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Technology, or tech for short, comes from the Greek word meaning art or skill and is the making, modification, usage and knowledge of machinery, tools, techniques, crafts and systems in order to achieve a goal, solve a problem, improve on an existing solution or perform a specific function. Technology began with the conversion of natural resources into simple tools with the wheel being one of the first advancements in order to assist humankind with travelling. Since those days technology has come on in leaps and bounds, especially in telecommunications with the invention of the telephone, computer and of course the Internet. Many components and applications are developed almost daily and keeping up with the changes can be a thankless and never-ending task, especially when the latest inventions and trends are changing at such a rapid pace. Keeping informed of new products and the latest advancements have been made easier in recent times with many sites available on the Internet delivering news regarding the latest technology. Below is a list of ten of the best sites on the Internet today for keeping abreast of tech news. The list will be very valuable for those who wished to be kept informed and registering with the sites or re-visiting them on a regular basis is recommended in order to receive regular up-dates.


tech 1


1. –

Business Insider is a very popular site for tech news and ranks at 497 in the world on Categories from which to select information are tech, finance, politics, strategy, life and entertainment with the money markets and trending topics highlighted. The secrets of new discoveries can be found in the illustrated articles and further information is given in the ‘intelligence’ tab and the events section. After registering with the site, you can comment and grade the articles as well as sign up to receive the latest alerts.


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2. The Verge –

This is also a very popular site for tech news with featured articles and reviews for products which can be selected by categories such as cell-phones, laptops, headphones, televisions and cameras. There are sections for software and gaming as well as policies, culture and science and trending articles and products are advertised. There is a forum for discussions and if you have found a new product you are welcome to mention it after joining and logging into the site.


tech 3


3. – brings the latest news on new products and informs you of the most popular products on the market. There are articles and posts to read and share and information can be chosen from categories such as entertainment, social media, tech and business. There are guidebooks and tools to help assist you and a special section can be found for apps. You can view ‘the next big thing’ to arrive on the market as well as submit news and contribute to the site.


tech 4


4. –

This is another very popular site that ranks high on at 589 in the world. There are articles and reviews to read of the latest gadgets and tech news with current hot trending topics being cameras and iPhones at the moment. There are product guides and a message board for updates and a special section is dedicated to future events. You can keep abreast of the latest developments at Apple and Microsoft as well as subscribe to live RSS feed.


tech 5


5. –

Gizmodo presents the latest gadgets and designs with app deals of the week and ‘how-to-buy’ guides. You can read information about the company Apple and the world of Science in the rated articles and posts on the site. There is a section for hot trending tech news and products can be selected from technology, entertainment, music, creative or sports and audio.


tech 6


6. – has news, reviews, articles and events to read on the latest technology developments as well as podcasts and videos to view on the latest events. There is a special section called ‘the gadget show’, where you can watch featured videos and the latest articles and news updates are highlighted. A buyer’s guide and specific popular brands can be found and topics can be chosen from cameras, computers, phones, software and science to name a few.


tech 7


7. –

This is a popular site which features the latest tech news with illustrated articles and videos. The latest developments and trending articles are advertised and there is a highlighted section containing ‘must-reads’. Information can be found in special sections dedicated to Apple, Cloud, Data, Mobile and Cleantech and by entering your email address you can have the latest stories delivered for free.


tech 8


8. The Next Web –

The Next Web delivers the latest news and ideas in the world of technology across the board. The top articles and videos are highlighted and announcements and conferences are mentioned. You can discover apps and products that you love with many special offers advertised and you can download the latest edition of the magazine for free.


tech 9


9. –

This site specialises in bringing the latest tech news for Mac and Google with illustrated articles and videos to view. The latest products are reviewed and there is a special section for ‘toys’ dedicated to apps, games and cameras. The top devices can be found and there is a forum on the site for sharing ideas and opinions about the latest tech news. The company welcomes tips and suggestions for new products and they are available for contact at any time.


tech 10


10. –

This site contains reviews and articles on tech news with the emphasis being on gaming and science. The latest gadgets are analysed and there is a forum for discussing and commenting. The latest products and news stories are highlighted and recommended with sections for photography, Cloud and tablets and there are also videos to view in the technology laboratory with a large section containing the latest games and entertainment gadgets.



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