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There are numerous reasons for conducting a survey. They can be used for business purposes such as marketing analysis, customer satisfaction and employee satisfaction gauges. University students are often tasked with conducting surveys as part of a class or individual project. They can even be used to help determine if a new business idea is sound. Surveys and polls are growing in number because people often really enjoy participating. This is especially true when it is regarding something they want to have a say in – such as the next unique flavour to be offered by Ben and Jerry or Frito Lay! The following ten websites are for survey software options that can be used by just about anyone. They are listed in order of their Alexa traffic count rating. Any pricing is as of the writing of this review and as such is subject to change.


survey software 1


1. SurveyMonkey:  

Global Alexa Rating: 472

SurveyMonkey offers 4 different plans as well as an Enterprise plan designed for larger businesses. The basic plan is a free plan that can be a fun way to compile information from social media such as Facebook. It allows for 10 questions per survey and 100 responses per survey. It is an easy-to-use web-based survey tool. The other three plans all include unlimited questions and unlimited responses. The decision about which to go with will depend on which features are required. Plans range from $17/month to $65/month billed annually. The lowest plan also has a monthly plan option. Each level includes all the features of the previous levels. SurveyMonkey has easy question creation with 15 question types including rating scales, multiple choice and more or you can create your online surveys from scratch. They also have certified questions from their library of question templates. Users can easily customize the look of the survey by adding their logo, company name, colors and images and then create their own survey URL. Use the URL by putting the link in emails, on websites, on Facebook or just about anyplace. They also have their SurveyMonkey audience, which is millions of respondents that are ready to provide answers to surveys. You’ll get real-time charts and graphs, along with the ability to download results with a variety of export options.


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2. SurveyGizmo:

Global Alexa Rating: 4,612

SurveyGizmo offers a variety of plans and pricing, including free, student and non-profit accounts. You can get started with a 14-day free trial as well. SurveyGizmo is an easy to learn survey software that gives you complete brand and design control. Use their beautifully designed themes or create custom ones. They have designers that can do that for you also. Their reporting and analytics tools allow you to analyze the data quickly and easily. They offer over 30 question types so you are no longer reduced to simple multiple choice or open text – go beyond quantitative and qualitative surveys!  They have 4 different plans. The free plan offers unlimited questions and 350 responses per month. It includes 8 basic question types, CSV export of data and very basic reporting. The basic plan is $19/month and allows for unlimited responses. It includes survey and design templates, 28+ question types, triggered emails, skip logic, stunning reports and phone & email support. The professional plan is $75/month. It includes everything under the basic plan as well as complete brand control, custom themes, integrations, 20+ publishing methods, 12 action types, email campaigns, advanced logic, branching & looping, advanced reporting and export to SPSS & Word. The enterprise plan includes all the professional features as well as multiple teams, custom user roles, client management, SurveyGizmo training and 5 user seats. It costs $159/month.


survey software 3


3. Cvent Web Surveys:   

Global Alexa Rating: 6,947

Cvent has long been known in the events and meetings industry. It is a fantastic tool for organizing events. The company has 1,400+ employees worldwide and 187,000 event planner and hoteliers use their products. Web Surveys is their tool for helping organizations streamline the way they collect feedback and timely business intelligence. It goes beyond just being a part of holding an event, as it can be used to test markets, qualify leads, measure program effectiveness, enhance company culture and gauge stakeholder opinions, just to mention a few uses. They do not list any pricing on their website, but it can be obtained by submitting a request for a quote. The website is useful also for the articles found their including survey details, survey resources, survey white papers and case studies. The blog section also offers a webinar to watch. On the blog page you’ll also find the options to sign up for a demo and a link to try Web Surveys for free.


survey software 4


4. FluidSurveys:   

Global Alexa Rating: 13,757

FluidSurveys is an online survey software that allows you to create online, offline, mobile & tablet surveys and forms in minutes, and you can even get started for free! They have over 100,000 happy customers, thus far. They have two locations – Bridgwater, NJ in the US and Ottawa, ON in Canada. They have intuitive and full-featured tools that both beginners and advanced users will appreciate. Users can sign up for a personalized, one-on-one demonstration of the software. Every plan comes with a 30-day money back guarantee. Pro is $17/month, and Ultra is $49/month (billed annually). Enterprise software is also available by quote. The free plan is perfect for giving the software a try. It offers unlimited surveys with 20 questions and 150 responses per survey. Select the Tour tab on the website to see all the tools for building surveys, collecting responses and analyzing data. You can create beautiful mobile-friendly surveys and gather responses through Smartphones and tablets. Interactive questions make surveys engaging and easy for respondents.


survey software 5


5. Snap Surveys:

Global Alexa Rating: 78,027

With Snap Survey software you can produce online, paper and mobile versions of your questionnaire and combine all your results into one data set for analysis. They offer automated smart reports so you can quickly produce multiple variations of your report with content tailored to the target audience, such as for specific regions, departments or managers. A nice feature of Snap Surveys is the ability to surveys in any language, including right to left and character-based languages. This is a great tool for global companies, especially when trying to survey a new country one is considering entering into. Snap Surveys has partnered with panel experts Clint to bring you access to over 7 million respondents in more than 50 countries. It can be fun to join their team as a respondent and get paid for your opinions.  A demo and pricing can be requested from the website.

survey software 6

6. SoGoSurvey:

Global Alexa Rating: 117,672

The SoGo Survey software is easy for beginners, yet powerful for experts. They list ten reasons why those using other survey software should switch to them. 1) customizeable look and feel 2) fully customizable invitations 3) intelligent reminders 4) bulletproof control over ballet box stuffing 5) pre-population 6) anonymity 7) customizeable and shareable reports 8) lots of reports! 9) super reports! 10) better design, easier to use. Granted, 3 of these have to do with reports, but then that is why you do surveys, right? They have a free plan that never requires a credit card. It includes 15 surveys, 75 questions and 200 responses.  Need more features? Then look to the other 3 plans that are all still very affordable. Professional is just $12 per month, billed annually or $19 if month-to-month. The website has a very nicely prepared chart comparing the features of the various plans. Go through the tour and you’ll be amazed that it is this inexpensive. They have a very good customer support team with 83% of all support emails are answered in less than 20 minutes and 18% handled within 20 to 30 minutes. This is one of many reasons why they enjoy a 97% retention rate. The site also includes a user guide, video tutorials, a blog, testimonials, feature search and discussion forum.


survey software 7


7. eSurveysPro:

Global Alexa Rating: 128,482

Using just your browser you can easily create the most complex online surveys with eSurveysPro. The site has a number of survey templates which can be a great time saver. They have customer satisfaction surveys, human resources surveys, marketing research surveys, services evaluation surveys and academic questionnaire templates. The site also includes a tips & tricks section with valuable advice about things such as survey design and ways to increase response rates. They have a free account as well as 5 other levels: basic, premium, corporate, enterprise and dedicated. They range from $100/year to $2,400/year. A nice feature is that their free account is not limited like some other services – unlimited surveys, unlimited questions and unlimited responses. It just doesn’t have as many features as the paid plans. Select ‘compare accounts’ for a side by side comparison which makes it easy to select the plan that has the bells and whistles you need. The software is a product of Outside Software Inc. located in Bucharest, Romania.


survey software 8


8. Survey Methods:

Global Alexa Rating: 193,034

SurveyMethods is one of the easiest to use survey software packages on the market. To make it even easier they have a survey library full of useful surveys so you don’t even have to start from scratch if you don’t want to. There are 4 different plan levels to choose from. Basic is a free plan that includes unlimited surveys with up to 500 responses and 20 questions per survey, unlimited polls and a few of the key features and many of the additional features. Advanced is just $9/month and has unlimited surveys, polls and more features. Professional is $39/month and has all the features. Enterprise is the same as professional except that it is 10 accounts. It is just $156/month or $1,872 per year. The other plans do not have an annual rate. One nice thing about the comparison chart on this website is that it goes into the various types of survey questions allowed and you can mouse over the names for a description of them. The features also have a mouse over feature for more information. They also have a program in place for academic and non-profits. Free accounts also include a 7-day free trial professional account so that you can experience all the features of SurveyMethods. The website has a demo, sample survey and sample results.


survey software 9


9. Creative Research Systems:

Global Alexa Rating: 213,981

Creative Research Systems is the answer when indepth analysis will be needed. This exceptional survey software package is ideal for mixed-mode surveys which combine two or more survey methods. One capability that they have that few others do is the ability to record comments from respondents with their voice capture survey module. They have three editions: Evaluation Edition, Professional Edition and Enterprise Edition. Optional modules are also offered. The website is very thorough in its explanation of the software, the modules and the packages they offer. They are located in Petaluma, California, US. There is an input screen for requesting a free quote as well as a telephone number to get a free consultation. They also provide web survey hosting, training workshops and data processing services. They have been around since 1982, making them one of the oldest companies around.


survey software 10


10. NOVI Systems: 

Global Alexa Rating: 1,182,998

NOVI Systems offers users a choice when it comes to survey software. They have both an online survey tool that has instant access and no software to install and online survey software that you install on your own server and then receive free survey software upgrades with a perpetual license that never expires. The online option starts at just $18/month. The installed software option begins at $990.  There are 4 different levels of online hosted plans and 3 different software packages. There is a very comprehensive features chart comparing all 7 options. The pricing chart is equally as comprehensive. One feature that is different with them is that their advanced online levels are able to be customized to have additional accounts in the same package. Most other software companies only have individual licenses. This advantage means collaboration with other users is possible without going to the enterprise level that other companies require.

When it comes to choosing survey software, a lot rests on how easy it is to set up a survey, how customizable it is and how comprehensive the analytical and statistical tools are. It is ideal to go with the free and free trial options before purchasing. If they offer any period of time in which you can use all the features that is the best option. It is likely that most of the free options will not have the features needed overall since a business can use surveys for so many things which will give the software quite a workout.




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