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1. International Table Tennis Federation –

A very informative site, as can be deduced from the name. In-depth information is given on all tournaments and events in the world of Table Tennis, both past and present, along with the rankings of all top players. There is a wide range of articles to read on the history, coaching and training of the sport as well as reviews for the latest available equipment. Leading players contribute comments regarding new developments within the sport and there is a comprehensive ‘junior’ section providing current news, information and advice for champions of the future. From the quality and amount of information that is provided, it can be deduced that the site is used by professionals, amateurs, media and enthusiasts alike making it a top site for table tennis.


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2. Denis TT World –

Denis TT World has over 5,000 members within its community. Joining the forum is welcomed and all articles, comments and contributions to the ‘blogs tab’ are gratefully received. Books, DVD’s and videos about the sport can be viewed and there are useful tips and techniques for new players in the beginners guide. Table Tennis rules and regulations are clearly laid out and links can be found for other sites to gain further information.


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3. Table Tennis Master –

This site encourages new members to join the social community and offers three training videos as a reward. Past championship games and matches can be viewed in videos and photographs and thorough instructions for training and coaching can be found in the step-by-step video guides. There are many Table Tennis groups that can be joined and involvement in any of the discussions currently taking place in the forum is encouraged along with posting comments on all of the blogs.


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4. All About Table Tennis –

Interesting facts and information can be found here on playing the sport, the rules, the best equipment to use, the tournaments to play as well as the history of the game and interviews from players. The latest updates are given in the blogs and the site relies heavily on its supporters for contributions. Any questions regarding the sport are welcome and articles on famous Table Tennis scenes from films can be read. The concept and idea of the site clearly came from a deep passion and love for the sport.


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5. Table Tennis Bug –

This site mainly consists of blog postings on Table Tennis aided by photographs. However, the blogs are updated regularly and followers and supporters of the sport are invited to join and participate. An extensive list of clubs and associations for enthusiasts is given, which can be selected by region or country and there are many useful links attached to the blogs for gaining further information on players and articles.


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6. Table Tennis Database –

Although this site does have an online shop, it functions exactly as its name suggests by giving reviews on all Table Tennis products which can be searched for in the database. All equipment is performance rated by experienced users and members are welcome to participate by adding reviews and comments to the blogs. There are hundreds of videos to view giving advice on training and coaching as well as interviews and documentaries from top players. After joining, you can add and edit any of the topics under the ‘coach wiki tab’ which offers constructive and professional advice on all shots, footwork, serves and strategies of the game.


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7. Table Tennis Daily –

Table Tennis Daily gives all the latest information on current events, tournaments and matches throughout the world via news-feed and live streaming. After registering, you can interact and chat with other members in the community and contribute and comment on any of the current topics in the forum which is updated instantly. Videos from matches showing important points can be viewed in the ‘media tab’ and you can subscribe to receive the latest news on Table Tennis given in the newsletter.


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8. European Table Tennis Union –

A top tech site, with a special news centre dedicated to showing all the latest matches from tournaments not only in Europe, but globally, using special effects videos and stunning photography. There are further photographs to view in the gallery depicting the top players in action. There is a very informative calendar and a catalogue of events, meetings and press conferences both past and present along with players’ current rankings and contact details of all Table Tennis associations listed throughout the world. Under the ‘development tab’ a list of future planned projects for the sport can be found, with sponsorship programmes and assistance being offered for children, private clubs and para Table Tennis societies. All articles are precisely constructed and clearly demonstrated further adding a professional presence to the site.


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9. English Table Tennis –

Although the site is very presentable and offers a great deal of in-depth information, it is concerned mostly with Table Tennis matters within the U.K. However, there are a few articles dedicated to international events although not in great detail. Information on tournaments, events and developments for the sport within the U.K. are found and you can insert your post-code to find the nearest Table Tennis club to suit your needs. Useful facts and topical articles are posted and you are invited to participate with comments after joining.


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10. Pongworld Table Tennis-

Membership is needed to join the society of Pongworld, where members are greatly encouraged to interact and get involved. There is a message board in the community where any topic regarding Table Tennis can be discussed and products and goods can be bought and sold in the classifieds. Ideas, articles and opinions are welcome and thoughts can be expressed in the survey results section. There is a database of worldwide players which can be searched to find a playing partner. Tips, tricks and reviews can be read about the sport and information on the top players is found along with their nationalities and rankings.



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