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Many people find tax matters confusing and some even panic delaying tax matters until the last minute. Most paid employees do not have the headache or the bother with this since employers deal and pay with their tax and they are able to approach the companies they work for with any queries. Others are self-employed and have to cope with submitting their own tax which can be stressful at the time of paying tax since most people are busy and are concerned with other issues. Tax systems, rules and regulations vary around the world from country to country with most countries supplying information that pertains specifically to those working within the country. Generally, there are many forms to fill in which need to be submitted by certain dates and many workers need guidance and help knowing the rules and regulations and which forms are needed depending on their status, tax codes and income. Below is a list of ten of the best tax advice sites on the Internet today. If you need help and are confused or worrying about your tax situation, then the sites below offer valuable advice, information and assistance so you can relax and trust that you are well equipped to deal with the tricky and unpopular subject of tax.


tax advice

 1. –

This site allows you to look for a tax professional or ask a tax question. There are questions and answers written by tax professionals for you to read and a blog and a forum are in place for commenting and following threads. There is a section called tax education which has a video library of online tax courses, a list of tax events and a tax store for purchasing books, software and publications to help you.



2. – is an online tax service for America which teaches you to prepare and file taxes online. You can prepare unlimited returns and create, manage and store them securely with access to qualified help along the way. The system is free to try and you only pay when you file with online tax calculator tools to assist you. The company has been providing tax solutions to customers for over 35 years and can help you achieve fast IRS confirmations and tax refunds in half the normal time.



3.      U-Tax –

This site can help you if you are struggling with your tax return. There are free tax tools to use and you can view articles on self-assessment, construction industry rebates, car mileage allowances and uniform tax rebate. You can register free with the U-tax business directory and information for company tax returns, VAT returns, and CIS returns can also be found. You can submit details on the site and they will call you back and their friendly advisors can help you find tax less taxing.



4.      Tax Resolution –
You can put your tax and IRS problems behind you with this site since you can call the experts for free and receive free advice. The company has over 14 years experience of dealing tax relief and testimonials can be read from many satisfied customers. Information can be found in sections such as settle back taxes, tax relief success rate and tax help services as well as a roadmap to resolution. There is a media kit containing articles and press releases to read and you are welcome to participate in the blog.



5. –

Tax Queries is a free questions and answers site about tax and all things related to tax and has been especially designed for tax professionals. The site is basically a forum, but with a difference as community members decide and vote for the best answer. There is a full FAQ available to read and current questions include tax strategies and deductions, late filings, allocation changes, penalties and statute of limitations.


HMRC logo

6.      HM Revenue & Customs –

This is the official site of the HM revenue and customs for taxes in the UK and you can send them a query regarding starting the tax year. The site is also available in Welsh and there are help-lines available in both languages. Sections with information can be found for individuals and employees, employers and businesses and corporations and there is a search facility for tax agents and advisers. A further section makes for interesting reading about what happens to those who do not pay tax!



7.      IRS –

This is the official site of the IRS and it is available in several languages. Hot topics currently being discussed include filing your tax return for free, paying your tax bill and earning income tax credit. There are articles, news sections and videos to see to assist you and help, tools and resources can also be found. There are reports to read as well as a section for refunds and further sections such as credits and deductions and forms and pubs are also available.



8. –

This site can help you file your tax online immediately or through a designated tax office. You can search to see the office that is closest to your location and support and expert advisors can be found on the site. Tax professionals can be contacted by email, phone or in face-to-face online chat and articles, tips and tax calculators ready to help you. There is a blog for discussing taxes and you can check for money that you may have missed on claims and a special section is dedicated to tax answers.



9. –

This company is a firm of tax advisors and tax accountants and can assist you with your taxes. Information can be found on VAT flat rate, financial reporting and penalties for late filing. You can apply for a tax return with no obligation and a free quote and there are sections dedicated to the self-employed, small businesses, VAT, tax, accounting, international and compliance.



10. –

This site is free for everyone to use with e-File forms for simple and complex tax returns. The federal edition is free, but the deluxe edition and the federal bundle cost a little money. You can find out how to amend your return and tax extension deadlines are given. You can prepare your state taxes and find out the fastest way for a refund and sections can be found for tax information and professional taxes with full support available if necessary.


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