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The days when anyone could start up a sales-based web-site then sit back and watch customers flock to buy their products are long gone.  As high-street sales dwindle, competition on the internet has become increasing intense, and any new site is likely to be buried beneath hundreds of other sites offering similar products.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a process that increases the visibility of a site, causing it to hopefully appear amongst the top results in a Google or Bing search.

For use in online marketing, SEO techniques keep in touch with the latest ways in which search engines work, and the algorithms they use in ordering search results.  SEO will help optimize a website to increase its relevance towards its intended target audience.  These techniques can be as simple as using keywords, to improving a site’s indexing abilities.  With web-site competition high, a broad range of SEO tools will no doubt help a site in getting noticed.

Here are a list of the top ten sites offering SEO tools.



1. SEOmoz-

SEOmoz offer a range of fantastic tools that allow you to analyse your traffic, build links and peruse other analytical metrics.  The main reason they are number one though is the fantastic and supportive community that has built up whose members are always ready to offer aid.  To get you motoring, SEOMoz offer a 30-day free trial of their essential range of SEO-related tools.  If you like the new punch your SEO-optimized web-site packs, you can sign up permanently for $99 a month.



2. HubSpot-

Although HubSpot charge more than most for their software, their end-to-end marketing techniques cannot be bettered.  They will help with everything from keyword research to landing page creation.  They too offer a 30-day free trial, followed by optional packages that run from £140 a month to the “everything but the kitchen sink” option of £700.  Hubspot boast a portfolio that runs to over 8,000 satisfied companies.



3. SEO Powersuite-

SEO Powersuite offers a suite of SEO tools with specialized functions.  The main four tools are Link Assistant, SEO Spyglass, Rank Tracker and WebSite Auditor, and each piece targets a specific aspect of SEO management.  SEO PowerSuite brag that they have helped almost one million websites attain that all-important top ten placing on Google, Yahoo! And Bing.  The entire suite of products can be downloaded for a one-time fee of $249 for the Professional edition, and $599 for the Enterprise edition.



4. RavenTools-

If you sign up to RavenTools for your SEO needs you are unlikely to feel the need to go anywhere else.  Every aspect of SEO can be maintained under one roof, making this an appealing choice for those new to the confusing world of SEO.  Again, they offer a 30-day free trial, then an option of $99 per month for their Pro edition, and $249 per month for the Agency edition.  RavenTools seem particularly to understand the importance of social media networking on sites such as Facebook and Twitter.



5. SEMrush-

SEMRush is considered the top SEO tool for keyword research, and will help any site gain the edge over their competitors.  The downside with this site is it does not offer the same range of toolsets as though above it in this list, although they boast a portfolio that contains such well-known names as Phillips, PayPal and GE Capital.  Their keyword tool contains a massive database of 95 million keywords, and 45 million domains.



6. Small SEO Tools-

This site is ideal for newcomers, mainly because the offered tools are free.  They are basic, but perfectly serviceable, and ideal for someone intending to dip their toe into the world of SEO without committing to spending a fortune.  They include a link tracker, keyword position tool and Google page rank checker.  They also offer other tools for those interested in generating content and successful linking for their website, namely a plagiarism checker, an article rewriter and a backlink checker.



7. Advanced Web Ranking-

Another site that specialises, this time in rank monitoring tools.  With these tools a user will be able to accurate rate where their site ranks amongst their competitors, and make the necessary steps to improve those rankings.  Their services cost from $99 for their basic pack to a mind-blowing £1499 for the larger businesses.   All prices are a one-off payment for a lifetime license, with the satisfaction of the coverage of a 30-day money back guarantee.



8. Market Samurai-

If keyword research is what you believe will drive customers to your site, then you can do little wrong with Market Samurai.  Their Golden Rules keyword selection tool promises to generate keywords that in turn will generate that all-important traffic.  Amongst the promises that Market Samurai feel confident enough to offer include the increase of traffic to your site by a whopping 900%.  Their software currently retails at $149.



9. Tynt-

Tynt offers a tidy range of SEO software tools, but uniquely offers a tool that automatically copies & pastes the page URL of your site into emails and social sites.  Tynt estimates that 82% of content shared on the web is shared in this manner.  Their innovative “CopyPaste” software works by tracking what your customers copy and paste on your website and then automatically adds a link back to your site when what has been copied has been
pasted somewhere else.  Tynt has the added bonus of being free.



10. Website SEO tools-

Another site that is ideal for the newcomer, as it offers some basic tools with no charge whatsoever.  The site offers the usual description of SEO tools, such as a Website analyser, a Pagerank Checker and a Keyword Density tool.  Whilst such tools are unlikely to shove your site up to that number one spot on Google, they serve as good indicators as to how much help your site needs to help generate traffic and sales.


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