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A student looking for Apps?

A freshman, or fresher or preppie as they are sometimes known as, is a first year student in secondary school, high school, college or university and in the United States this is known as the 8th grade. For many students it is classed as the first year of adulthood and is the beginning of further education and a new cycle. Students tend to lead very busy lives, as studying and learning along with revision, preparation and coursework can leave little time for socialising and enjoyment. Freedom to learn can be applied not only in the classroom, but also in the outside world as there are many things to see and discover and new friends and people to meet. Since most students are always on-the-go it is important to keep in touch with old friends and family as well as inform new acquaintances of whereabouts, events and occurrences. Nowadays with the invention of the Internet that has become easier since there are many apps that have been invented for using on mobile phones enabling students to inform friends of movements and also keep track of lectures, lessons and important notes. There are now apps that assist students with studying and exam preparation and also further enhancements that save time and add generally to make life simpler. If this is your first year of study or you are a very busy student and need assistance then the list of apps below will come in very useful. The apps have all been designed with students in mind and the best news of all is that they are all free.




1. Find My Friends –

Find My Friends allows you to keep in touch and locate your student friends easily and works with iPhones, iPods and iPads. Adding a friend is a simple process and once a friend accepts your request they are also able to locate you. You can share your locations with groups and features include temporary sharing option, location-based alerts, privacy controls and parental restrictions with the app being available in many languages.



2. Jorte Calendar –

This is one of the most popular calendars and organisers, with over 18 million downloads so far. It is easy to use for business or for personal use and features include cloud feature for multi-device use and back-up, widget settings, weekly and monthly views, highlighted reminders, Google calendar synchronisation, starting day adjustment, export to CSV format and control of Google maps and Google voice search. The display screen automatically adjusts to your screen size on your Smartphone or your tablet and many languages are in the making as help is required with translation for a new update.




3. –

Mint helps you organise and categorise your spending as a student so you can keep abreast of your costs.  You can see your balances and transactions all in one place and can keep track of investments and achieve your goals in a secure environment. The app helps with budgeting, gives you time alerts and also has useful graphs and bill reminders as well as automatic categorisation. Useful tips and advice on saving can be found and full details can be read on the site.




4. –

Seamless allows you to order food without calling as you discover new places and restaurants with over 12,000 menus to select. You can order any time from any place and the need for paper menus is eliminated as you can receive exclusive offers and deals whilst saving on your favourite dishes. The app sends your order to the restaurant and you receive a confirmation email of pick up time or delivery time, if the restaurant has this service. There is a blog on the site for commenting and if you have a restaurant, then the makers would like to hear from you. Great for meal times whilst being a student.




5. –

This app makes it easy to see what your college friends are doing and whether they are going out for the evening. You can see all their activities and appointments and consolidate all activities into one, making organising an event a simple and easy process. You control your own plans as well as who sees your information and there are colour-codes for staying in, going out or undecided. You can even specify how you want your evening to look so friends can inform you if they want to join in.




6. Dominos –

Dominos Pizza now has an app which functions with your mobile phone so you can order your favourite pizza from anywhere. There are some delicious choices and you can add extra toppings and mix and match to suit your tastes. You simply enter your phone number and you will receive the link to download the app along with your own personal code.




7. Ice –

Ice stands for ‘in case of emergency’ and provides critical patient information to first responders in an emergency situation and then transmits the information to the emergency room before the patient arrives. If you are ill the app can do the talking for you and there are plans to expand the system. Details are provided on how to handle emergencies and clicking on the link will show details of which areas are currently covered as well as further details.




8. Couple –

Couple is an intimate way to share your life and stay in touch with your favourite person. All your special moments are kept together and stored in one place and there is the facility to send private messaging whether you are far apart or close by.  You can share audio, videos, lists and photos as well as make phone calls, send messages and share your location. You can also express your feelings with emoticons and the app is available with a wide range of features.




9. Tinder –

Tinder is an app that informs you of people you know nearby and allows you the option of anonymously liking them or passing them by. If both people like each other, then chat is permitted and an introduction is made. Logging in is achieved through Facebook and although the app is highly addictive, it has been criticised for its mild sexual content and lack of users as can be read in the reviews.



10. Sunrise –

Sunrise is a free calendar app with a different and colourful design, which is currently only compatible with Google Calendar at the moment. Synchronisation takes place in real-time and reminders are sent of any appointments that are added. You can view weather forecasts based on your location and tag people and locations to events and meetings. The app integrates with Google Maps for directions and reviews can be read by many satisfied customers.


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