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Time to kill?

Probably one of the greatest things about the Internet is the ability to locate ways to kill time. Even the busiest person needs some down time and that is the perfect occasion to get a laugh, learn something new, play a game, investigate new things, or listen to music. Of course there are always the tried and true websites such as Facebook, pInterest, YouTube and StumbleUpon. Every once in awhile though, don’t you feel like broadening your horizons? It doesn’t do much good to avoid boredom by doing the same old things – that is boring in itself! So let’s look at some unique websites that will entertain and a whole lot more.

Obviously there is the attraction of game playing, hence the popularity of the many games on Facebook. No list would be complete without at least one game source, but rather than just games let’s look for some other ways to entertain ourselves as well. Humor is perhaps our second favorite way to be entertained, so websites that give us a good hard laugh are great for filling our time. Laughter is so good for us in so many ways – it lightens our mood, takes our mind off our troubles, and even makes us healthier!  For this reason there are a number of websites on the list that are meant to tickle that funny bone.  Music is another way to get this same benefit.

There are a number of things we can do with our free time that actually do more than just entertain us. Shopping, reading the news (especially odd news!) and learning about the unusual things in our world can be great time killers. Websites that do these things have also made it to this list.  So, without further adieu, here’s the list:


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1. Cracked: www.cracked.com

This is a popular place to go for unusual information.  The site is so laden with articles and videos that you could easily spend every minute of every day for the rest of your life on this site alone. It has all the stuff you never even knew you wanted to know about. They have a number of categories – sports, science, history, celebrities, video games, tech, music, movies & television, and a unique category called weird world.  The site currently enjoys an Alexa global traffic rank of 841 as well as a U.S. rank of 302 where it is the most popular.


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2. OMG Facts: http://www.omg-facts.com/

This site will rock your world if you are a trivia nut! You can become the person in the family that has all the facts on even the least useful of topics. Spend some of your free time on this unique site and you will never be at a loss for small talk again. Your phrases will all begin with, “Did you know that…?”  Categories include animal facts, business facts, celebrity facts, fun facts, history facts, language facts, science facts, sex facts, sports facts, technology facts and other facts. With all those types of facts you will become very knowledgeable!


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3. Oddee: http://www.oddee.com/

Do the words odd, eerie, disgusting, weird, unusual and bizarre strike an interest with you? If so, then this site will keep you enthralled for quite a while.  If something has shocked more than one person, there is a good chance you can read about it here. As you read about mishaps and the bad luck of others, you might just be thankful to have boredom be your only complaint.  You will also be in good company since they claim to have over 5 million visits each month.  Some of the categories on this site are art, signs, places, objects, gifts, science, medicine, tech, and home design.


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4. Spoiled Photos: http://spoiledphotos.com/

Doesn’t it just drive you crazy when you think you snapped the perfect vacation photo only to find out some nitwit snuck into your photo? Well, take that to the extreme and get a great laugh at some really hilarious spoiled photos. You can scroll through the photos or click random to jump around, just beware because some might not be suitable for all ages. Don’t forget to read the captions because some of those are even funnier than the photos themselves. If you get bored with the spoiled photos, check out the links to other types such as perfectly timed photos and DIY fail photos. The site is particularly popular in the United States.


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5. Fark: http://www.fark.com/

This website is a great one-stop shop for news of all sorts – including the amusing, cool, obvious, unlikely and asinine. In fact, each headline is tagged with what type of news report it is. Whether you want to find out what is going on in sports, business, entertainment or politics, this site gives you headlines from lots of different sources. With main media outlets often being biased, it is great to have a place to go that brings up even the most remote sources for news. You can browse through the day’s news or if you want to find everything on a specific topic you can use the search feature. This website is a very unique way to get a handle on what is going on in the world.


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6. Woot: http://www.woot.com/

No list of the best websites to kill time could be complete without a place to go shopping! Whether you are a shopaholic or just like to find unique items at the best prices, this could be a good site to spend a little time on each day. They have a number of departments including tech, sport, kids, wine, tools & garden, accessories & watches, and home. They don’t have a huge number of products, but instead they have carefully chosen deals each day. You won’t spend hours on this site, but it is worth looking at each day to see just what bargain you can pick up. It currently has an Alexa global traffic rank of 901 and a U.S. rank of 209.


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7. Pandora: www.pandora.com

It just doesn’t get simpler to listen to music on your computer. Simply type in an artist, genre, or composer and the music begins. With each search you will have listings for similar artists thus enabling you to check out some you might not have thought about. Listen to every song your favorite artist ever did, or skip around. One great feature is that all the lyrics are right there so you can even sing along. With so many options, you should never get bored while spending time on this site! They rank 275 globally on Alexa and 49 in the U.S.


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8. Shockwave: www.shockwave.com

You were promised a game site and this one should fit the bill. The site boasts a huge library of games to play and even non-members can enjoy free trial downloads. There are games for every age, including children. Every week they add more games so this is like a whole new site every time you check in. They have games you play right on the website and others you can download. There are free games as well as those you can purchase. You can buy individual games, purchase a monthly membership, or go all in with the annual membership. With over 700 games and more added every week, the annual fee is a real bargain.


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9. People of Wal-Mart: www.peopleofwalmart.com

There is no way to understand just why this company’s stores bring out the weirdest of people, but they certainly do and people just love to snap a picture and share it with the world. Add to that the sidesplitting laughter looking at them and you’ll see just why this website is so popular. The site not only has pictures you have to see to believe but also news articles about some of the crazy things that have happened in these stores. Who knows why people do such extreme things but it sure is addicting to check back every so often to see what new thing has been reported. You might want to take a look just to make sure you weren’t caught!


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10. The Chive: www.thechive.com

One could easily spend a whole day on this website without even realizing the time has passed. There is just so much random yet interesting information to be found – and perhaps a bit of wackiness as well.  It seems to be geared mostly to the college age set but that shouldn’t stop other ages from checking it out. The photo galleries are one of the best features of this website.  Its popularity is increasing every month as word gets out.  It currently has a global Alexa traffic rank of 1,314 and a U.S. rank of 518.

So, that concludes the list of ten top ways for you to beat boredom and use up some time. There are tons more out there but this should keep you occupied for a few weeks, months or even years!


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