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Tattoos are a form of body art and identification marks and are made by inserting ink under the layer of skin by a trained tattooist. They were first introduced to Europe by the return of Captain Cook who in 1771 brought the idea back from New Zealand where it had been used for many years by the Maoris. There are many forms which can be produced by traditional methods and now permanent make-up is becoming very popular as a way of covering scarring tissue or eliminating the need to apply normal every day make-up. Since the 1970s the art of tattooing has grown in popularity in both sexes and recently has become a youthful trend as an acceptable sign of individuality and expression. After initial injection, the pigment is dispersed through the epidermis and upper dermis skin layers and as healing proceeds the skin flakes away revealing the layer of ink concentration. In the long-term the pigment tends to migrate deeper into the dermis allowing for old tattoos to fade. There are many designs to select and flowers, animals, initials and even photographs have now become a popular option. Below is a list of ten of the best tattoo design sites on the Internet today. There are thousands of designs to browse and if you are in need of some new ideas for your next then the list will be invaluable.


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1. – has some great ideas for tattoos with featured shops and artists given as well as deigns. You can find an artist in your local area and read the comments and threads in the blog and there are more than 50,000 photos to browse. Designs can be chosen from categories such as animals, Celtic, Chinese, Indian, fantasy, lettering, skulls, music and traditional to name a few and the facility to upload a design can be found.




2. –

This site can create a custom-made tattoo just for you or you can browse for ideas from the hundreds that are on display. You can try a design on one of your pictures to see how it looks as well as learn more about the online tattoo maker with a Japanese maker being available too.  There is a 60-day money-back guarantee and a gallery of photos to view with many fonts as well as colours to select.




3. –

This is a great site for fans of tattoos and offers much information. There is a fine art gallery to view and you can ‘test-drive’ with flash sets and flash organisers available. You can read about the artists as well as buy stick-on designs and there is even a cream available for rubbing on afterwards. The list of categories to select is enormous with animals, fruit, symbols, letters, family and sports being the most popular. A full FAQ can be found in support and there is the facility to create your own model tattoo portfolio.




4. –

Choosing a tattoo is simple and fast with this site. You search, save, download and print and all the designs come with stencils. There is a section to read all about the artists and designers and the latest and hottest designs are highlighted. The search facility allows you to type in any name to find a design and if you don’t know where to start then you can view the galleries for ideas. There is information regarding tattooing and the company itself and help is available if needed.




5. –

This site has many designs to select including angels, animals, Gothic, Celtic, Indian, symbols, lettering, religious, tribal, zodiac and nature to name a few and stencils can also be downloaded. There are sections on artists and flash-sets along with a blog containing further hints and ideas in the threads and posts. Tattoos for various accessory products are also available and you can look for a shop local to your area.




6. Free Tattoo Designs –

Free Tattoo Designs is exactly as the name suggests and contains hundreds of beautiful tattoos for you to browse and decide. There is a gallery with designs, placements and styles and many of the traditional designs are featured. There is a section for finding translations of tattoos in different languages as well as advice and tips and there is a special feature given on celebrities and their tattoos.




7. Tattoos and Art –

Tattoos and Art has over 10,000 different free designs in more than 200 categories to select. You can search, print and download the tattoos with the most popular being highlighted. There is a multitude of art resources on display and you can sign-up for a free newsletter and vote in the poll. Some of the most popular designs are angels, birds, crosses, Celtic symbols, flowers, nautical themes, zodiac art and tribal art with a section for ideas to assist you in your choice.




8. Chopper Tattoo –

This site provides you with a large selection of award winning tattoos and you can search thousands of designs to give you an idea. There is a design gallery and a section on the artists and a simple search facility is available to assist you in browsing. Some of the most popular designs include birds, tribal tattoos, dragons, crosses, stars, butterflies, fish, Celtic symbols, Gothic, Egyptian tattoos and armbands and membership to the site is welcome.




9. –

Flash and Furious is a French site with a free tattoo gallery. You can browse through the albums and archives to gain ideas for your next one and the most popular and recent designs are highlighted. You can vote for your favourites as well as download them and designs include Polynesian, tribal, Maori, Celtic and classical tattoos to name a few.




10. –

Tattoo Tribes was born from a passion from tattoos and it certainly looks that way since there are hundreds to view. You can upload photos to try any tattoo for size and download high-resolution and stencils. The meaning of each tattoo is explained and the latest editions to the collections are advertised. There is an online shop with many accessories available and maybe you will win a tattoo in the next weekly prize draw.



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