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Text Link advertising is a form of contextual advertising where specific keywords on a web-page are matched and linked with related advertising units and hyper-links are placed directly into the text on the web-page. It functions on a cost per click model, in that every time a website visitor clicks on an ad, the website owner is paid by the advertiser. Other models include CPM or cost per impression, CPA or cost per action and CPP or cost per play. Text link advertising has the advantage of bringing in a highly rated target readership which increases the popularity of a site, but it can also distract the visitor away from the site as some adverts, especially with animated images, take time to load and the visitor quickly becomes bored. It is important to keep in mind the size and byte of the advert since both affect the downloading time and also some companies may restrict the content that can be displayed by the advert. If you are considering this method for your website, then please find ten of the best text link advertising sites listed below. Browsing through the entire list is recommended to ensure that you find the right company to suit your websites’ needs.

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1. Infolinks.com – http://www.infolinks.com/

Infolinks.com scans your content in real-time and underlines the most valuable keywords. You maintain complete control over your website as you learn to customise the appearance and volume of text ads on your pages. Advertisers can set up campaigns in minutes on the platform within a self-serve marketplace and banners are displayed with relevant keywords to capture the audience’s attention. The service is free to join and full support is given at all times.


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2. Skimlinks.com – http://skimlinks.com/

Skimlinks.com has automated revenue for your site converting links and words into affiliate links. Signing up is free and instant access is given to over 18,000 affiliate programmes. Reports are provided offering insight into what your customers want to purchase and what they click on, with the monetised links being virtually invisible. There is a section for resources and a further section contains information for publishers with a blog for support and full company details are provided on the site.


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3. Clicksor.com – http://www.clicksor.com

Clicksor.com offers webmasters a selection of clickable text or contextual banners on their websites or blogs. There is a choice of 10 or more different ad formats with a 10% referral programme and a low minimum payout of $50 to publishers. Advertisers have marketing reports in real-time with safe ads appearing on approved sites provided by the latest advertising technology. Audiences are pre-screened to meet criteria and clicks are only paid for when views match exact specifications.


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4. Text Link Ads – http://www.text-link-ads.com/

This site offers links to advertisers with quality SEO and publishers are offered high-quality adverts. Content-relevant links are based on your website’s content with instant payment on the first of each month and support from a publisher relationship manager with no fees. The ability to manage all client accounts separately or combined is offered with access to over 75,000 publisher sites and additional money can be earned by setting up an affiliate link with MediaWhiz SEO which takes only two minutes to complete.


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5. Linkshare.com – http://www.linkshare.com/

Linkshare.com has tools and technology for publishers to find and distribute links and earn from leading and emerging brands. Advertisers have a proactive account management service in order to grow sales and achieve marketing objectives with training provided for both. There are press releases, news and a blog for assistance along with targeted traffic, lead generation and lead reporting. The site is ranked at 894 in the world on Alexa.com and current large companies who use the service can be viewed on the site.


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6. Bidvertiser.com – www.bidvertiser.com/

Bidvertiser.com has online advertising on a pay per click basis for advertisers and publishers are offered ads on their websites with customised toolbars and community widgets. Advertisers can browse categories to select the appropriate channels and keywords for their business with popular options being business, education, games, lifestyle, news, shopping, sports and travel. You can select your desired geographical targeting and a referral program is in place with more incentives to earn money for members.


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7. Chitika.com – http://chitika.com/

This is another contextual ad network to consider. Chitika.com focuses on delivering the right ads to get optimal conversion rates from your visitors and also offers mobile ad campaigns. The stream of revenue is in real-time and the company have won awards for their work efforts with testimonials available from satisfied customers to view on the site. There are tips for top-tier ads and full details for advertisers and publishers as well as full support can be found.


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8. Textlinks.com – http://www.textlinks.com/

There is a 21-day free trial with this company which provides relevant back-links to your site. It allows you to add five different types of permanent text links on over 10,000 different sites with hundreds of different topics. Features include lifetime permalinks, YouTube imaging, reporting and monitored linking. The cost average is $1 per credit after the trial and an affiliate referral scheme is also offered.


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9. Vibrantmedia.com – http://www.vibrantmedia.com/

Vibrantmedia.com offers advertisers precise keyword targeting to ensure maximum relevance in getting messages seen. The keywords are brand activated and you have the power to select and initiate the adverts. Publishers have in-text ads which is 100% user-controlled and qualifying sites can be up and running in one day with guidelines to ensure that ads are delivered responsibly. The company has offices worldwide and has worked with top brands such as Sainsbury’s, Microsoft, Hewlett Packard and Unilever.


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10. Kontera.com – http://www.kontera.com/

This is a great network that offers relevant content to be published on both PC’s and mobile technology.  The company displays ads in such a way that doesn’t seem intrusive to visitors and this is an important factor to consider when placing ads on your website. Details for publishers and advertisers are given with charts demonstrating how they monetise your site and increase the traffic flow. Full information about the company can be found on the site along with the products that are on offer.



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