week:

Followers: 976,350

Videos: 51


Shark Week is one of those things that many people look forward to year after year with almost the same bated breath anticipation as the arrival of Christmas. Having just celebrated their 25th year of success, it stands to reason that Shark Week would be a highly followed brand on Socialcam.  The videos are absolutely amazing with many having over 1,000 likes. There are two especially spectacular videos (The Impossible Shot and Great White Shark: Uncaged) that each have over 3,000 likes!





3. Washington Post:

Followers: 687,824

Videos: 335


There are a whopping 335 videos on this one that you will love to watch if you want to hear people talk about why they are Democrats or why they support President Obama. If you think of this as so much rubbish then move along to the next category. Clearly this is going to be one of those that you really love or really hate. It is not listed in 3rd place as a statement one way or the other as to the value of the video content of this brand but is listed instead in honor of the sheer number of videos presented. It does seem a shame that there isn’t a similar offering for the other side of the coin though.





4. Sierra Mist:

Followers: 804,377

Videos: 16


While this one doesn’t have a large number of videos it does have a great number of followers. The reason for this is likely the usefulness and variety of the videos. There are games, recipes and even a magic trick (granted even a small child could figure out this one!) The most useful videos are the recipes. All look great and some even use Sierra Mist in them. How about some chipotle chicken or slow roasted fiesta pork for dinner with a Mexican chocolate pudding cake for dessert all washed down with a cranberry splash sorbet punch? Sound good? Then head over and watch the videos!




5. Tequila Avion (Age 21+ Only):

Followers: 772,176

Videos: 27


Perhaps after cooking up the recipes from the Sierra Mist videos the thought turns to having a nice adult beverage. If that is the case then turning to the Tequila Avion videos will be a great way to find something to tempt you. Of the 27 videos presented many of them show how to mix up some pretty delicious drinks including a number of varieties of margaritas. Want a really unique margarita? Check out the chipotle cocoa margarita, the cucumber jalapeño margarita or the kiwi margarita! While you are there take a moment to watch the videos about the making of Avion tequila to find out what makes this brand different.




6. General Electric:

Followers: 723,329

Videos: 22


There is so much more to General Electric than the various household appliances you may have in your home. The videos on this brand are informative and well produced. They give viewers knowledge about some of the other things that General Electric is involved with. Consider the GE Juice Train for example. Bet you didn’t know they were involved in engineering technological marvels such as jet engines either. Take a look inside the little seen creativity of General Electric. One video that has gotten a number of likes is the Olympians: A Look Below the Surface video – you’ll have to watch it to believe it – very well done!





7. Lipton Iced Tea:

Followers: 784,985

Videos: 19


Those familiar with the Lipton Iced Tea brand know all about Lady Antebellum – or at least they think they do. If you really want to see the behind-the-scenes stuff then this Socialcam brand is the one to follow. Want to know more about Dave or Hillary? That is there also.  There is also a cute video theorizing the way iced tea was invented and a video showing how to make a great citrus iced tea punch. Plenty of followers on this one – perhaps anxiously awaiting more great ways to enjoy Lipton Iced Tea.





8. The Axe Effect:

Followers: 366,312

Videos: 114


You just have to love the inventiveness and creativity of the Axe commercials and to have a place to view lots of them to your heart’s content is obviously the desire of plenty of followers. The Axe Astronaut manages to get into all sorts of unique places from playing poker (Have to love that poker face!) to stealing Juliet away from Romeo. Always good for a snicker or two. Add to that some interesting videos from performers in the subway and you have plenty of entertainment value with this one.





9. Flip Skateboards:

Followers: 172,108

Videos: 48


What is not to love about watching professional skateboarders show off their talent? Watch interviews and performances of top names such as David Gonzalex, Ben Nordberg, Greyson Fletcher, Louis Lopez and others. Even those that don’t follow skateboarding cannot help but find some of these videos pretty incredible. Just how do they manage to appear to defy gravity? While you are there enjoy some of the videos about road life with the Flip crew.





10. Sony Electronics:

Followers: 101,006

Videos: 35


Give someone a Sony video camera and there is no end to the number of crazy stunts they will record with it. Plenty made it to the Sony Electronics Socialcam board and every single one of them is pretty wild. Whatever action adventure stunt you can imagine you will likely find it here. Kayaking, skateboarding, kiteboarding, jumping horses, bike racing, sky diving… and the list goes on! Add to this plenty of Sony produced videos about products and sneak peeks and you will have plenty to watch.

While these brands are great to watch and follow remember that Socialcam does go far beyond just brand postings as it has become a popular way for anyone to share videos with the world. A fun place to kick back and kill some time. Watch crazy, stupid, entertaining, funny, educational and unique footage from all over the world. Keep that video camera of yours handy and you just might catch something you want to share as well.



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