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As more stock market investors switch to online accounts to save on commissions they find it necessary to do their own research now that they do not have a stock broker to get regular advice from. This trend has made stock trading forums quite popular and as a result there are new ones popping up quite often. That doesn’t mean that all of them are any better than playing “Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Moe” or tossing a dart at the stock page of the newspaper. So, how does one choose a useful stock trading forum? One way is to consider the Alexa traffic rating of the sites. The lower the number the more traffic it is receiving and that means there are a number of people that trust it. A stock trading forum does not become popular if it isn’t easy to use and well organized. With that said, below are ten of the most heavily trafficked stock trading forums.


1. Investors Hub:  

Global Alexa Rating: 1,736


Investors Hub offers two membership levels as well as the ability to read messages without even registering. As a registered user there are six activities allowed – read messages, post messages, a personalized favorites page, a my stocks area, market data tools and post stream option. The premium membership also includes an all posts search, private messaging, reading entire messages 10/50/100 at a time, viewing messages by author 50 at a time, unlimited posts, posting access to premium boards, message foldering/storage, unlimited ignores/filtering, auto-refreshing of key pages and a premium status icon. One look at the homepage will enlighten one as to why this site ranks number one on this list. It is well organized and includes lots of tools such as newsletter partners, stock market videos and data tools.



2. TradeKing:

Global Alexa Rating: 12,121


TradeKing has many tools including trade notes, a forum and blogs designed to assist investors. The forum isn’t fancy but it does have a fair amount of discussion on topics such as stocks, options, mutual funds and penny stocks. This is all part of the service they offer as an online stock brokerage offering flat rate stock trades and option trades. They offer live chat and email which can also be a great tool for an investor. Their trader network boasts over 75,000 traders. Besides the useful forums, the trade notes are a great way to see exactly what other traders are doing – what they just bought and sold along with their notes about why they did so. They also have over 150 groups such as beginning investors, options for beginners, value investing and pennystocktraders.



3. Elite Trader:   

Global Alexa Rating: 21,354


Anyone can view the messages on this forum site but only registered members are allowed to post messages which is typical with most forums. One of the things that make this site popular is the Latest Broker Ratings section. This can be a great place to look first when trying to decide which online brokerage to use. Users post about their experiences – both good and bad. There is also an area for software reviews. The forums are well organized into categories making it easy to locate a topic of interest whether that is stocks, options, Wall Street news, economics, technical analysis, tools of the trade, futures , BitCoin or Forex trading. Sponsors cover the cost of the site so there isn’t any membership fee.



4. TraderJI.Com:   

Global Alexa Rating: 23,291


This online community currently has over 185,000 registered members with nearly 800,000 posts to close to 50,000 threads. Unregistered guests have limited access but it is free to register and thus have unlimited access to post topics, communicate privately with other members, respond to polls, upload content and a host of other special features. The main categories for this forum site are welcome, trading & investing; the markets; methods & strategies; IPO’s, mutual funds & ETF’s; tools & resources; member forums and community centre. A great tool for those new to stock market investing is their Beginners Guide area. This is not a fancy forum but it is well organized with quite a few users active at any given time (1,688 at the moment of this review for example although they have had as many as 2,118 which is their current record).



5. Trade2Win:

Global Alexa Rating: 23,771


The T2W site has three main areas – the forums, articles and reviews. Their forum currently has over 300,000 members, over 1.2 million posts and nearly 90,000 threads. The forum is categorized into Reception (welcome and first steps), Markets (stocks, indices, forex, futures & options, commodities & money markets, and fixed odds & binary betting), Commercial (direct access, forex brokers, spread betting & CFD’s, trading software and educational resources), Methods (discretionary trading, trading systems, technical analysis and more) and Trading Career (home trader, trading firms and techies corner). Each main topic shows how many users are viewing it.  The articles section and reviews section are also quite useful. They also have an ebook for sale called Trading FAQs.



6. Big Mike’s Trading Forum:

Global Alexa Rating: 41,809


There are some superb tools on this trading forum including access to training webinars and videos. There is also one webinar on the homepage accessible without even registering for the forums. The topic of the webinar does change every so often though. Some webinars are available to all registered members and some are reserved for elite members. There are also other advantages of being an elite member including access to exclusive downloads and threads.  A nice feature of this site is being able to watch video journals posted by other members and being able to post your own. Only registered members can view these. It is also neat to be able to view who else is currently active and whether they are a registered user, administrator, moderator, elite member or market wizard. Click on their name and see their profile including statistics, friends and experience.



7. The Lion:

Global Alexa Rating: 69,725


The Lion has a nicely arranged homepage that includes a quick way to see those forums recently updated, those most active trader forums, most active stock forums and the newly created trader forums. Another nice feature of this site is the ability to track those users with the highest reputations to see what they are posting. This can be a great tool for following someone that could make a great mentor. The Lion also holds contests now and then with some pretty nice prizes offered. Registered users can participate in the Stock Portfolio feature to see how their stock choices stack up to other members. This can also be a great tool to see what stocks the leaders chose.


8. Traders Laboratory:

Global Alexa Rating: 71,827


Traders Laboratory is full of features to aid investors including the discussion forum, broker and vendor reviews, trading videos, trading blogs and a live chat room. Registration to the site is free. Registered members can post comments, join market discussions, view and download attachments, use the advanced search feature, instant message other members and watch multimedia presentations. One helpful feature of this site is their Dictionary section which is a great place to gain knowledge about all the terms used in investing. The economic calendar, world clock and derivatives report offered in the toolbox are useful tools. The forums are well organized and the site currently has just under 90,000 registered members.

9. Hot Stock Market:

Global Alexa Rating: 84,957


Though not as active as some of the other forums, this site is nice for some of the other tools it has including groups, education section, chat, gallery and live charts. The gallery has photos of both humor and informational content. The education section has lots of articles and videos for helping investors learn more about trading, investing and how to use the site. Users can register to use the site or connect through Facebook. The site currently has over 60,000 registered members, over 50,000 threads and nearly 3 million posts. On a weekly basis they run a poll and post a bull/bear recap.




Global Alexa Rating: 259,794


The last in this list is a site that although it gets quite a bit of guest viewing doesn’t have the membership of some of the other sites – there are only about 16,000 members currently. A unique feature of this site is a birthdays section which gives the site a community feel. An interesting feature of this site is that members can set up private clubs with themselves as moderator. The site has general forums, strategy trading forums, NeoTicker, MetaTrader 4, and nonlinear dynamic systems forums.

Since all of these sites have free registration enabling most of the features the best idea is to register for all of them and then spend time with each to see which of them are the most useful given the type of trading the user is interested in. At that point those that have fees for expanded membership capabilities might be worth looking into. Many do not have premium features and may be enough for the average investor. The best thing to remember about investing is the importance of keeping up to date with news and trends that affect the markets and a forum is an ideal place to keep informed.


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