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The Beatles were an English pop group formed in Liverpool in 1960 and of course were famous the world over. The ‘Fab Four’ as they were known as consisted of Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr. The band’s influences came from rock ‘n’ roll and skiffle music during the late 1950s, but they developed their own style ranging from pop ballads to psychedelic rock in the late 1960s. They were moulded by their manager Brian Epstein and as their popularity grew so did their fans and groupies which gave rise to the term ‘Beatlemania’ as they were followed and mobbed throughout their arrival around the globe. They recorded for many years under the Apple record label and among their top albums were A Hard Day’s Night, Rubber Soul, Help!, Revolver, Sgt. Peppers’ Lonely Hearts Club Band, Magical Mystery Tour, The White Album and Abbey Road, the latter featuring the famous album cover of the group walking across the crossing outside the famous studios of the same name. The group split in 1970 and all four went on to have solo careers and produce their own albums after also starring in several feature films. Today only Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr remain with us, but the legacy of John Lennon and George Harrison will forever continue to thrive. Below are ten of the best sites on the Internet today about the Beatles. Whether you are an avid fan or just curious to know more of their story, the sites will be invaluable. So take a trip down memory lane or ‘Penny Lane’ and enjoy what lies below.



The beatles

1. The Beatles Website –

The Beatles Website is a centre for information on the Beatles with news, events, books and music on offer. Video footage can be viewed and there is a newsletter to subscribe to as well as useful links to other Beatles sites for further information. You can read the ‘Mersey Beat’ magazine, visit the social site, browse the bookstore and search for Beatles information as well as take out membership to the site.




2. The Beatles –

This site lists the songs, albums and music of the Beatles that you can listen to as well as read articles, news and the history of the Beatles. There are many images to view, videos and films to watch and a complete section is dedicated to memorabilia with pictures of album covers and tickets to concerts. There are several online stores for buying DVDs, CDs and artefacts of the Beatles as well as collectible items and you can join the community to ‘come together’ with other fans across the globe.




3. Beatles Again –

This site has lots of Beatles facts and there are illustrated articles and items regarding the history of the band. You can listen to special recordings of tapes and read essays about their careers as well as view portfolios of all the group members and their management. A list of all the albums can be found and there is a section for news and many secrets about the band are uncovered.




4. Beatles News – brings the latest headlines for the Beatles with new video footage and articles. There are many links to other Beatles sites and news channels featuring each member of the band with the latest discoveries and gossip are featured. There is a blog where Beatles fans can comment and discuss the news items and reviews can be read about the ‘Fab Four.’ Beatles material being donated to benefits and charity organisations is mentioned and the sale of Beatles memorabilia is also included in the headlines currently being discussed.




5. Beatles Radio –

This site is dedicated to Beatles music and features radio sites playing Beatles songs. You can listen to individual songs or entire albums and cover versions by other artists are also available. There is a special section for Beatles news with video footage and illustrated articles to read and there are topics and threads to be followed in the blog. An online store is available dedicated to selling Beatles merchandise and you can view the webcam installed outside the studios on Abbey Road.




6. Rock Star Radios –

This site a network of radio sites around the globe for listening to rock music. There is a section dedicated to the music of the Beatles with ten different stations featured for listening to Beatles tracks and there is also a special section for watching videos. There is a search facility and all the stations are rated with the video section containing 45 different songs with the lyrics included.




7. –

This site is full of Beatles information with a news section, links to other Beatles sites, a discussion forum for all things Beatle, pictures of the group, movies, videos, interviews and the history of the band. There is a discography of the albums and a section containing the lyrics of all the songs and you can listen to the music online. There are articles to read and an online shop for buying albums, DVDs, videos, books and apparel and there are daily quizzes to enter as well.




8. Beatles Lane –

Beatles Lane has lots of interesting facts and trivia about the Beatles. There are illustrated articles to read, quotes, videos and avatars of the Fab Four to view. There is a blog for posting and meeting other Beatles fans and wallpapers and oil paintings can also be viewed. There are Beatles tracks to listen to with a featured song of the moment and a site map is available for guidance.




9. –

This is the official site of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame museum and there is a section for the Beatles which was inducted in 1988. Biographies of each group member can be read and there are videos and a photo gallery to view. There are articles to read and the Beatles discography is given and there are Beatles tracks to listen or buy.




10. –

This is the site of the RollingStone magazine and it contains a section dedicated to the Beatles. The full biography of the group is given and a review and guide can be found for each of the albums as well as a photo gallery with useful links to other Beatles sites. You can subscribe to the magazine and view other artist’s profiles and there is a blog for commenting and following the topics and threads.


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