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Space was once thought to be exactly that – an empty void, but thanks to science we now know that Space consists of a hard vacuum with particles, helium, hydrogen, magnetic fields, dark matter and energy. Outer Space has always fascinated us, as early as 350BC with the concepts of the Greek philosopher Aristotle, but there are still many questions that remain unanswered and it was only in the latter half of the last century that Space exploration began. The first man in Space was of course Yuri Gargarin and who could forget those famous words of Neil Armstrong as he took the first steps on the moon, “that’s one small step for man; one giant leap for mankind.” In a short ‘space’ of time there have been missions into Space with photographs now transmitted back to Earth from Mars and beyond. The sites listed below are totally dedicated to Space – the final frontier. All the sites contain valuable information with photographs, research and scientific results, history, facts, latest news and all data necessary for all would-be astronauts and Space explorers amongst us.


1) – is ranked very high on and is one of the world’s leading sources for Space information. Many articles with stunning photographs attached can be found in the Spaceflight, search for life, science and astronomy and the sky-watching sections with videos adding to further knowledge. Top stories and events in Space are highlighted and in the entertainment section there are clips and reviews to be viewed from famous Space films. There is an online shop for all enthusiasts to purchase Space souvenirs and a further section is dedicated to Space technology giving details of all future plans and developments in the world of Space.


2) NASA –

This is the official site for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration. NASA was founded in 1958 by President Dwight Eisenhower and a full history of the company along with its achievements, aims and future projects can be found on the site. News items and press releases can be viewed with images, videos and photographs of all missions and there are special sections dedicated to the schedules of the next launches and conferences that can be attended. Business and financial information is available to view and there are sections for the public, students, media and teachers containing advice and useful information.


3) Space Daily –

Space Daily is a magazine dedicated to Space. All issues of the magazine both current and past can be viewed on the site containing interesting articles, facts and news connected to Space exploration. Reviews on NASA developments are given and there is a featured section on Rocket Science. Details on the latest Space projects can be found with all news and events being reported.  Information for receiving the magazine is given and subscription to the site is free.


4) – provides weather reports for Space. News is given on solar winds, solar flares, positions of approaching asteroids, interplanetary magnetic fields, geomagnetic storms and sunspots. Articles and news is featured in a special ‘Science@NASA’ section along with photographs and special Space-weather alerts can be emailed or messaged directly. A list of all possible asteroid encounters with earth along with distances is shown and links are provided to gain further information.


5) Space News –

Space News has been in publication for over twenty years and delivers the latest news and events on Satellite Telecom, Civil and Military Space as well as financial reports. Highlights and upcoming events are featured with a Space directory along with launch reports. All articles are well constructed with photographs adding to understanding. Breaking headlines are reported using videos with subscription to the community and e- newsletters being offered to provide further information.


6) Space Answers –

This is the website for the magazine All about Space. All editions can be viewed digitally on the site including back issues. Topics featured are Astronomy, deep Space, future tech, solar system and Space exploration with articles, facts and photographs being offered for each one. News and random picks are highlighted with a special section for illustrations. A further section containing videos to view is given and an FAQ is available on the site along with details of subscription.


7) Hubblesite –

This site is named after the Hubble telescope and in fact has a section dedicated entirely to the telescope as well as much information on Space in general. The latest news and press releases from Space can be found and a special section explores astronomy. There are many articles, videos and podcasts all about Space with books, applications and a photo gallery featured. A reference section is given containing FAQ, charts, catalogues and additional resources along with a further section looking at the future in Space. The site mentions many interesting places to visit and activities to do in connection with Space and a list of museums and educational establishments are given.


8) – is part of a large international group which covers civil, military and commercial Space, Space policy, Astronomy and Space technology. Articles can be read on the Space station, NASA and missions with a separate section for Space-weather. Each planet can be individually chosen to reveal further articles and photographs and a special section features asteroids and comets. Certain topics are suggested for viewing and updates from the site can be emailed.


9) National Space Society –

The National Space Society is a non-profit organisation and ranks quite high on Membership details are given on the site and there is an online store for buying Space merchandise. A special section is dedicated to exploration and development and a list of activities on the site are offered. Space news can be read in magazines, book reviews and blogs and there is a library of videos to watch along with a special section on Space Settlements which offers informative explanations and ideas. The site is currently looking for volunteers to give a helping hand with administrative tasks.


10) –

Stellarium is a large 3D sky, similar to that of the Planetarium. There is a guide with instructions on how to operate the ‘sky’ along with the system requirements and a long list of collaborators for help and support. The system features a catalogue of over 600,000 stars, images of nebulae, Milky Way, constellations, planets and satellites along with realistic sunrises and sunsets. The facility to zoom images is available with special visualisation effects of twinkling and shooting stars, eclipse and supernova simulation. Extra catalogues and plug-ins are offered and a gallery of photographs can be viewed.


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