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When applying for a job, it is important to remember that companies who are looking to hire staff and are actively advertising in newspapers, job agencies or on online sites are sometimes swamped with applications and CVs, with some receiving as much as 500 applicants to every available position. With so many to read and choose from many candidates receive no notification or acknowledgement from companies leading to bitter disappointment and feelings of being rejected. Besides having a winning CV that stands out from the rest, it is also important to have a cover letter to accompany the CV. With so many candidates to select and chose from, often prospective employers do not have the time to read all the applications and therefore the cover letter needs to stand out in order to gain attention and entice the reader to want to see more. The cover letter is usually attached to the front of the CV and is normally the first form of written contact that is visible making it a very important factor in applying for a job and gaining interviews. There are now many sites on the internet that offer advice for writing cover letters to accompany CVs. Writing techniques, presentation and suitable information can be found from these sites in order to achieve the correct balance for your cover letter.  Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet for advice on submitting a cover letter for a job. For those seeking employment the list will be very useful and may very well ensure that you soon receive good news.


job 1


1. –

This site has an entire page dedicated to writing a cover letter to match a dazzling CV. Free templates are offered for you to download and five golden rules are stated along with a suggested layout and further tips, hints and advice. There are articles to read and there is also a checklist for you to tick the points along the way and sections for obtaining a winning CV can also be found. Advice includes ‘how to keep it simple’ and demonstrate that you understand the role you are applying for as well as the company and experts are on hand if you need assistance.


job 2


2. –

The jobsite Monster has information for writing a cover letter. The information explores what needs to be included in the letter and why it is needed along with cover letter tips for new graduates. Explanations can be found for the difference in letters for online and offline and there is a video to view for guidance. Further advice and hints can be found on the site along with information for writing CVs and a section for job searching.



3. The Guardian –

The Guardian has some very good tips about sending a cover letter with a CV and there are articles to read on such topics as grammar, recruiter insights, preparing for job interviews and preparing a CV as well as advice from experts in the field of recruitment. There are sections for cover letters, CVs, interviews and graduates with videos to view and a forum to assist you.


cv 4


4. Reed –

Reed is a leading job agency in the UK and their website has a page containing information on how to write a winning cover letter to send with your CV. A step-by-step guide is given for writing a cover letter with tips and advice and the emphasis is firmly on addressing and researching the company first. There are suggested paragraphs to include in your letter and explanations on how to present it with a selection of related articles to assist you.


job 5


5. –

This site is a very good source for seeking advice on writing a cover letter with explanations about what information is necessary and required, basic tips, how to construct the letter and why the cover letter is important. There is a section for getting career advice from experts and also samples of written cover letters can be found for you to use as examples. Descriptions can be found on how to sell yourself and your skills in a cover letter in just a few words and you can also search for jobs on the site.


job 6


6. –

Prospects is the UK’s official graduate careers website and contains a section dedicated to CVs and cover letters. It explains the importance of the cover letter and also gives examples for you to follow and details about what information to write can also be found. You can see the best starts and endings for the cover letter as well as write a letter for a job that is not advertised and the do’s and don’ts of information to disclose is also given. All the examples given can be downloaded and there are links leading to further information.


job 7


7. –

This site has advice to give regarding writing a good cover letter to attach to a CV for a job application. It mentions the introduction, the content and the quality of the writing and there are links provided leading to example cover letters to view as well as a list of questions and answers that are in place to help you. Further links lead to articles containing information and tips for cover letters and jobs can also be searched on the site.


job 8


8. –

This site is a great resource for writing covers letters. There is an online cover letter builder with professional examples for you to follow and there are sections for formatting, tips, substance, etiquette, preparation, content and research. There are also samples and templates for you to download and follow as well as links to articles and further information. Each industry is listed with an example cover letter attached and there is a final checklist to ensure you have covered all the details needed.


job 9


9. – has a section explaining how to write a great cover letter to attach to your CV in order to make it stand out and get noticed. The emphasis is firmly on research and knowing the details about the company you are applying to and targeting the content of the letter correctly. There is a section on how to address the letter and begin along with the structure and paragraph layout, which is given as an example. Important points to note can be found and the facility to search for jobs is also given.


job 10


10. –

This site has a page for writing cover letters and gives explanations as well as five examples for you to read in order to give the correct correspondence. The site mentions the importance of the cover letter in order to attract attention to a possible future employer and to ensure that you demonstrate attention to detail. Links are provided leading to further information and career advice can also be found.


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