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Computer data storage is a technology consisting of computer components and recording media to retain digital data and is a core function of computers. The central processing unit, or CPU as it is also known as, manipulates the data and places fast and small storage options close to the CPU, but slower and larger storage options further away from it. The fast are referred to as memory, whilst the slow are referred to as storage, but they can be interchangeable. The CPU consists of two main parts; the control unit, which controls the flow of data between the memory and the CPU and the arithmetic logic unit or ALU, which performs arithmetic and logical operations on the data. Without a significant amount of memory the computer is unable to perform, but memory can be extended and added to computers in order to upgrade them. Text, numbers, audio and pictures are converted into bits or binary digits with each one having a value of 1 to 10. The most common form of storage is a byte, which is the equivalent of 8 bits and about 1,250 pages of information can be stored in 5 megabytes, which is 40 million bits with one byte per character. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for storage and the list will be useful for anyone who is wishing to know further information about the subject.


storage 1


1. – offers a free version of available software with 1GB of storage and 25MB file limit, but there are also several pricing plans available for upgraded versions consisting of more storage for only £3.50 per month. The system is compatible with Java and features include management of content, secured sharing of large files and desktop file synchronisation. It integrates easily with apps and full details about the functions and the benefits can be found on the site.


storage 2


2. – operates very similar to, but is cheaper at $5 with unlimited storage. The files are heavily protected, encrypted and packaged and there is a tool for transferring files. Files can be shared in simple steps and there is automatic back-up as well as fast downloading of files. The system is compatible with Windows or Mac and is also available for android.


storage 3


3. – allows you to select the files and folders you want to archive. Back-up is unlimited and the system costs $5 per month with other plans available. The process of archiving is easy and the desktop software is used for restoring. It is also safe and secure with different plans offered for small businesses. You can test the system with a free trial and there is an affiliate programme in place with full support available if needed.


storage 4


4. – has a system which provides unlimited storage for your files and is available for $5.99 per month. The service uses 128 bit encryption for transferring files and its unique feature is bandwidth throttling for back-ups. The system prompts you when to back-up music, audio, video, documents and contacts and is available for you to try for free. You can restore and access files with live support available if necessary along with a full FAQ.


storage 5


5. –

Dropbox is available for computers, phone or tablets so you can edit your documents, videos and photographs from anywhere. Sharing is simple and there is automatic privacy which you can control as well as fast restoration and security with 256 bit encryption and 2-step verification. Dropbox is also adaptable for businesses with admin controls and full support and is available for $10 per year for 50GB or $20 per year for 100GB.


storage 6


6. –

This site has recently implemented a new feature as you can store any file you need. The files can also be emailed or uploaded on the web with 1GB being offered for free or the option to pay 0.25 cents per GB for more space. It is compatible with Gmail and other Google services and access to files can be given to friends or the public alike. There is a search facility provided for photos and PDF files, but back-ups are slow along with response times in the support section.


storage 7


7. – offers 7GB of free cloud storage, which is accessible from anywhere. The programme supports photos as well as documents and is available for PC, Mac, phones and tablets. Skydrive also supports many apps enabling you to sync, save and access all in one place and there is a section on the site to compare the performance with other storage programmes. Further sections can be found for ‘how to’ along with support and there is a link for downloads and an online shop.


storage 8

8. –

Documents, photos and music will never be lost again with IDrive. Your data is encrypted and stored safely on their servers and access can only be gained by you with your own personal code. The device has unlimited backup in real-time which can be compressed with the facility for restoring and creating sub-accounts. You can manually run archive cleanup to match your computer data to your account and activity reports will be sent to keep you informed.


storage 9


9. –

Binfire is available with 3 different pricing plans from $9.99, but you can try the device for free. It comes with a maximum storage of 100GB and 200MB maximum file size. Other features include SSL, document history, group chat, interactive whiteboard, admin console, permissions and dedicated support along with task management to facilitate communication within your team. There is a user guide on the site and it supports a wide variety of project management methodologies.


storage 10


10. –

You can synchronise all your folders with this device and change files from one computer to another. You can access and edit your online files even when you are not connected and there is automatic backup for complete peace of mind. There is the facility to share all your files instantly from your desktop, watch videos and listen to music. It is compatible with Windows, Mac and android and can be found for mobiles in the app store on the site.




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