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Technology has become perhaps the most important part of our society today. Nowadays, nobody goes anywhere without their smart phone, laptop, tablet, iPod, etc. However, technology is ever changing and constantly advancing, so it’s important to keep on top of what’s going on in the world of tech. Tech blogs are a great way to do this because, unlike your average newspaper or news site that only cover the big stories, tech blogs will bring you news from around the world, big or small. Advancements in technology don’t just stop at the newest phone or laptop – it’s the three legged dog that now has a robotic fourth leg, it’s NASA developing a machine that can bring pieces of Mars back to planet Earth, and small but innovative businesses who have come up with the latest ingenious design to help us even further. A good tech blog will keep you up to date on all of this and more, so here’s a list of the top ten to get you started!

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1. Tech Crunch –

Techcrunch is perhaps the most recognized and popular tech blog on the internet. First published on June 11th 2005, it has grown and expanded beyond belief and in 2010, AOL announced they would be purchasing the site for a massive $25 million, much to the delight of founder Michael Arrington! Techcrunch has blown up into a multitude of different websites, commonly referred to by frequent visitors as The TechCrunch Network, including sites dedicated to specific countries like France and Japan, a TV channel, a wiki-style site dedicated to investors and companies, and, of course, the original Techcrunch site, which is constantly updated day and night with the latest in breaking news in the tech world.




2. Venture Beat –

Venturebeat is a newspaper-like website that has the latest news from around the globe, including news you probably would never had heard about! Covering everything from console games to computer developments, right up to developments at NASA, Venturebeat has everything you’re looking for in a tech blog, including an ever-handy job board where you could find the perfect job for you! Venturebeat’s main focus is innovative and exciting tech companies and the executives behind them.




3. The Next Web (TNW) –

The Next Web, or TNW for short, is your one stop shop for everything relating to technology, business and culture. They organize events, which were actually in place before the blog even came to be. Building the blog as a spin-off, it’s quickly become one of the most popular blogs on the internet, having ranked in the top 15 most influential blogs around. With 1.3 million unique users worldwide, it’s easy to see how this blog lives up to its name.




4. Mashable –

Mashable has possibly become a household name throughout the world. Not only does it deal with the latest tech developments, it deals with news and social media as well, making it a go-to blog for everything and anything happening in the world today. Founded in Aberdeen, Scotland in 2005, despite its continued growth, it’s still an incredibly down to earth blog which makes it easy to connect with the news and articles published.




5. ZDNet –

ZDNet is probably the oldest tech blog around, and it could possibly even be named the ‘Daddy’ of the tech blogs, as it hails from the grand old year of 1991. Having expanded rapidly ever since, it now boasts 30 different bloggers from all over the world constantly updating on the latest and greatest news from the IT world.




6. How To Geek –

This blog is a little different in terms of content, but it’s still perhaps one of the most useful blogs around. Whether you know nothing about tech, or consider yourself a wealth of knowledge, this blog will be able to help you crack all those little silly things that tech does that drives you crazy! Trying to get the wifi to work on your phone? Laptop popping up with error messages with no inkling on how to fix it? This is your go-to blog.




7. The Unofficial Apple Weblog –

You can’t have a top ten tech list without including a blog dedicated to Apple. The Unofficial Apple Weblog (TUAW) is dedicated to all the latest news from the company that may very well be overtaking Microsoft in the technology market. In recent years, Apple have grown massively from a small company with a very specific clique, to a huge market-leading global tech dominator, and it’s always good to keep up to date with companies like that!




8. Gizmodo –

Gizmodo is a UK based tech blog dealing with everything from social media to weapon developments and everything in between. However, this isn’t the only Gizmodo site – it originated in America and has since expanded into 9 different Gizmodo sites attached to various different countries. With a user friendly interface and easy navigation menus, you’re sure to find what you’re looking for here, as well as find out all the latest interesting developments around the world!




9. GigaOM –

GigaOM was created by Om Malik (get it? GigaOM?) and has very quickly developed into one of the leading tech blogs on the web. Offering news on Web 2.0 developments, broadband, online games and opinions on start-up businesses, not to mention the latest technology, GigaOM has become such a well known and respected tech blog that the owner successfully left his day job back in 2006 to focus solely on his creation!




10. TechEBlog –

TechEBlog is a visually appealing tech blog, with a very simplistic yet effective layout that makes it incredibly easy for you to browse the blog and find out all the latest news from around the world. It doesn’t only focus on huge company news, but silly, unique things as well, such as people drawing computer characters on napkins, for example! There are a lot of hot posts and interesting articles published on this blog, sure to keep you amused for hours!


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