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Whether you’re studying, researching, working, thinking, or plain just feel like writing something, everybody needs a good notebook and pen at the very least. Sometimes it’s difficult to find just the right stationery in the shops, and many unique pieces are only available through the internet. Luckily, there are a multitude of different sites you can purchase some excellent stationery from, regardless of the purpose for it. If you’re an office who uses reporter’s notebooks, or a dreamy writer looking for the perfect equipment for you to sit on the beach writing your thoughts on paper, these sites are bound to have exactly what you’re looking for.


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1. Amazon –

Amazon is a market leader in pretty much every product you can think to buy, and stationery is definitely no exception to the rule. You can buy everything from Amazon, including bulk pieces of stationery that will save you a lot of money in the future! You can also get all the famous names on Amazon – Cath Kidston, Paperchase etc – sometimes at better prices than you would directly from the retailers. Quite literally everything is available here, from notepads to erasers and everything in between, Amazon can cater for all of your stationery essentials.




2. Ebay –

If you’re looking for a quick buy or a fantastic bargain, Ebay is where you want to be. This is the site where people sell off the things they don’t want, but there is quite literally everything you could ever think of. Lots of people put their unwanted goods on Ebay as a one penny auction – yes, one penny – so you could quite easily pick up all of your stationery desires for a couple of pennies! There’s also some rare and unique items available on Ebay, including hand made stationery, so this is perfect if you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind unique piece of stationery!




3. Paperchase –

An excellent contender in the stationery market, Paperchase specialize in unique and exceptionally pretty notebooks and pens, perfect for the students amongst us. However, they also do business stationery, such as organisers, guest books and storage files, so they’re often the go-to stationery supplier for small businesses or offices. They’re also stockists of the famous Moleskine notebooks of all sizes, which have quickly become extremely popular throughout the globe.




4. Ryman –

Founded in 1893, Ryman is probably one of the longest standing stationery businesses around today. They’ve quickly become associated with offices and businesses as they’re perfect for buying in bulk from. Not only do they sell the typical office stationery, they sell other essentials like printers and ink, desks and office technology. You can order online or over the phone which is perfect for those who prefer talking to someone, and they also offer free next day delivery which is an important feature for many businesses today.




5. W H Smith –

This company are a well recognized high street brand, bringing everything from books to printers to the public since the 1970’s. Commonly referred to simply as ‘Smiths’, it’s the go-to high street retailer for most people looking for stationery. However, their online store often stocks items that are unavailable in their brick-and-mortar stores, so it’s always a good bet to use the online store as well if you’re looking for something specific.




6. Tesco –

Although Tesco is generally thought of as a grocery store, somewhere to do your weekly shopping, in recent years they have expanded into other areas of retail. One of these areas is stationery. Tesco now offer their own brand of stationery, along with other famous brands such as Sharpie, Berol and Bic. They also offer filofaxes and diaries, perfect for organising your daily life. Regardless of your price range or what you’re looking to buy, Tesco are bound to have it in their online store.




7. Viking Direct –

We didn’t really hear much of Viking until recent years, but boy have they boomed into the stationery market ever since! They offer quite literally everything you could ever need stationery wise, especially for businesses, from ink to labels, envelopes and printer paper, batteries and furniture. They also do some fantastic offers on a daily basis that any buyer would benefit from.




8. Cath Kidston –

Cath Kidston has quickly become a household name when it comes to unique, luxury stationery that stands out from the crowd. Her pretty floral designs coupled with the smooth italics of her brand name make this appealing to the younger market, particularly students and writers. Her brand has extended rapidly to a point where she now boasts a multitude of different stationery items, so you could quite literally have a full set of beautiful and eye catching Cath Kidston stationery!




9. Wilko –

The high street retailer Wilkinson’s have recently been re-branded as Wilko, but the name still stands as fully known in your average household. With the introduction of being able to buy products online, their range of stationery has expanded rapidly into a full blown range of beautiful stationery that you can buy online. The stationery in Wilko’s tends to be based on the season, so if you’re the kind of person who likes to stay on top of the fashion trends, Wilko will definitely have something to suit your tastes.




10. Euroffice –

With the tag line ‘Your office, our passion’, it’s fair to say that you expect exceptional service as well as top quality stationery that you can rely on every time. Euroffice definitely provides all that to you, and more. With some fantastic offers available and free UK delivery on orders over £30, this is the perfect site to get your stationery from, especially for a small business on a tight budget. They also offer a credit account, making it even easier and financially viable to provide stationery in your office without breaking the bank.


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